A Japanese Cocktail Experience for All

For the sixth consecutive year, Gourmet Japan brings a lineup of exclusive dinners, celebrity chef creations, and personalised workshops.

Something for all, Mixology Japan features 12 bars, serving exclusive cocktails for the whole month of May. Indulge in specialty cocktails crafted by mixologists who are unafraid to experiment. Cheers to a good time! Or as they say in Japan, Kanpai!

gourmet japan yakitori

1. Bincho

Time works differently when you step through the doors of Bincho. This place combines the past, present, and future.

The location is a coffee shop in the day with traditional food like kaya toast served. When the sun sets, it transforms to a contemporary yakitori bar.

Also, the bar serves a variety of whiskey, sake, and shochu, and a selection of Japanese-inspired cocktails.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$23++ per cocktail (public); $18.40++ (Mastercard cardholders)

The Crimson Earl

The Imo Patriarch

Mikado Midori

gourmet japan specialty coffee

2. Maison Ikkoku

Another “Cinderella” outlet, Maison Ikkoku is a cafe by day and cocktail bar in the night.

In the AM, feel energised with a cuppa. Customers love the MI Latte, a double-shot latte served with latte art.

In the PM, unwind with a glass of cocktail made from fresh fruits and herbs.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$25++ per cocktail (public); $20++ (Mastercard cardholders)




gourmet japan boruto

3. Boruto

Tucked in the heart of the Central Business District (CBD) is a relaxing bar great for unwinding after work.

Boruto prides themselves on unique dishes, like the Hotate to Cauliflower no Grill ($15.80) with fresh scallops and a bouncy texture, and Saga Gyu Tataki ($28.80) with tender wagyu and special homemade sauce.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$26++ per cocktail (public); $20.80++ (Mastercard cardholders)

Healing Tamashii

Flores de Mayo

Nature of Bōruto

gourmet japan the flying squirrel

4. The Flying Squirrel (Private Works)

Indulge in Japanese tapas and omakase dining. Here, the chefs bring you contemporary dishes that you will love.

Omakase concept, fresh ingredients and a cosy layout, and there really isn’t a better place to take your woman for a meal.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$26 per cocktail (public); $20.80 (Mastercard cardholders)

Kuromaru Espresso Martini

Secret Garden

Chamomile Sour

gourmet japan fort by maison ikkoku

5. Fort by Maison Ikkuko

A new startup by Maison Ikkoku, Fort offers mouth-watering dishes with Western and Japanese fusion.

With an omakase concept for their cocktails, all you have to do is ask and ye shalt receive.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$25++ per cocktail (public); $20++ (Mastercard cardholders)

Matteo— SAKURA



gourmet japan horse mouth

6. Horse’s Mouth

Located in the heart of Singapore, the Horse’s Mouth is a convenient spot for social gatherings.

The bar has a laid-back atmosphere, serving tasty snacks and drinks for a good time with friends.

For a heavier meal, try their ramen and sake. Simply oishii!!

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$25++ per cocktail (public); $20++ (Mastercard cardholders)


Ume Blossom

Tea Community

gourmet japan the wall

7. The Wall

The Wall aims to bridge the wall (pardon the expression) between food and whiskey, amateurs and connoisseurs,… well, you get the idea. At the Wall, no one will feel out of place. There is a drink for all.

Plus, savour whiskeys from their cellar of extensive collections. Featuring rare whiskeys available only during special appreciation workshops.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$25++ per cocktail (public); $20++ (Mastercard cardholders)

Healing Garden

Summer Breeze

Purple Haze

gourmet japan the flying squirrel

8. The Flying Squirrel

No, you’re not seeing double, The Flying Squirrel is different from The Flying Squirrel (private works). This outlet is more traditional, where they serve an adaptation of local favourites like the Truffle Ebi Fry and Udon Pasta.

Additionally, with their fresh supply of sashimi, you need to taste the TFS Chirashi ($25). Served with sweet sauce on vinegared rice, and topped with generous portions of sashimi, this is a dish your stomach will thank you for.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$26 per cocktail (public); $20.80 (Mastercard cardholders)

Kuromaru Espresso Martini

Secret Garden

Chamomile Sour

gourmet japan umi+vino

9. Umi + Vino

Not many places can say that they use fresh seafood imported from around the world. But Umi + Vino happens to be the exception. Umi, meaning sea in Japanese, and vino referring to wines, Umi + Vino dishes out the perfect balance between fresh seafood and wines.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$15++ per cocktail (public); $12++ (Mastercard cardholders)




gourmet japan astor bar

10. Astor Bar

At Astor Bar, bask in a setting of sophistication from the pages of Fitzgerald’s books. With over 50 cocktails to choose from and more than 200 whiskeys (some exclusives from the 1930s), this is The Place where the boys with toys hang out.

Unique to St. Regis Singapore is Chili Padi Mary, a local twist to the classic American drink.

Gourmet Japan Exclusive:

$28++ per cocktail (public); $22.40++ (Mastercard cardholders)

Rising Sun

Pride of Nippon

Japanese Negroni

gourmet japan mixology japan

Japanese infused cocktails may not be every one’s thing, but with 20% off for all Mastercard cardholders, this could be a good time to find something you like.

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