Brew & Bar – Coffee And Beer With More Than A Little Peranakan Twist

Brew & Bar

If you live in the east and love Peranakan food, forget about Simpang Bedok and pop over to Brew & Bar. They serve pretty authentic Peranakan cuisine that’s made from scratch (means no msg and other unhealthy gunk) on top of decent coffee and an interesting range of craft beer.

Brew & Bar Store front

The Food

If you’re an ignoramus when it comes to food, Peranakan cuisine takes lots of preparation and patience before it reaches your table. So to all the babas and nyonyas out there, a big thank you is in order for all the awesome food! The food at Brew & Bar is no exception of course!

Brew & Bar Beef Rendang

Beef Rendang, $14

Don’t worry people, it ain’t crispy. Beef Rendang is a must when eating Peranakan cuisine. Over at Brew & Bar, the beef was so tender that my spoon cut through the meat effortlessly! Taste wise, it has just the right amount of spiciness and sweetness. Topped with shredded coconut you really get a good mix of sweet, spicy and sour. Yums!

Brew & Bar Sotong Masak Hitam

Sotong Masak Hitam, $14

The sotong was perfectly cooked and fresh giving a nice tender yet chewy texture to every bite. Swimming in an extremely tasty (slightly salty and spicy) squid ink sauce, this dish is perfect with their BLUE rice!

Brew & Bar Hee Pio Soup

Hee Pio Soup, $12

Ahh, Fish Maw Soup with meatballs. One of my personal favorites. Did Brew & Bar mess it up? No they did not! The handmade meatballs were extremely tender and super satisfying. Oh and that all naturally sweet soup was so addictive, I wish I had a bowl everyday. The final element of the dish that deserves my praise would be the QUAILS EGGS. Somehow the yolk of the quail’s egg was soft and gooey.

Brew & Bar Ayam Buah Keluak

Ayam Buah Keluak, $12

This is one dish that has a really long preparation time (Minimum 5 days in fact). If the nuts aren’t cleaned properly (oh grow up), you might get an upset stomach. Brew & Bar stuffs minced meat in the shells/nuts to make it chewy and more fulfilling. I love Buah Keluak! Could eat 20 of these no problem. The chicken meat was a tad tough though.

Brew & Bar Apple Roselle Floral Tea

Don’t forget to try their interesting Apple Crumble Cider, $13 from New Zeland. It’s like dessert but in a drink with alcohol. Oh and their extremely sweet Roselle Apple Floral Tea, $7 that they make in house.


Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Blue flower petal infused rice? Great Tasting food? Unique beers from around the world? Peranakan food? It checks all my boxes for sure. In the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, “I’ll be back”.


Brew & Bar
6 Jln Pari Burong, Singapore 488672
Tel : 6384 6733


*This was a sponsored post (Thanks for the food Brew & Bar!)


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