aROMA Gelato, aDORATION for Gelato

To be very honest, I have never gotten what the deal was with ice creams and gelatos. I mean, they are both frozen desserts, right?


I had the pleasure of meeting with Elysia, who was in charge of business development,  who took the time to explain to me their differences. She shares that ice creams are generally stored at -18ºC, while gelatos are stored at -10ºC. This means no more toothaches, and less brainfreeze!

She also explains the belief that the Italians hold dear: the best gelatos are the ones that allow the consumer to immediately identify the flavour even whilst tasting it blindfolded.

In this case, I wasn’t blindfolded but the flavours at aROMA gelato sure gave me a burst of flavour unlike any that I have experienced.

Strawberry and Mint 

Adapted from ol’ fashioned peppermint and chocolate, this flavour is a unique take on the classic favourite. The initial burst of strawberry flavour is well complemented with minty undertones.


I have had my fair share of matcha to tell the good from the less pleasant tasting ones, and the ones here did not disappoint.

Similar to a cup of traditional Japanese green tea, the matcha gelato is not entirely sweet. In fact, it even carries a slight bitterness from the matcha powder, letting you taste the authenticity of the matcha in the flavour.

Mango Alphonso

Without being told what flavour it was, I took a scoop of bright yellow gelato from the cup.

Immediately, I tasted the unmistakeable burst of mango flavour. Imported from India and handmade in Singapore, aROMA manages to capture the blissful sweetness of the fruit, yet not making it too overwhelmingly saccharine after one too many spoonfuls. That’s one gelato I want to binge on!

Lemon and Basil

“This flavour may prove to be too much for some to handle,” Elysia confides as I took  a scoop.

Regardless, I went ahead.

Like all the other flavours at aROMA, this one packed a punch. The citrusy taste of lemons surprised my tastebuds, but the basil helped complement the taste well. Thus, after a few more scoops, I got used to the taste, and really enjoyed the refreshing zest.

Not just Quantity but also Quality

Currently, at aROMA they have over 20 flavours of ice creams to choose from, leaving one spoilt for choice. Don’t be fooled though.  the variety in the number of flavours does not mean that the quality of the gelatos is compromised. They are all additive-free, preservative-free, and made with natural ingredients. Additionally, to ensure quality, aROMA brings in a new batch of gelato each week.


Furthermore, to commemorate  the opening of their second outlet, aROMA is having a buy 2 get 1 free promotion for coffees and gelatos.

In addition, from the 20th to 22nd of October from 3-5pm, they are selling each cup of gelato for only A DOLLAR! Buuuut, this only applies to the first hundred customers for the day, so bring your friends, and hurry down for a gelato treat!

aROMA Gelato
Address: Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Address: 29 Arab Street
Singapore 199728
Tel: 8522 1673


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