CasusGrill A Portable BBQ Pit That’s Ready To Cook In 5 Minutes – Available At Swiss Butchery

Starting A Fire At A Barbeque

If there’s one thing I detest more than anything at a barbeque, it’s the starting of a fire. If you don’t understand the pain and suffering behind that statement, you’re definitely one of those people who specialize in eye power. Shame on you. For my more hands on brethren, it must be a real drag to look like someone who’s just come out of a coal mine at a barbeque party. Your hands are black, you’re literally sweating buckets and your arms feel like they’re about to fall off from coaxing the fire with a make-shift fan. Not the classiest of looks for ANY social event wouldn’t you agree?

CasusGrill Set up

Revolutionizing Barbeques With The CasusGrill

Enter the CasusGrill. A portable BBQ pit that can be set up and ready to cook in a mere 5 minutes! (Sans the coal miner look) How it works is really simple. You light up the four corners of the grill and just wait for the heat to spread throughout the whole grill. Amazing!

CasusGrill 5 minute bbq

What I Love About The CasusGrill

  • Portable, light and easy to carry around
  • I don’t have to get my hands dirty ever again with charcoal
  • It reaches optimum grilling temperature in a matter of minutes
  • A consistent, even temperature throughout the grill ensures that your food is not just delicious (no matter your culinary expertise) but evenly cooked as well and oh-so-tender
  • The whole grill is eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • You can set up a barbeque literally anywhere with no hassle at all

But there are obviously some aspects that I didn’t like as well

CasusGrill cons

Cons Of The CasusGrill

  • You have a relatively small surface area to cook on
  • If you cut your meat into small bits, they run the risk of falling through the gaps and onto the charcoal
  • It has a grilling lifespan of about 60 minutes and it’s gone from your life forever (okay that’s a tad dramatic)


CasusGrill bbq meat from Swiss Butchery

Where Can One Find The CasusGrill

Pop into ANY SWISS BUTCHERY outlet and you’ll find the super portable CasusGrill retailing at $18. I highly recommend their OP Ribs ($13/100grams) or their Ribeye ($7.80/100 grams). If you want to have the ultimate barbeque experience, Swiss Butchery even goes the extra mile and will age your meat for you FOR FREE! Happy eating!


Swiss Butchery Outlets
Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin, #01-02
56 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247964
Tel: 6235 8080
Swiss Butchery @ Greenwood
30 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289230
Tel: 6468 7588
Swiss Butchery @ NTUC Finest Yew Tee, #10-01
61 Choa Chu Kang Drive, Singapore 689715
Tel: 9230 2201
Swiss Butchery @ NTUC Finest Bukit Panjang, #01-15/#02-20
1 Jelebi Road, Singapore 289230
Tel: 9837 6930
TMS @ Nothpoint City, #B2-103 to 107
1 Northpoint Drive, Singapore 768019
Tel: 8876 9011


TMS @ Hyper Sports Hub, #01-29
1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628
Tel: 9752 6588


*This was a sponsored post (thanks for the delicious barbeque experience Swiss Butchery!)

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