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The Weekly Glutton (25/9 – 02/10)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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barashi-tei japanese food


Side note, The Mbassadors was at Selegie this afternoon printing new namecards. (We’ll post a picture of it in our socials as soon as they’re printed, fret not) We happened to chance upon this Japanese restaurant after we were done.

We were drawn to it based off their affordable set lunch offerings they had on the menu. Not that we’re cheap but we did fork out a considerable amount of money for the namecards (to be fair).

barashi tei decor

First off, it was lunch time and there was literally no one in the restaurant (always a bad sign if you ask me). Next, the level of English proficiency the waitress possessed mirrored that of a barbarian (she didn’t even understand the word menu) and lastly the food. Let’s just say I usually finish my food unless its relatively bad. Today, I didn’t finish my food so go figure.

They do have a couple of saving graces though. Mainly their affordability and the Spicy Salmon Maki.

Salmon Sashimi & Beef, $10.80

barashi tei salmon sashimi and beef bento

They gave really thick slices of Salmon Sashimi, which is a plus. However, the beef was overcooked and don’t get me started on the rice. (Who ****s up rice?)

If you’re a foodie, this dish was cringe-worthy but if you’re there just to fill your stomach then you’ve come to the right place. I on the other hand, am the latter.

 Chicken Katsu Curry, $8.80

barashi-tei chicken katsu curry

Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet and Curry with Rice

Three elements to the dish; Curry, Chicken Cutlet and the rice. Curry was decent, nothing special to mention here. The Chicken Cutlet was crispy, tender and went well with the curry. Expectations for this dish were high as the waitress placed this huge plate on our table. However, yet again, THE RICE.

Pretty worth it for $8.80 though.

Spicy Salmon Maki, $14.80

barashi-tei spicy salmon maki

Crispy Tempura Prawn, Broiled Salmon with Special Spicy Sauce

It’s unanimous that this was the dish that stole our hearts. You’ve got crowd favorites – Salmon and Tempura Prawn all in one dish for the price of $14.80! Win!

The spicy sauce could have been a tad spicier though. Other than that, I have no complaints.

Okay, dishes aside, I was tempted to write a glowing review but with all the flak food bloggers are getting about giving highly exaggerated reviews because they’re sponsored, I figured “Honesty is the best policy” Over here at The Mbassadors, we honest af.

barashi-tei menu

 Address: 266 Middle Road, Elias Building
Singapore 188991
Tel:  6837 0506
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11.00am-3.00pm, 6.00pm-2.00am,
Sun 11.00am-3.00pm, 6.00pm-10.00pm

*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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