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Little Creatures Opens Up A Branch In Singapore And People Are Going Crazy Over It

James Chan

Little Creatures Singapore

Based in Fremantle, Western Australia, Little Creatures has opened a brewpub right here in Singapore! Having done my degree in Perth, I was pretty stoked when I heard the news.

If you want a table, you’ll have to book early because this place is gaining popularity day after day and you can expect it to be crowded.

little creatures brewery

The Food

Similar to its Perth branch, Little Creatures Singapore brews and serves their beers on site. You can even ask for a quick guided tour if you like (if they’re not too busy). They have nine beers on tap featuring crowd favorites like Pale Ale, Bright Ale, Pilsner, IPA and Rogers.

For the food, the prices might be a little steep but there’s no denying that their dishes taste pretty darn good (as you’ll understand after reading on).

little creatures mushroom risotto

Mushroom Risotto, $25

Wild Mushroom, Onion, White Wine, Parmesan Cheese

Might not look like much but this dish definitely packs a punch with regards to flavor. The risotto was perfectly cooked, not too soggy nor too hard and each individual grain was chocked full of a rich mushroom taste.

little creatures beef burger

Beef Burger, $28

Caramelized Onions, Bacon, Tomato, Cheddar, Fries and Smoked Paprika Mayonnaise

Don’t overthink this. It is as advertised. There’s nothing special about this other than the Paprika Mayonnaise which leaves a nice lingering spicy aftertaste. The beef was just a tad over cooked though but the tomatoes and bacon fat made up for that dryness.

little creatures fish and chips

Fish & Chips, $26

Tartare Sauce and Lemon

When it arrived, it smelled extremely fishy but be prepared for a big surprise when you take a bite as there was practically no lingering fish taste. The batter they use for the fish is also very light and crispy. My only gripe about this dish is that the tartare sauce might be a little too sweet.

little creatures magarita pizza

Magarita Pizza, $22

Sundried Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil

If they had Pepperoni, I would have ordered Pepperoni but alas, it’s not on the menu. No regrets though as this was my FAVORITE dish of the night. Maybe it’s just me but I felt that the sundried tomatoes had a bite of spiciness to them. The best thing? That light and tasty pizza crust. I could eat two of these babies with no problem.

little creatures pork belly

Pork Belly, $27

Pork Crackling, Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

Super tender pieces of meat combined with melt-in-your-mouth fats and crispy skin. Wow. Sounds like a great combination but wait, there’s more! There are a couple of strategically placed pork crackling pieces here and there which makes this dish really irresistible. Perfect with any of their beers too!

little creatures singapore

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I’m a little divided on this one. On one hand, the food and beer is good but it is a little pricey. It’s not economical to be coming back every other day but good for special occasions for sure. If you’re there “just for the alcohol”, that works too!


Little Creatures Singapore
Mohamed Ali Lane
36 Club Street, Singapore 069469
Tel : 6239 0350


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated


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Cheek By Jowl, a Star has been Born

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton (31/7 – 6/8)

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Cheek By Jowl

The Michelin craze seems to be diminishing a tad but that didn’t stop us from hitting yet another Michelin joint last week!

Cheek By Jowl won itself the prestigious Michelin Star this year and we were curious to see what Head Chef Rishi Naleendra was concocting in the kitchen.

Cheek By Jowl Chefs

We made our lunch reservations one week prior to our visit (you know the whole deal with Michelin joints and their popularity). Take a leaf from our book and do that too, trust!

The Food

Cheek By Jowl Menu

I was pleasantly surprised by the dishes that were presented to us over the 5 course ($58++) set lunch menu. Most of the dishes were not off the menu and creations that Head Chef Rishi Naleendra whipped up on the spot! And boy, are they really creative dishes!

Bread Balls with a 14-Month Aged Cheese Dip

Cheek By Jowl Bread Balls with 14 month aged cheese

Bread Balls with 14 month aged cheese

For a cheese that’s been aged for 14 months, you’d expect an extremely strong (and eye-watering) cheese flavor. Instead, it was creamy and mildly sweet. A great dish to whet your appetite indeed!

Smoked Quail with Chestnut Puree, Pickled Apple, Fresh Mint, Mushroom and Cep Crumble

Cheek By Jowl Smoked Quail with Chestnut Puree, Pickled Apple, Fresh Mint, Mushroom and Cep Crumble

Smoked Quail with Chestnut Puree, Pickled Apple, Fresh Mint, Mushroom and Cep Crumble

Wow that’s a mouthful to say out loud. Anyhoo, I’ve mentioned this before in previous articles but Quail is a tricky meat to work with. It has a higher probability of going south than most meats or poultry. Fret not, it’s perfectly cooked at Cheek by Jowl.

The Chesnut Puree accentuates the sweetness of the Quail and it doesn’t stop there. The pickled apple provide a refreshing burst of sweet & sour notes that makes this dish extremely appetizing. For added texture, the slightly sour crumble gives that extra crunch and a definite deal sealer for me.

Pan Seared Barramundi with Wakame Puree, Broccoli stems and Pickled Onion

Cheek By Jowl Pan Seared Barramundi with Wakame Puree, Broccoli stems and Pickled Onion

Pan Seared Barramundi with Wakame Puree, Broccoli stems and Pickled Onion

Fresh Barramundi, Check

Oh so sweet Wakame (seaweed) puree, Check

Broccoli Stems for a mash up of different textures, Check but honestly a little redundant in my opinion. Every dish has a vegetable element though so I guess this had to be part of the dish.

Pickled Onion for that slightly sweet and sour flavors to balance out the puree, Check

This dish is a recipe for success. The Barramundi was so fresh, any fresher and you’d have to catch it yourself!

Lamb with Eggplant puree and artichoke

Cheek By Jowl Lamb with Eggplant puree and artichoke

Lamb with Eggplant puree and artichoke

I noticed another trend by the time this dish was served – Every course that came out of the kitchen usually comes with a puree. Not a complaint though, just an observation. The purees are amazing if you ask me.

Needless to say the Lamb was perfectly cooked. Lamb has very rich flavors and it’s not for everyone but at Cheek By Jowl, you won’t have to worry about that with its brilliant pairing with eggplant puree! A pretty darn good combination!

There were more dishes but these were the ones that worked for me. Also, the portions might seem small but don’t be fooled because you’ll be full (was that bad?) at the end of the meal.

Make your reservations online HERE!

Cheek by Jowl
Address: 21 Boon Tat Street
Tel: +65 6221 1911

*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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