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The Market Grill – An American Diner That Serves Amazing Wagyu Steaks And Super Fresh Lobster

James Chan

The Market Grill

The Market Grill might be familiar to many along Telok Ayer Street as they’ve been around for many years. Meaning, they’re definitely doing something right. Designed like an “All American Diner”, The Market Grill exudes a casual atmosphere that serves honest and generous portions of food.

the market grill interior

The Food

The secret behind their success? Definitely their charbroiler that utilizes charcoal to grill their meats. This gives their awesome wagyu steaks that nice smoky flavour and locks in the juiciness of the meat while possessing a well-cooked crusty exterior.

the market grill farmers hash

Farmer’s Hash, $24

Sweet Potato, Potato, Farmer’s Sausage, Caramelized Onion, Beans And Poached Egg.

The egg was beautifully cooked and after bursting that yolk, all that creamy goodness just spread out evenly throughout the dish. The portion was extremely generous but I honestly feel the price is a little steep, just a little.

 the market grill lobster benedict

Lobster Benedict, $32 / Salmon Benedict, $18

Poached Eggs, Hollandaise Sauce, Capers, Mixed Salad And House Dressing

THEY USE REAL LOBSTER MEAT! And it’s super sweet and fresh too! For $32? Now this is definitely value-for-money.

For its Salmon counterpart, they cure the salmon in house. This results in a less salty smoked salmon compared to what’s readily available in the market.

the market grill lobster roll

Lobster Roll, $52

Whole Lobster Deshelled with herbed pommery mayo mounted on a toasted brioche roll, topped with tobiko

This is definitely one of the stars of The Market Grill. They use a super fresh 500g (on average) whole lobster. The tobiko gives an added texture and there’s hints of mustard in every bite.

I’m also told that when it comes to lobster rolls, The Market Grill are the pioneers in Singapore and seeing as how long they’ve been around, I believe them.

Wagyu Tri Tip 200g / 300g , $49 / $65

Grain fed. Red Wine Jus Served With Onion Confit And Mash Potato

Their meats are all imported from Australia and definitely a MUST TRY. It’s so juicy and tender that you can even eat it without the red wine sauce! (Of course, with the red wine sauce, it just elevated the awesomeness of this dish). Like I mentioned above, the trick is their charbroil grill.

the market grill charbroil grill

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Yes for two reasons. The lobster and the steak. They’re reasonably priced for premium ingredients (especially that live lobster) and they taste so damn good! I would come back over and over again for sure!




The Market Grill
208 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068642
Tel: 6221 3323


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Free Burgers at 4th of July Party 


Mention 4th of july and 2 things come to mind. Fireworks and BBQ. While we may not have fireworks here in Singapore to celebrate America’s independence day, the free Wagyu burgers at Adrift by David Myers will make up for it.

Adrift by David Myers burgers

To celebrate like the Americans, or if you simply love the quinessential American food – burgers, head down to the restaurant which is located at Marina Bay Sands and you get your burger for free with the purchase of your first drink. If you want more American goodies, they even have a menu just for the 4th of July which includes BBQ Pork Ribs, Brisket and Pecan Pie. So while you are there, don’t forget to try some of the American classics!

Working all day? Don’t worry, they are opened till 2am so you can always drop by once you have clocked out. There will be plenty of American spirits and cocktails to keep the party going, so grab your friends and head down to have some fun!

Adrift by David Myers drinks

Adrift by David Myers
When: 12pm 4 July 2017 to 2am 5 July 2017
Where: Adrift by David Myers, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
To make reservations call 6688 5657

For more details and for their 4th of July menu, head over to their Facebook event here.


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