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Tapas Club – Authentic Spanish Tastes on Orchard Road


About Tapas

When we talk about Spanish food, most people will usually think about tapas. The word ‘tapa’ has the origin from the verb ‘tapar’, which means ‘to cover’ in Spanish. There are many versions of the origins of tapas. The most common story being serving food with the cover or lid to keep the flies away.

Tapas Club Chipirones con Huevo Frito (baby squid with fried egg)

Chipirones con Huevo Frito (baby squid with fried egg)

Back to present day, tapas can be found aplenty in bars or a restaurants as snacks. But they can make you full if you have a few portions or several with friends. Tapas can be cold dishes like cheese (queso), cold cuts (jamon, chorizo, salchichon, etc.), or hot dishes like tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette), gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp). In Spain, a tapas bar can be just a tiny hole in the wall.  However, the variety of food will depend on the region that you are in.

Tapas in Singapore

Before Tapas Club opened in Singapore, many authentic Spanish restaurants were already established here. Places such as Binomio, FOC, Catalunya (closed in 2016), etc. Spanish cuisine was still relatively unknown to many Singaporeans and lagged behind French and Italian in terms of popularity.

Fret not, my fellow readers, Tapas Club has opened in the prime shopping area of Singapore for quite some time and I am glad to inform you that the food here is really nice and the price is wallet-friendly too – starting from $5 – $25.

Tapas Club is run by Chef Jose Alonso (from Binomio) and Chef Manuel Berganza (One Michelin Star Chef). The restaurant serves authentic Spanish tapas at a comparatively low price (Singapore’s standard). I have visited the restaurant twice and have had nothing but praise for the two chefs for serving yummy and authentic Spanish food in a very casual setting.

La Comida

Tapas Club Sardinitas con Salsa Espinaler

Sardinitas con Salsa Espinaler (baby sardines with Espinaler sauce)

I tried different dishes in my two visits and all I can say that all the food were yummy. In fact, I think the overall quality of all the dishes is even higher than tapas you get from a typical bar in Spain. My favourite dishes are Sardinitas con Salsa Espinaler (baby sardines with Espinaler sauce), Pluma de Cerdo (pork shoulder), Pulpo a la Brasa (grilled octopus) and Fideua Negra (squid ink noodle paella). For the desserts, I had Crema Catalana con Sorbete (creme brûlée with sorbet) in my first visit but it was not as memorable as the food so I didn’t order the dessert again in my second visit.

If you are a fan of Jamon Iberico like me, don’t miss the Jamon Iberico or the cold cuts platter. If you order the platter, you will also get Pan con Tomate (toast bread with tomato) on the house. This is similar to the one you can get at FOC and if you don’t order the cold cuts platter, I still think you should order this dish. It’s just $5. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Tapas Club Paella de Chorizo

Paella de Chorizo (chorizo paella)

If you read till here, you will know that I like this place a lot. Tapas Club, albeit its uninspiring name, serves honest delicious Spanish food. The ambience may not be as nice as Binomio or FOC. However, I believe with its price, its location and its quality food, Tapas Club will become a hit among young crowds here. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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7 Options To Choose From @ New Hipster Food Court, FOMO

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton (27/11-03/12)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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It’s official. FOMO, a new hipster food court @ Sultan Gate has opened its doors to the world! Whatever preconceived notions you have about food courts, throw those out of the window because FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out indeed) was built on Instagrammability. No seriously, every inch is picturesque and just begging to be part of your social media archives.

fomo interior

I was lucky enough to be invited for their media launch so here’s the low-down on ALL 7 OF THEIR VENDORS. If you’re thinking normal kopitiam fare like Ban Mian, Chicken Rice and Fish Soup, you’re not going to find them at FOMO fo sure.

fomo my wholly

Mr Wholly

Fancy some Louisiana style seafood? I tried their Seafood Nasi Lemak and trust me when I say it’s a Nasi Lemak on steroids. Other than the fact that they serve everything fresh, the highlight for me was the “secret sambal sauce” they drizzled over the prawns. This sauce packs a punch with strong seafood flavors that accentuates the dining experience ttm (to the max).

The Nasi Lemak set costs $8.90.

fomo poke doke

Poke Doke

Following their success at Millennia Walk, Poke Doke extends their reach with this new outlet at FOMO. With numerous Poke bowl places vying for market share, how does Poke Bowl stay competitive? The answer lies in their toppings. 30 different varieties in fact! Enjoy the freshest fish at an affordable price. There’s no denying the health benefits of Poke Bowls either.

Their Signature Poke Bowl is priced at $14.

fomo zamza


From the people that brought you Jimoto Ya, helmed by Chef Nobumasa Mieda of Michelin-Starred Kaiseki Restaurant, Mieda. Zamza doesn’t disappoint with its oh-so-tender chicken. I tried both the Donburi and Chicken Based Ramen. For the Donburi, I loved the Chicken Yakitori and the Chicken Skin Yakitori. I was a little skeptical when I saw the Chicken Ramen though (comes in clear and creamy broth options) but the first bite of the chicken meat and all my reservations went out the door. It’s just pure bliss.

The Chicken Ramen is priced at $10

fomo kane mochi

Kane Mochi

What’s good here? The Mochi of course! Diners are spoilt for choice with a wide range of assorted flavors to choose from. I went with Matcha, Thai Ice Tea & Taro. That lovely ice cream interior blends perfectly with the light and fluffy Mochi exterior. They’re as good as they look and you wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!

The Mochi Platter costs $7.80 served on an extremely instagrammable wood board with mixed fruits.

fomo kakak kentang

you can’t really see the giant sized potato balls BUT THEY’RE THERE, undercover

Kakak Kentang

If you want to feel full, don’t want to splurge but yet want to have something tasty, Kakak Kentang is definitely your go to place. Imagine, a Bergedil (potato ball) the size of TWO OF MY FISTS COMBINED half submerged in a savory broth for less than 10 bucks. That’s mad.

I prefer the Chicken option (Chikabom) as it comes with an extremely spicy chilli and taste like Mee Soto sans the mee. The beef version (Bombastik) was a little too rich for my palette and leaning closer to the sweeter side of things.

The regular sized option costs $6.90

While its bigger sized counterpart costs $9.90

I recommend sharing the big one with at least 4 people.

fomo the don

The Don

The pimply, young, adolescent me probably re-watched The Godfather like 5 times in my life and I was pretty stoked that they gave Mafia/Gangsta references to almost all their dishes. I tried their best sellers, The Al Capone which is essentially a Laksa Pasta and Call Me Meaty, a meat pizza.

I have no complaints. They do their pizza dough from scratch so instead of leaving the crusts like how I do with most pizzas, I walloped this crust down with relish!

With prices like $13.90 for the Al Capone

And $14.90 for a 10 inch Call Me Meaty, it’s definitely “an offer you can’t refuse”.

fomo chops grill & sides

Chops Grill & Sides

In a carnivorous mood? Get the XXL Platter and you’ll get a meat galore! Cajun Chicken, Chicken Breast, Fried Breaded Fish, Grilled Salmon, Ribeye Steak and BBQ Lambshank! I’ve tried everything and I’m telling you, the steak is the cash cow (pun intended) for this place. It’s juicy, tender and just a delight with every bite.

The XXL Platter goes for $59.90

While The Grilled Steak is a cool $12.90 (Priced a lot lower than some places we know and I’m not going to mention names)

fomo chill out relax

Chill Out, Relax

If you’re not there for some grub, drag a couple of mates and just chill out while having a tower (or two) of Asahi or Kronenbourg. Play a game of beer pong even!

fomo wine

If beer isn’t your jam, they even sell bottles of Spanish Blue Wine @ $85 nett!

Asahi towers – $55 for 1 $90 for 2

Kronenbourg towers – $65 for 1 $110 for 2

fomo beer pong

FOMO is fast becoming a gathering area for expats, youngsters and office peeps. Considering its strategic location, it’s just a matter of time before they’ll have to start a reservation system. Pretty unheard for a food court yeah? It’ll happen, mark my words. Beat the crowd and check them out soon!

38 Sultan Gate #01-01,
Singapore 198486
Tel: (+65) 6509 1915
Opening Hours: 10am to 12am daily

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A Bowl of Kanagawa Goodness

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (13/11-20/11)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Machida Shoten

Almost a week after our last trip to Japan Food Town, M and I found ourselves back again. But how can you blame us, the food there is just so satisfying! This week, we paid a visit to Machida Shoten, a ramen place from the Kanagawa Prefecture.

Machida Shoten close up of ramen

Shoyu Tonkatsu Cha-Shu Ramen, $18++

At Machida Shoten, customers are allowed to be as picky as they want.

Called lekei, Machida Shoten offers a unique concept of allowing customers to personalise their bowl of ramen to suit their preferences. One can expect to choose from light to Japan taste to strong flavour for their soup, and noodle textures ranging from soft, regular and hard.

Machida Shoten springy noodles


The noodles were well-made, carrying a springy texture. They were not overly starchy, and were a good compliment to the rich broth.

Machida Shoten broth


One of the things I love here is the fact that customers can be as picky as they want. Can’t decide between a pork-based broth or soya sauced based one? Why not both!

Initially, I took tentative sips of the soup, but eventually got used to the salty pork- flavoured soup. As a testament to how full-bodied the flavour of the soup was, we realised that we had no need for the condiments by the side, as each sip carried a fresh new burst of flavours.

However, something that M realised mid-meal was that her soup was more oily than mine. She had the “light” flavoured soup, while I went for the Japan taste option. We figured that this may be because the oil from the char-shu mixed better with a richer broth, so my soup was less oily.

Machida Shoten char siew


By the side of the bowl sits 5 tantalisingly thick-cut slices of char-shu. Alas, don’t let size fool you though. Despite the thickness of the meat, the char-shu slices were tender and soft, with good meat to fat ratio.

My first impression of the char-shu was how incredibly break-in-your-mouth soft it was, followed by awe when the fat that melted in my mouth. If there was a heaven, let it be filled with this char-shu for all of eternity.

Call me impressionable, but never have I had as many char-shu slices that were of such great quality. Usual ramen places serve at most 4 thin slices of char-shu, or 2 thick slices. But here you go, 5 thick, generous cuts of char-shu, sitting in full decadence at the side of your bowl, waiting for you to sink your teeth into them.

Machida Shoten great ramen great price


Different ramen places have different specialties, and if you particularly fancy char-shu, then you should give this place a visit!

Machida Shoten the store

Machida Shoten
Japan Food Town
Wisma Atria
#04-40 Wistma Atria, ISETAN Orchard
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877
Tel: (+65)6262 3214
Opening Hours: 11.30am-11pm on weekdays, 11am-11pm on weekends


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Perhaps Some Anzu for You?

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (30/10-06/11)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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anzu signboard


The exterior of Anzu was warm and cosy. The wood panels gave the place a welcome feeling homeliness, while the Noren added an extra touch of cosiness. There was even a waitress who greeted us with a radiant smile as we approached.

Alas, it was not the furnishing that drew us to the restaurant, but rather the weekday promotion that they were having. In bold, brazen colours, two metre-high standees advertised their weekday special set starting from just $20.

anzu menu

I know, $20 for a set really isn’t much of a deal to be gushing about for some of us. But at Anzu, this $20 included a complementary chawanmushi, miso soup, free flow rice and salad. What’s more, they don’t have service charge or GST!

With our minds made up, we ordered the Thick Pork Loin Katsu Set ($25) and the Pork Loin Katsu Set ($20).

Admittedly, there was quite a wait before our mains arrived, but the appetisers that were served kept us (and our complaining stomachs) occupied.

anzu sides


We really were not expecting any sides other than the chawanmushi and salad that we had ordered, and were pleasantly surprised with the pickled radish. It was crunchy and was a good harbinger of the meal to come.

anzu salads

Next, the salad. We learnt that Anzu grows their own vegetables, and they were served in thin strips for extra emphasis on its crispiness and freshness. Salad never tasted better: we relished the dressing made with yuzu and Japanese white herb. You could even say that it was… SUPERB! (get it get it?)

anzu chawanmushi

By this time, there was no doubt in our minds that this dinner was going to be one of the best ones we’ve had all week, if not month. The chawanmushi arrived, and sure enough, it did not disappoint. It was just so soft and silky! Another one for me please!

anzu tonkatsu


Finally, after much anticipation, we were served our tonkatsu pork.

The Pork

The pork was a Yongenton silky pork, a four-breed crossbreed of Large Yorkshire, Landrace, Duroc, and Chester White. For those of you who felt that the words went over your heads, it simply means that Anzu takes great pride in serving great pork, and takes great measures to ensure that.

This breaded loin cutlet had succulent and tender meat that was just so juicy! I’ll let you in on a secret though, the reason for this lies in what the pigs were fed. Sticking to a diet of compound grains means that their flavour is richer and meat softer.

anzu tender pork

The Batter

Another factor that makes or breaks a dish of tonkatsu, the batter here was crisp enough without being overly oily. And the golden texture speaks enough for itself.

anzu sesame seeds

Tonkatsu Sauce

At Anzu, we were given two options. The original and a sweeter version with pork essence. M and I had different takes on this. She preferred the sweeter one, while I liked the original better. But we both agreed that the sesame provided gave the sauce, and the tonkatsu as a whole, a more refined touch.

anzu japanese rice


The rice here was pearly and didn’t clump. In fact, it tasted nothing like rice that I have in all my life tasted.

True enough, they were Hinokahikari rice flown in from Japan and cooked in a traditional cauldron until they are all pillowy and soft. There was also brown rice being served as an alternative option too!

anzu miso soup


Something else that they need to advertise for their soup other than it being refillable is the option to choose from either shellfish soup or miso soup. Since there were two of us, we figured we’d get one of each, and refill the bowl that we preferred.

Spoiler: we didn’t.

anzu home made soup broth

Don’t get us wrong, we really loved the milder taste of the soup which complemented the tonkatsu perfectly, but at this point we were just so full!

In Conclusion

You know how some people say a certain place compromises quality for quantity or vice versa? Well, not at Anzu. The service here was top-notch, and the food here one of the best that I have ever had.

The Japan Food Town at Wisma Atria serves an array of authentic, traditional tastes from almost all of Japan and Anzu represents the Kyushu area. We seriously can’t wait to see what the rest of the Food Town has to offer, but until next time, I suppose.

Japan Food Town
Wisma Atria
#04-48 Wistma Atria, ISETAN Orchard
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877
Tel: 6262 3408
Opening Hours: 11am- 11pm daily


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Halloween Hall of Treats

Pei Xia Ang

In Singapore, we may be more conservative and choose not to dress up during Halloween, but who is to say we can’t enjoy this day as much the next person? Here, we celebrate it the customary way. With food, of course!

halloween Châteraisé


Known for delicious confections made with freshly prepared ingredients from Hokkaido, Châteraisé has come up with 3 special creations.

Black Cat

Looking uncannily like a cat, this cute nerikiri is almost impossible to resist! Don’t worry though, the black colour is derived from the nerikiri paste and charcoal used. But as one takes an indulgent bite into this snack, the taste of white bean paste will get your tastebuds singing with joy.

Japanese Halloween Ghost

In addition to being soft and pillowy-looking on the outside, this pastry is made with quality Japanese rice and yam flour and filled Châteraisé’s homemade red bean paste.


Yet another face of Halloween, Châteraisé has created pumpkin- inspired bites. These orange confections are made with orange nerikiri paste and filled with homemade pumpkin paste from Hokkaido.

halloween Starbucks


The drink starts off with an decadent layer of mocha base with a dollop of whipped cream. The next layer, depending on your preference, you can choose either chocolate or vanilla. The Mr Vampire is chocolatey cereal topped, while Mrs Vampire is vanilla-based. Finally, to fit in with the Halloween mood, the drink is finished with strawberry pureé and topped with whipped cream.

halloween Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts

Besides being yummy on-the-go bites, doughnuts are also one of  the most Instagrammable of festive foods, and Dunkin’ Donuts are quick to come up with some irresistible designs!


Shaped quirkily like a ghost, this chocolate frosted doughnut “bleeds” like any other when injured. But it is probably just the raspberry filling. (I think)

Scary Spidey

Simple and classic, what would Halloween be without spiders? This doughnut is adorned with itsy bitsy chocolatey goodness. Yummy!

Spooky Pumpkin

Another pumpkin-shaped snack, this one here is made up of white chocolate frosted with orange sprinkles. Contains chocolate filling.

halloween Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robins do Flavour of the Months, and for October they released the Orange you Scared. Additionally, they are featuring waffle sundaes like Red Dracula and Jack-O-Orange to get you all spooked out.

halloween the coffee daily

The Coffee Daily

Decked out in their Halloween finest, The Coffee Daily are all prepared for the treat or tricking. Is this what people mean by the free meringues?

Ghost Brownies

Autumns are all about hot cocoas and Halloween, and Ghost Brownies encapsulates the October mood on a plate. Baked chocolate brownie topped with a marshmallow made to look like a ghost, this is one of the Halloween food that you know you’d wanna munch on all year long.

Decorative Cupcakes

The Coffee Daily is also allowing you the opportunity to decorate your own cupcakes, with flavours from chocolate to red velvet. My favourite are the red velvet ghost cupcakes. Absolutely SPOOKtecular. Place your orders via Facebook or Instagram today!


Halloween is like a harbinger to Christmas. You get a cooler climate, festive decorations, and festive food. And unless you want your Christmas gift to be smaller this year, stay away from spider doughnut pranks. Trust me, I’ve been there.


The Mbassadors does not claim any credit for any of the above media used. All credits go to their respective owners.


5 reasons why Alakai just might be the best Poké bowl place in Singapore


The Weekly Glutton (23/10-30/10)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us in one way or another (or not) and places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Alakai poke bowls

Alakai Poke

Poke bowls, you say? Shops offering Poke have been the all rage in Singapore lately, with even more such restaurants popping up! Poke (pronounced po-kay) is a traditional Hawaiian dish typically made with cubed raw fish, sauces, garnish and seasoning. Born and raised in Hawaii, Chef and Founder Lon is behind the up and coming Alakai, one of the new kids on the block.


Alakai prides themselves on their raw fish. Lon personally picks out the best fish from their supplier every morning. To maintain the freshness of the meat, the dish is assembled to order, unlike other Poke places where the dish is already combined and on display.

Pick from 5 different Poke protein options, two of which are Vegeterian/Vegan friendly! You could get ‘Ahi Tuna(Yellowfin Tuna), Norwegian Salmon, a mix of the two, gently poached Prawns or smooth Silky Tofu!

Alakai also offers 5 different Poke flavours to suit your tastebuds: House, Shoyu, K-Mayo, Tahitian and Spicy Thai.

We had a go at the House and Tahitian sauces. If you prefer a clean taste which highlights the quality of the fish, then the house sauce is for you. The Tahitian sauce-a mix of tropical coconut and lime, is a different kind of excitement with unique flavours that are strong and refreshing! They also have seasonal flavours so do look out for those!

Alakai interior


Lon wanted to bring a part of Hawaii bere with him as he moved back to Singapore to be closer to family. The name Alakai means “the path to the sea” as in Hawaiian, Ala is path and Kai is sea, so be prepared to be transported into a “mini Hawaii”, where Poke originated from, as you enter the restaurant! The restaurant exudes a calm and relaxing vibe reminding you of the seaside vibes you get by the Hawaiian beaches. Do remember to look out for the cute paintings of Hawaiian fish that add an extra touch to the entire restaurant!


Lon wanted to add a different spin to the dish, so he came up with an idea that draws influence from the Singaporean half of his heritage: Poke Plates! Apart from Poke, you may build your own Poke Plate adding up to 3 sides, a base and additional toppings. Choose from a variety of sides like Alakai’s Potato Mac Salad, Carrot Meli-Meli(Carrots glazed with Honey and Coriander), Cucumber Kimchi, Tomato-ogo Namasu(Fresh tomatoes with seaweed marinated in a Japanese vinegar blend), or Pineapple Pacari(sweet and sour pineapple).

Base comes in the form of carbs, with choices such as White Rice, Brown Rice, Hapa Rice(mix of brown and white rice) or Salad Greens.

If you’re a first timer, you can pick a recommended Poke Plate Combo off the menu! We tried the Potato Mac Salad, Cucumber Kimchi and Pineapple Pacari. Despite all of them having distinct flavours, they complemented one another and the Poke really well! It was a really unique experience!

Alakai doughnuts


Here’s a secret. Not many people know about this but Alakai serves dessert too!

The Showstopper. The One. The Only.

The Malasada.

Lon took 4 years to perfect his own version of the Portuguese doughnut as he didn’t want it to be as dense as the original. All we can say is that those 4 years were worth every single second. The doughnut, freshly fried to order, was warm, light, airy and really fluffy. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple appearance, this doughnut is a winner!

Despite being coated in sugar, the warm doughnut isn’t too sweet and we’re sure people who don’t have a sweet tooth would fall head over heels for it as well, leaving you wanting more. Do take note though, the Malasada is only available on Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to visit on either of these days if you don’t want to miss this gem! Highly recommended.

Alakai presentation

Complete experience:

What really completes the experience at Alakai is their customer service. The staff are attentive, kind and friendly, checking in on you every once in a while, asking about the food and making sure you’re good. There’s also a self order kiosk for you to help yourself if there are others ahead of you in the queue and you don’t feel like waiting! Feel free to ask for recommendations from the menu if you’re a first timer with Poke Plates!

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Alakai and we hope you do too when you go down!

Share your pictures with us!

Tag or mention us on Instagram and we’ll definitely have a look!

Alakai storefront

Alakai Poke
Address: 3 Everton Park #01-79
Singapore 080003
Tel: 6904 4957
Opening Hours: 11.30am- 8.30pm


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An Honest Bowl of Prawn Mee

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (16/10-23/10)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle bowl

Traditional Prawn Noodle

I suppose each one of us have different preferences when it comes to our favorite food. Some of us prefer the traditional taste, while others prefer the more modern adaptation. I for one favor the traditional, no-frills dishes, and the Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle is one of such places.

Here, they serve simple, fuss-free servings of prawn mee, each bowl capturing the essence of a honest bowl of prawn noodles.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle signboard

The menu at Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle was simple. Just 4 options of prawn mee to choose from: traditional, with pork ribs, with pigs tail, or with jumbo prawns. Most options allow for customers to choose the size of the portions that they want, and a soup or dry version.

We decided to go with the traditional prawn mee, but ordered a bowl of dry mee and soup mee for comparison.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle the soup

The soup

When I first tasted the soup, I loved the rich, authentic taste of the prawn broth. This was unlike other places that you can taste the addition of MSG to the soup.

Admittedly, the addition of MSG gives the soup a “kick” that was a bit lacking here, but as I am all for sticking to authentic flavours, you won’t hear any complains from me here.

To top it off, the broth was commendably not too salty or oily, especially taking into account the fact that we ordered yellow noodles.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle gif

The noodles

The noodles were of just the right texture— not too soft or overly chewy. In fact, they even carried a certain springiness that we really enjoyed.

However, my favourite kind of prawn mee is the dry version, as each bite is always packed with so much flavour. Tossed in chilli sauce and perfectly al dente, the noodles were gone in a blink.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle prawn close up

The prawns

Arguably the star of the dish, (I mean it’s called PRAWN MEE for a reason) the prawns here were succulent and fresh. We ordered the regular ones, and each prawn was already so plump and meaty.

Imagine the JUMBO PRAWNS!!!

Plus, the prawns here come peeled for you so you don’t have to struggle with it!

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle pork

The pork

Thinly sliced and carrying just the right amount of fat, the pork strips go really well with the prawn mee. They add texture to the bowl of noodles.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle garnish

The garnish

Having garnishing adds a special flavour to each bowl of prawn mee. It defines a stall’s signature taste. The garnishing here was unpretentious— shallots, lard, and other ingredients. The shallots and lard, coupled with the crunchy beansprouts and kang kong made every bite of noodles a delight. Not to forget the sinful chunks of lards mixed with chilli, heightening  the umami sensation.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle wholesome meal


Even if you prefer the modern adaptation of prawn mee to the traditional, do still drop by Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle for an honest bowl of noodles. Greeted with warm smiles and a yummy bowl of noodles, one is sure to leave satisfied.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle store front

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle
Address: 517 Geylang Rd
Singapore 389473
Tel: +65 9663 3633
Opening Hours: Tuesdays- Sundays 9am-3am

Michelin Surprise in Wan Chai 

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (9/10-16/10)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Wing Wah Wanton storefront

Wing Wah Wanton

We had just touched down from Singapore, and were slightly jet-lagged and overwhelmed by the foreign landscape that was Hong Kong. There was so much to take in all at once— the loud jabbering in Cantonese, the bright neon street signs, and the bustling peak hour traffic.

As we stumbled from the MTR station to our hotel, we passed a wanton house. Of all the other stalls lining Henessey Road, it was this shop that drew us in.

Emanating from the shop for about 200 metres is the irresistible scent of cooking wanton noodles. Naturally, as two warm-blooded Singaporeans, we gravitated to that shop.

Wing Wah Wanton soup

Shrimp Wanton Noodles, HKD$44

Wing Wah is known for their handmade bamboo wanton noodles, freshly prepared on the second level of their shophouse. My first impression was that they were chewy and different from any other wanton noodles Singapore. I particularly appreciated the springiness of the noodles.

Wing Wah Wanton shrimp wanton noodle

A good testament to that is how they do not turn soggy even till the last mouthful. The chef must really have had taken great calibrations to cook the noodles to perfection, or it would have been undercooked or too soft. Well done!

Now, on to the wantons. Each wanton was a delightful accompaniment to the noodles. The skin was silky smooth, and wrapped with minced pork and a fresh shrimp. They were very generous with the wantons too. I had a total of 5 wantons!

Lastly, the soup was lightly seasoned, and not too oily. This is different from most of the wanton shops in Singapore, where the soups tend to be MSG-heavy. For those of you who need that extra kick, the chilli oil by the side will do just the trick.

Wing Wah Wanton brocolli with shrimp egg

Broccoli with Shrimp’s Egg, $39

I think something may have gotten lost in translation, as the vegetable that arrived at our table was in no way resembling the broccoli that I am familiar with.

Regardless, this was still a great dish especially for the health buffs. Like the wanton soup, the broth of the “broccoli”  was light and not heavily seasoned. The vegetables were steamed too, so there was not much salt in this serving.

Wing Wah Wanton glutinous rice ball

Glutinous Rice Ball with Black Sesame and Ginger Soup, $42

A traditional Chinese dessert, there really isn’t much for me to add on to it. (Are my expectations too high?) The glutinous balls were made with just the right texture so that it does not get too jelat after your first serving. The soup was not too heavy on the ginger flavour, and just the way I like it.

Wing Wah Wanton the set


Despite the prominent Michelin icon placed by the window and the alluring aroma of noodles cooking, there was no queue when we were there. Amounting to close to SGD$20 per person, I felt that this meal wasn’t too bad for a roadside stall, but as for a Michelin-featured place, they need to add that extra touch to stand out from the rest.

However, don’t just take my word for it, check them out if you happen to be in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong, and tell us what you think!

Wing Wah Wanton signboard

Wing Wah Wanton
Address: 89 Hennessey Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2527-7476
Opening Hours: 12pm-2pm Mondays to Saturdays


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Oktoberfest at Paulaner


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Oktoberfest at Paulaner Singapore

Paulaner Singapore

Last Friday night we went out for some nice cold German beer and delicious Bavarian food at Paulaner. As part of the Oktoberfest 2017, which lasted from 22 Sep – 30 Sep, Paulaner partnered Citibank and offered a promotion (10% off the bill for card holders) and a special menu for this period.

The Bier

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier

Oktoberfest Bier

There was only one beer on sale during this period – Oktoberfest Bier, which was a classic Märzen style (lager from Bavaria Region). People who like drinking rich malty beer would really enjoy this one. The price was S$17.50 for 0.5L. There was also a 20% discount for orders before 8.30 PM. The bar could hold the beers for you too, which was really nice!

The Food

Paulaner Würstl-Trio


Paulaner presented a special Oktoberfest menu. Our first order was Würstl-Trio, which consisted of roasted Nuremberger sausages, white and red bratwurst served with sauerkraut, mashed potato and dark beer sauce. The sausages were yummy as usual and they paired really well with the Oktoberfest beer.

Paulaner Oktoberfest Schnitzel

Oktoberfest Schnitzel

The second dish was the Oktoberfest Schnitzel, which was pork escalope filled with horseradish and mustard panfried with butter. It could have been better if the escalope had not been folded (it looked more like a pork chop). It should also be crispier. The flavor was alright and it was still better than your usual schnitzel you find in Singapore though.

Paulaner Pork Knuckle

Pork Knuckle

And here comes the pork knuckle. We could not stop ourselves from ordering it at a brauhaus like this. The skin was crispy and tasty (as it had a Paulaner beer glaze). The meat was, however, a bit dry. We have had better pork knuckle elsewhere.

The Ambience

Paulaner Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is not just about the beer and the food. The music (and the Chicken Dance) also forms part of the fun. The German band which played that night was funny and we had a really great time watching them live. There was also an English band taking over the stage when the German band went on a break. Overall, it was a great authentic Oktoberfest vibe. We wish the party space on the ground floor could have been larger. Don’t get us wrong; there was an outdoor area and also more space on the second and the third floor. However, when people came inside and gathered around the makeshift stage, there was not much space to move around.


Paulaner Ambience

Overall, great beer (as usual), authentic Bavarian food, fun vibe. If you look for a place to celebrate your Oktoberfest with friends and family in Singapore, Paulaner is one of the choices you should really consider visiting (unfortunately, the event was already over for this year).

If you have an Oktoberfest event to suggest us to visit or review, please let us know in the comments section below. Until then, Prost!!!

6 Ice Creams Around The World And Where To Find Them In SG


The presence of social media and internet has allowed people to explore the world without actually having to physically travel and globalization has brought many wonderful things, to our shores.

We probably know most of these or have even seen these ice creams, be it on social media, in the countries they originated from or even in Singapore, but how many of us actually know it’s origin or story behind these creation?

America – Baked Alaska

ice creams from american baked alaska

This old-fashioned dessert, which originated from New York City’s Delmonico’s restaurant, is said to have been created to commemorate the purchase of Alaska in 1867. However, some sources attribute the invention of Baked Alaska to Count von Rumford, an 18th-century physicist and pioneer of thermodynamics.

Described as a “dessert food consisting of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue”, some restaurants further heighten the drama by dousing it with liqueur and setting it ablaze at the table. Now the question on everyone’s mind: Why doesn’t it melt? How does the ice cream inside stay frozen for five minutes in the oven? The answer is meringue. The meringue around the ice cream is full of tiny air bubbles, providing insulation for the ice cream. Hence heat transfer is slow as it conducts heat poorly and the ice cream stay protected underneath all the meringue. In reality, there is a lot more to food than just art and that is science. This is a fine example of that.

Find it in Singapore:


545 Orchard Road
#06-19 Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882

Czech Republic – Doughnut Ice Cream Cones

ice creams from czech doughut ice cream cones

Though they have been dubbed “doughnut ice cream cones”, they aren’t actually doughnuts. Traditionally cinnamon-flavoured pastries from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, trdelník has been around for years and is usually made by wrapping around rods. The pastry is then roasted above an open fire till it turns golden brown. In recent years, however, it has been popularised by Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague and they have taken it to the next level by using trdelník as ice cream cones.

These “chimney cakes” are then filled with chocolate or nutella on the inside, followed by ice cream and then topped with toppings of your choice, usually fruits, caramel or nutella. Whatever it is that you pick, you can’t really go wrong. For nutella and ice cream lovers, this is a match made in heaven.

Find it in Singapore:

Chimney SG Scape*

2 Orchard Link, #02-02

Singapore 237978

Japan – Taiyaki

ice creams from japan taiyaki

Taiyaki is a fish-shape cake with red bean filling made from sweetened azuki beans. Other common fillings includes custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato. A classic street vendor snack in Japan, Taiyaki is very popular at street fairs and festivals in Japan.

Tai means “sea bream” and yaki means “grilled/baked”. Hence, Taiyaki literally translates to “baked sea bream”. The original taiyaki iron mold was round and the mold was for making Imagawayaki, a Japanese pancake which is the same as Taiyaki but with a circular shape. Back in Meiji-era (1868 – 1912), Tai was considered a very expensive fish and only eaten for special occasions. The circular shape mold was then changed to the sea bream shape mold, and Taiyaki was born.

So that is how Taiyaki came about and when the ice cream was added, it became a hit. Since Taiyaki is made using regular pancake or waffle batter, you could say that Taiyaki ice cream is a twist on the traditional waffles and ice cream.

Find it in Singapore:

Chateraise Singapore (Chateraise Taiyaki Ice Cream)

They have many outlets in Singapore. Check out their PAGE for all their outlets!

Thailand – Coconut Ice Cream

ice creams from thailand coconut ice cream

Those who travel to Thailand often will be familiar with this ice cream. This coconut ice cream, or ice cream ga ti as the locals call it, is both sweet and refreshing, perfect for the heat in Thailand. The locals often add corn, peanuts and sticky rice, amongst many other toppings, to complement the ice cream. Served in coconut shells, you also get chunks of coconut meat to go with the ice cream. Coconut meat is rich in fiber and promotes thyroid health. Not only that, coconuts are also one of the best foods for your skin due to their hydrating properties and their ability to restore elasticity and boost collagen.

Thai people started to make ice cream from coconut milk as dairy products were not readily available in the past. Even though dairy products are available in Thailand now, the ice cream is often made solely from coconut milk or from a combination of dairy milk and coconut milk. If you have never tried them before, this is a must try if you ever go to Thailand.

Find it in Singapore:

Pong Gelato *SCAPE

2 Orchard Link #02-18C

Singapore 237978

Germany – Spaghettieis

ice creams from germany spaghettieis

Spaghettieis is a German ice cream dish made to look like a plate of spaghetti. Vanilla ice cream is put through a Spätzle press or potato ricer, to imitate the long strands of spaghetti. Strawberry sauce is then poured over the dish to mimic tomato sauce. Finally, this is topped with either coconut flakes, grated almonds, or white chocolate shavings to represent the parmesan cheese. Besides the usual strawberry sauce, one may also find variations like ice cream with dark chocolate ice cream and nuts, mimicking Spaghetti Carbonara instead of Spaghetti Bolognese.

Created in 1969 by Dario Fontanella, son of an Italian immigrant and owner of an ice cream parlor in Mannheim, Germany, it has since become a German specialty although it is not very well known outside Germany. Dario served it to children once and they broke into tears because they wanted ice cream and not a plate of spaghetti. Personally? I wouldn’t mind either but I will happily take the plate of ice cream disguised as spaghetti.

Find it in Singapore:

Giovanni L

Fort Canning Arts Centre

5 Cox Terrace

#01-01, 179620

1 Marine Parade Central

Singapore 449408

Singapore – Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich

ice creams from singapore rainbow ice cream sandwich

An integral part of many people’s childhood, I know it certainly played a part in mine, most Singaporeans would probably have had this ice cream sandwich after school when they were a kid or on a hot day. At just a dollar each, you don’t really have an excuse not to. When Buzzfeed UK editor Luke Bailey dissed it last year, it led to a uproar from Singaporeans who considered this an iconic dessert.

The Daily Meal, on the other hand, proclaimed that “This Singaporean Ice Cream “Sandwich” is the Most Amazing Thing (they’ve) Ever Seen”. I am sure most Singaporeans would not disagree.

Find it in Singapore:

Not as common these days but there’s bound to be one or two mobile carts set up along Orchard road and in Bugis outside OG. If you keep your ears peeled in your neighborhood, you might find hear their iconic ice cream bell during the evenings when children come back from school.

So, have a craving yet?


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