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Magnum Pleasure Store in Singapore


The Magnum Pleasure Store

The Magnum Pleasure pop up store has been making appearances in Singapore the last few years and it is back again at ION Orchard! Except this time, it is here to stay. You can customise your own Make My Magnum with an array of 18 different toppings at their very first permanent, flagship Magnum Pleasure Store in Singapore.

Magnum Pleasure Store toppings

Make My Magnum

According to Magnum, their “Make My Magnums, including the ice cream base and three toppings, retail for SGD8. You can customise your Make My Magnum with your choice of chocolate (white, classic or dark) and vanilla ice cream base, a sprinkle of 3 tempting toppings and thousands of flavour combinations, perfected with a Magnum chocolate drizzle of your choice and a classic M coin.”

magnum pleasure store huge variety of toppings

Some of the toppings available include goji berries, speculoos, pretzels and even chili flakes! I was really curious as to how the chili flakes would taste with the ice cream. However, I decided to play safe and picked rose petals, cocoa nibs and golden nuggets, which are essentially mini candy balls.

magnum pleasure store make my magnum

Having picked my toppings, the staff took a generous scoop of each topping and poured them into a cocktail mixer before giving it a good shake to mix them all up. After dipping the ice cream in your preferred chocolate coating, they then pour the toppings onto the ice cream and finish it off with a drizzle of chocolate.

magnum pleasure store my magnum creation

Topping Issue

While I really enjoyed my Magnum creation, it would be nice to have more flavours to  choose from apart from the vanilla ice cream base. I also expected more unique and exciting toppings considering the price, since we can get the usual magnum for about $3. A quick google search revealed that the toppings at other Magnum Pleasure stores around the world include black lava sea salt, pink almonds and blackberry crunch.

The store also has a coffee counter with beans exclusive to Magnum and even have their very own cocoa infused coffees, made exclusively for Singapore’s Magnum Pleasure Store. So if you are not a huge fan of ice cream, be sure to check out their coffee!

Magnum Pleasure Store

ION Orchard, B2-07

2 Orchard Turn 238801

Tel: (+65) 6509 9928

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm daily


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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The Weekly Glutton (19/6 – 25/6)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Thai Super Bowl

thai super bowl trending eats

instant noodles at a premium price

Posts on Thai Super Bowl have been flooding my socials recently and I decided to jump on the band wagon after noticing pretty good reviews about the place.

Located deep in the heartlands of Hougang. Thai Super Bowl began business in April and have been exponentially gaining popularity ever since.

I admit, there was some level of expectations I had conceived prior to my visit. The images and videos I saw on my socials looked amazing. BUT you know that old saying?

[su_quote cite=”Looks can be deceiving


This is a classic example of just that.

The Food

Armed with hungry stomachs and great expectations, we, a party of three, decided to order the signature Thai Super Bowl, $36.

thai super bowl seafood meal

a meal for three, signature Thai Super Bowl, $36

As you can very well see, it looks great! The colors, positioning of ingredients and composition of the image is of a pretty high standard. The taste, however, I’m afraid doesn’t do the image justice.

TIPS: If you do decided to go after reading this, as soon as they serve you your tray/bowl, take out the prawns, squid and mussels. You don’t want them to be over cooked. Also, try to finish your noodles ASAP, they’re going to turn soggy otherwise.

The Thai Super Bowl comes with Prawns, Squid, Crab Sticks, Meatballs, Chicken Minced, 2 eggs amd Mussels cooked in a spicy Tom Yum Broth . Sounds like a pretty good deal for $36 no? Throw in 6 packs of instant noodles too just for that carbohydrate fix.


Them Prawns

thai super bowl prawns

frayed flesh on prawns– telltale sign that they are NOT FRESH

The Prawns were NOT FRESH. Take a look at Exhibit A, fresh prawns are supposed to have an easy to peel shell and firm inner flesh. This prawn right here has frayed flesh which speaks volumes of its freshness.

Them Mussels

thai super food mussels

mussels were not fresh too– they were tough and dry

As mentioned above, we took out the prawns, squid and mussels as soon as the tray was served but them Mussels were still tough and extremely dry.


Le Squid

The squid was tethering on the edge of failing but there were still some hints of freshness so I’ll give it to them.

Other than that, everything else was honestly pretty normal. Only the Chicken Minced managed to excite my severely disappointed taste buds, but then again, who could possibly mess up Chicken Mince?

The Untruths of Online Marketing

I honestly don’t understand or can begin to fathom the positive reviews this place has on some content platforms. They are all lies, just heed my advice and don’t bother going.

thai suer food overpriced food

overpriced food

“What they’re serving is essentially a huge pot of instant noodles and charging you a premium for it”

For those additional ingredients, I wouldn’t mind paying that $36. Of course, if they were of a decent quality and standard. But nope, IT FAILED IN ALL ASPECTS.

[su_quote cite=”EVEN I CAN COOK BETTER”][/su_quote]

This is a joint that will definitely not withstand the test of the time if they don’t buck up. They serve other dishes too but I’m not going to stick around to find out more thank you very much.

Expect to wait for hours if you pop by during dinner time. I tried on Father’s day but Dad got impatient and we went to eat somewhere else. Thank goodness for that, or he would have killed me for bringing him to such a place.

thai super bowl exterior

front layout

Thai Super Bowl


thai super food queue

no reservations, walk ins only

Thai Super Bowl
Address: #01-41 Hougang 1, 1 Hougang Street 91
Singapore 538692
Tel: 6385 3195
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 9.30 pm daily


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Put on Half a Pound, Dad

Pei Xia Ang

Father’s Day is this weekend, and we all want to treat our supporting and loving dad right. If you are still fretting over the right choice of gift, then you need to READ ON!

Only recently established, Half Pound burger and Bar Grill has already been a hot favourite among locals.

father's day at half pound

a great place to celebrate father’s day– half pound burger bar and grill

Nestled along Purvis Street, this place focuses on burgers (hence the name), and if Dad is a fan of beef patties, steaks and whatnot, all the more you need to take him there!!

We managed to pop by this week, and here is the review of what we have sampled:

father's day lunch menu

lunch menu for only $17++ daily

Lunch menu

12pm-3pm daily


Choice of salad/soup, main course and drink

father's day soup

mushroom soup as starter

Mushroom Soup

I usually do not choose mushroom soup from the menu due to its commonness, but this bowl of soup was quite well executed.

Topped with croutons and garnished with spring onions, this soup was lovingly made by the chef. It did not taste like the regular ones poured from a can. As an added bonus, the soup comes with generous chunks of mushrooms to add to its creamy texture.

father's day burger meal

the half pound burger was very flavourful

Petite Half Pound Burger

Don’t be fooled by its name though, this burger may be called “petite”, but the flavours sure pack a PUNCH.

The tender and succulent beef patty carried a smoky aftertaste, complementing the bacon and cheddar for that meaty, greasy taste that all meat-lovers lust for.

fathers day steak

steak frites, good value for money

Steak Frites

For its price, the steak that I had was worth your buck. The meat was tender, and the layer of fat was juicy and TOTALLY ON POINT.

fathers day beer

enjoy a pint of beer to go with your meal


A hearty burger dish is only complete with craft beer by its side. For an extra touch this Fathers’ Day, treat dad to imported beer from Germany and the States.

From its menu, Half Pound offers Maisel’s Weisse ($9 for half pint, $12 for full pint), and 8 Ball Stout ($12 for full pint).

The former was refreshing and light, while the stout was smooth and easy to drink.


fathers day half pound

visit Half Pound Bar and Grill

Half Pound Burger Bar and Grill
Address: 8 Purvis Street, #01-01
Singapore 188587
Tel:6906 1900
Book a table here
Oh, and here’s wishing all Dads a happy father’s day!

New Eats on the Block

Pei Xia Ang

As May draws to a close, we take a look at some of the new eats that have just launched and have impressed us.

1. Steamroom with The Pillar and Stones (SPRS)

new eats steam room with the pillar and stones

An artistic concept nestled in Orchard Central, SPRS fuses art, fine dining, and retail into a relaxed setting.

At The Pillar, taste an elegant twist to the classic Peruvian dish. The Japanese Hamachi Ceviche is made up of Japanese yellowtail cured with citrus juices served with puffed tapioca, pea shoots, and picked radish. Lightly drizzled with parsley oil, this appetiser is light on the flavour, leaving you wanting more.

new eats steam room with the pillar and stones soap

In the Steamroom, sip brews at their optimum taste. Also, not forgetting the Stones, where you can appreciate artworks by aspiring artists.


new eats LUKA

Headed by Chef Takashi, this is one of the few places in Singapore that you can get Italian pizza made in authentic pizza ovens.

new eats LUKA pizza

If you have never been much of a fan of pizza, yet curious to taste authentic pizza in Singapore, opt for the Margherita woodfire pizza.

This no-fills pizza is made up of mainly dough, tomato paste, basil, and cheese. As it is served, notice the blisters on the crust— a tell-tale sign that the pizza was made in a pizza oven. Additionally, as you sink your teeth into a slice, note the smoky aroma that is not present in pizzas made in regular ovens.

3. Audace

new eats audace

Audace, short for “audacity”, is an invitation to explore tastes and discover flavors that push boundaries. Helmed by Michelin star-awarded chef Jeremy Gillon, this bar/restaurant aims to serve sensational French bistro fare with a modern twist.

If you ask me, a dish that best represents this place is the cucumber ice cream basil. Served with Brittany sable, strawberry fruit bell pepper, and passion jus, this dessert is a mix of flavors that is unique and refreshing.

From experience, I found out that the best way to enjoy this dessert? Have a little bit of everything with the ice cream!

4. Summerlong

new eats summerlong

Located along Robertson Quay, this haunt is the perfect spot to unwind after a long day. Bask in the casual Mediterranean beach-vibe environment, as the staff serve dishes with fresh ingredients and new flavours.

Enhance your beach experience with their selection of seafood. Their oysters are a favourite, and they are going for $6 a piece, no minimum order required.

5. Nesuto

new eats nesuto

Meaning “nest” in Japanese, this themed patisserie café revolves around the concept of nests and the use of eggs. Offering Japanese- French inspired creations, the desserts are light in texture and are not too heavy on the stomach.

For you first visit, I recommend trying their Yuzu Raspberry Cake. With a pillowy and fluffy texture, this Japanese sponge cake combines the sweetness of fresh raspberry slices with yuzu to form the perfect afternoon treat.

These are the places that we have discovered this month. If we have missed anything out, do let us know in the comments below!

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