Here’s A Tip: Go to Light to Night Festival on an Empty Stomach

R and I were at the Light to Night Festival. He was famished, whereas I was less hungry. As we pondered over our options, I regretted not being there with an emptier stomach. There was simply so much to see, so much to taste.

Nevertheless, R went ahead and ordered whatever piqued his fancy, and I mine, and here are some of our favourites of the night, rated by how much “free space” one has in his stomach of course!

Hyde & Co.


Since it was approaching dinner time, the mains at Hyde & Co. caught my eye. Going by an Asian fusion concept (like Jekyll and Hyde, as Derrick the owner references), this stall sold the best of both worlds by interchanging Asian and Western culinary techniques.

For my main, I had chilli crab pasta, which was the perfect heartwarming meal for any day. The pasta had a nice chewy snap to it, without being over or under-cooked. The sauce was just the right amount of spicy, making for a really flavourful chilli crab.

I figured why not go with a set meal, so I ordered truffle fries along with my meal, and that was one of the best decisions that I’ve made.  The fries were the perfect blend of crispy and starchy, resulting in a light snack that was not at all heavy on the palette.

For dessert, I got a cup of Spanish fried milk with matcha sauce. I had never tried fried milk and the concept blew me away. It was like having custard in your mouth, but creamier, milkier, and coated with a layer of fried skin. According to the chef, prep takes almost an entire day before they are ready to go, but I think the time is entirely worth it. No amount of describing would do this delectable snack justice–  you have really got to try it to believe it.

Last but not least, I had a royal milk tea with pearls to wrap up my meal. The “royal” in the name was no joke. Something about sipping that cup of Earl Grey on a full stomach really made me feel like royalty. The tea was flavourful, not too thick, yet not diluted. It is unlike any other Earl Grey that I’ve tried in Singapore. In a British accent, “Excuse me, may I get another cuppa please?”

Carrot Cubes

Feelin’ Peckish

Founded last year, Carrot Cubes is another fusion concept stall. Carrot Cubes focuses on the fusion of traditional and modern, by introducing flavours such as Bacon and Cubes. R and I went with the Hottie Carrot Cake (garlic, preserved turnip, thai chilli, egg, dried shrimp, spring onion) and Bacon and Cubes (garlic, preserved turnip, bacon, carrot, spring onion).

The Hottie Carrot Cake tasted pretty much like regular chilli carrot cake, but maybe  a touch less oily.

The Bacon and Cubes was what stole my heart. I loved how each spoonful had bacon to it, and the texture of the bacon complemented the soft carrot cakes perfectly. On top of that, adding bacon gave the dish a saltiness that you cannot really achieve with regular chye poh, and that was what made every spoonful of the dish memorable for me.

Easy Eggs

Craving the Munchies

Egg is such a common thing, yet not many F&B places specialise in it, which was why the founders behind decided to roll with an egg-themed menu. It was EGGciting, really, as someone who loves eggs to watch the cook prepare different variations of eggs to serve to customers at the fair.

A snack that most people went for was the mentaiko eggs. The creamy mentaiko was generously slathered on top of the dish. And as a finishing touch, the chef torches it to give the eggs a smoky texture. A bite of it had me hooked, and R watched in resignation as I polished off most of the snack in under a minute. Despite the fact that it comes in bite-sized portions for sharing, I would recommend getting one for yourself for you to truly appreciate the complex taste of this simple dish.

Twenty Grammes


After all that much food, we thought a drink would help, and the Strawberry Green Tea provided just the fix! It was light as a summer’s breeze, with enough of a hint of strawberry to go with the green tea.

The Bulb Station

Having a thirst

Drinks served in a lightbulb added a novel complement to the night lights at the Lights to Night Festival. Here, I went with the Thai Milk Tea and Fruity Rainbow Soda.

The Thai Milk Tea seemed to lack a certain kick. It tasted somewhat lacklustre and was an uneventful experience. The Fruity Rainbow Soda, in contrast, had an awesome zest to it, and the crushed ice added a fun touch to it. What it basically was is a mixture of all their fruit flavoured sodas together, topped with crushed ice. Much like your 7-11 slurpee, but with a melodious medley of fruit flavours with every sip.


The Art X Social corner at the Lights to Night Festival was well-spaced out, with ample seats and tables for visitors to enjoy their meal throughout the night. Overall, there was a good organisation, which made it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience. Until next time, Lights to Night Festival!


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