Be a Rebel, Eat Healthy!

When I was younger, my mother has always nagged at me to finish my greens. Back then, I never liked eating fruits or vegetables, and really did not see the point in cleaning them off my plate.

Now, as I grow older there are days when I feel like giving my stomach a break from all the greasy hawker food, and just settle for a simple salad. Presenting Kitchen by Food Rebel, my new favorite place to eating healthily.

Kitchen by Food Rebel Logo

Kitchen by Food Rebel

A woman with a mission, Ms Elika Mather decided to take matters into her own hands after being fed up by the lack of healthy eating options in the CBD (Central Business District).

Established in January 2016, Kitchen by Food Rebel caters to customers with most dietary preferences. They have options such as nut free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian clearly labelled on the menu.


Kitchen by Food Rebel Salad mains

Get your fix of protein after a workout with their Chicken Protein Rebel Buddha Bowl. They weren’t kidding when they called it a protein bowl— made with hormone-free chicken, hummus, and Tahini, this is one bowl of protein for all you protein lovers.

Kitchen by Food Rebel Rebel Chicken Burger

If you thought they only sold salads, then you cannot be more wrong. Introducing the Rebel Chicken Burger. Made with hormone-free chicken patty sandwiched between house-made patties, and served with a side of sweet potato fries.

This dish may seem like “fast food”, but is in fact dairy and nut free. Plus, the sweet potato fries are rich in dietary fibre, giving you good cardiovascular health and stable blood sugar levels.
Kitchen by Food Rebel Zoodle Bolognese

For something more unique, give the Zoodle Bolognese a try. Swap the carbs and gluten for zucchini noodles, topped  with special grass-fed Beef Bolognese sauce.

Zucchini noodles are great for you especially if you are trying to lose weight. It fills your stomach yet is easy on the calorie count. Not to mention, it also helps in improving cardiovascular health (see a trend there?). Gluten, dairy, and nut free, you really have no reason to miss out on this dish.


Kitchen by Food Rebel Smoothie

To take a break from the heat, sip their special Incredible Hulk smoothie. Green like its namesake, this cup of drink is packed with organic greens, organic protein powder, and spinach.

Hang on, before you reject this smoothie and all it stands for, it is also flavored with ginger, orange and banana. Not as bland anymore hey? The combination of spinach and banana works to create a vitamin-packed drink with Vitamins A,C,K and potassium.


Kitchen by Food Rebel Banana Cake

Eating clean is hard, especially when it comes to desserts. Not to worry, sink your teeth into their gluten and sugar free banana cake that promises a satisfying end to your healthy, hearty meal.

After all this talk about food I think a well-deserved treat is in order. You can catch me, occasionally at Kitchen by Food Rebel on 28 Stanley Street.

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