From Taiwan to Singapore, Join the Kazo Kraze

You’ve probably seen the photos of Kazo’s Taiwanese confectionary on social media. From the colourful cheese tarts to the indulgent kazu kazus, each one looked more inviting than the next. Alright, maybe it is just me who is a glutton.

But I digress. When fans of the Taiwanese Bakery heard that they would be opening their franchise outlet here in Singapore, the news was met with much joy.

At Kazo, no two pastries are the same. They are all painstakingly handmade from the chefs who were trained in Taiwan, and made fresh daily. However, that is only the tip of the iceberg to the Kazo craze. Kazo sells confectionary that are light and fluffy, with luxuriously smooth filling. Here’s our verdict on their snacks.

Crispy Cream Puffs

One of the best sellers, these bite-sized bombshells fill you up with flavour from the first bite. This flaky pastry has a good filling to shell ratio, so you are greeted with a good mix of cream and shell.

If you ask me, this is one of the best confection to go all out on because of their small size. Available in Hokkaido cream, chocolate, matcha, and durain, I would recommend getting all 4 fillings to get the best of all the flavours.

Kazu Kazu

If you thought the name “Kazo” sounded vaguely familiar, it is because they are named after this snack. The kazu kazus here are all different from each other, as the almonds on the outer crust are pressed by hand onto the surface of the kazu kazus.

At the first bite, I was greeted with a very nice, crunchy texture of the outer shell. As for the cream, it was light and fluffy, which made it go very well with the outer shell of the kazu kazu. This made it very enjoyable, as the light cream did not sit too heavy on the stomach, giving me more room for another kazu kazu stick. Or maybe three.

Danish Polo

One of their classics, their Danish Polos carries a unique twist. Aside from the regular Danish skin, these ones here have a “bo luo” skin on the outermost surface. This means that you get to indulge in the crumbly, crispy skin of the bo luo, before getting to the more moist interior of the confectionary. Two thumbs up for the great execution, as I really enjoyed the skin of the bo luo complimenting the “Western” interior of the polo.

In addition, Kazo offers the option for ice cream polos. They are reminiscent of the traditional ice cream sandwiches that the ice cream uncles sell. Two scoops of ice cream sandwiched in a bun. Love ‘em!

Cheese Tarts

The cheese tarts here will appeal to you if you are into something more full-bodied and heavier in flavour. According to Kyenne, the general manager of Kazo, the cheese tarts are made with different kinds of cheese to help balance and leave out the sourness iconic in most cheese tarts.

What I found particularly enjoyable, aside from the rich cheese filling was the tart itself. It was firm, yet soft to the bite. Another plus was that the tarts here are larger than most in the market, so you get more of cheesy goodness with each serving. What’s there not to love?


** Each pastry is available in Hokkaido cream, Chocolate, and Matcha flavours unless otherwise stated.

Kazoman Drinks

Apart from pastries, Kazo also sells beverages that are prepared in house daily. I preferred the Kazoman Matcha, as it was light on the palette yet flavourful. On the other hand, the Kazoman Soya Bean isn’t really for me, as I felt that it was not sweet enough. But I suppose this is a good beverage for those who want something to balance out the sweetness of the pastries.

Chinese New Year Promo

Kazo is having a Chinese New Year promotion for Danish polos and kazu kazus. Check out their Facebook for more information! Happy snacking!

Chinatown Point, #01-30
133 New Bridge Road, Singapore


*This is a sponsored post (Thanks for the food Kazo!)

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