Lobster Claw Meat In Every Roll, Plans To Open More Locations Island wide

Chunky Lobsters

Look out for this new building called Oxley Tower along Robinson Road. Skidaddle over to the 2nd floor and you’ll find Chunky Lobsters. Chunky Lobsters is a small eatery but they’re HUGE in popularity with the office people over at the CBD. Expect an average waiting time of 15 to 20 minutes.

The Food

As their name suggests, Chunky Lobsters specializes in lobster rolls. The beauty of their menu is in its simplicity. You only have three different main product offerings to choose from. Also, all of their lobsters are imported all the way from Canada and flown in once a month. These lobsters are then stored in a cold room at -18 Degrees Celsius and delivered to their store 1 to 3 times a week to ensure customers have the freshest lobster experience.

Top up $0.90 cents for a drink with any purchase of their lobster rolls or add $3.90 for a drink and a bowl of lobster bisque!

Oh, and each serving comes with 3 generous rolls of sweet, juicy lobster claws. Need I say more?

Chunky’s Original, $16

For a true lobster experience at Chunky Lobsters, the Chunky’s Original is something not to be missed. The sweet lobster meat is met with a touch of mayo, lemon and something a little extra. I couldn’t really place my finger on it, but when I tried to get them to reveal the ingredients I was met with red tape.

Chunky’s Connecticut, $16

Alternatively, for the same price, you can opt for something more buttery to go with the sweetness of the lobster rolls. Slightly salty and sweet, each roll is pure joy and before you know it, it’s all gone!

Chunky’s Cheezy, $16

This is my favourite and for good reason. I mean, who doesn’t like cheese? (Unless you’re lactose intolerant, then I offer my sincere condolences) They use 4 different types of cheeses that results in a nice stretchy cheese that taste great and makes for a good insta story too!

Lobster Bisque, $3.90

It’s going to come in a small little cup so don’t look disappointed when you receive it (I might have looked a little sad). Taste wise, you have your distinct and wonderfully sweet crustacean flavors swimming around in the little bowl but it felt a tad lighter than the usual explosion of flavors I’m used to when it comes a crab or lobster bisque. Still, $3.90. I’ll drink one of those everyday if I could.

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

You’ll probably need to have your cholesterol levels checked if you eat this everyday but it’s a definite YES from me. There’s probably nowhere else in Singapore where you can find lobster rolls at such low prices.

If Robinson Road is too far for that Lobster craving, catch them at Singapore Garden Festival 2018 from 21st July to 3rd August 2018 @ Gardens By The Bay. They’re going to be one of the food vendors there and YOU CAN EXPECT A QUEUE for sure!


Chunky Lobsters
138 Robinson Road
#02-03 Oxley Tower
Singapore 086906
Tel: 9007 6467

GREAT NEWS! Chunky Lobsters will be expanding to these places in the 3rd quarter of the year (follow our socials for more details)

The Cathay (Chunky Lobsters)

China Square (spin off as Chunky Crabs)


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