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Alakai poke bowls

Alakai Poke

Poke bowls, you say? Shops offering Poke have been the all rage in Singapore lately, with even more such restaurants popping up! Poke (pronounced po-kay) is a traditional Hawaiian dish typically made with cubed raw fish, sauces, garnish and seasoning. Born and raised in Hawaii, Chef and Founder Lon is behind the up and coming Alakai, one of the new kids on the block.


Alakai prides themselves on their raw fish. Lon personally picks out the best fish from their supplier every morning. To maintain the freshness of the meat, the dish is assembled to order, unlike other Poke places where the dish is already combined and on display.

Pick from 5 different Poke protein options, two of which are Vegeterian/Vegan friendly! You could get ‘Ahi Tuna(Yellowfin Tuna), Norwegian Salmon, a mix of the two, gently poached Prawns or smooth Silky Tofu!

Alakai also offers 5 different Poke flavours to suit your tastebuds: House, Shoyu, K-Mayo, Tahitian and Spicy Thai.

We had a go at the House and Tahitian sauces. If you prefer a clean taste which highlights the quality of the fish, then the house sauce is for you. The Tahitian sauce-a mix of tropical coconut and lime, is a different kind of excitement with unique flavours that are strong and refreshing! They also have seasonal flavours so do look out for those!

Alakai interior


Lon wanted to bring a part of Hawaii bere with him as he moved back to Singapore to be closer to family. The name Alakai means “the path to the sea” as in Hawaiian, Ala is path and Kai is sea, so be prepared to be transported into a “mini Hawaii”, where Poke originated from, as you enter the restaurant! The restaurant exudes a calm and relaxing vibe reminding you of the seaside vibes you get by the Hawaiian beaches. Do remember to look out for the cute paintings of Hawaiian fish that add an extra touch to the entire restaurant!


Lon wanted to add a different spin to the dish, so he came up with an idea that draws influence from the Singaporean half of his heritage: Poke Plates! Apart from Poke, you may build your own Poke Plate adding up to 3 sides, a base and additional toppings. Choose from a variety of sides like Alakai’s Potato Mac Salad, Carrot Meli-Meli(Carrots glazed with Honey and Coriander), Cucumber Kimchi, Tomato-ogo Namasu(Fresh tomatoes with seaweed marinated in a Japanese vinegar blend), or Pineapple Pacari(sweet and sour pineapple).

Base comes in the form of carbs, with choices such as White Rice, Brown Rice, Hapa Rice(mix of brown and white rice) or Salad Greens.

If you’re a first timer, you can pick a recommended Poke Plate Combo off the menu! We tried the Potato Mac Salad, Cucumber Kimchi and Pineapple Pacari. Despite all of them having distinct flavours, they complemented one another and the Poke really well! It was a really unique experience!

Alakai doughnuts


Here’s a secret. Not many people know about this but Alakai serves dessert too!

The Showstopper. The One. The Only.

The Malasada.

Lon took 4 years to perfect his own version of the Portuguese doughnut as he didn’t want it to be as dense as the original. All we can say is that those 4 years were worth every single second. The doughnut, freshly fried to order, was warm, light, airy and really fluffy. Don’t be fooled by it’s simple appearance, this doughnut is a winner!

Despite being coated in sugar, the warm doughnut isn’t too sweet and we’re sure people who don’t have a sweet tooth would fall head over heels for it as well, leaving you wanting more. Do take note though, the Malasada is only available on Fridays and Saturdays so be sure to visit on either of these days if you don’t want to miss this gem! Highly recommended.

Alakai presentation

Complete experience:

What really completes the experience at Alakai is their customer service. The staff are attentive, kind and friendly, checking in on you every once in a while, asking about the food and making sure you’re good. There’s also a self order kiosk for you to help yourself if there are others ahead of you in the queue and you don’t feel like waiting! Feel free to ask for recommendations from the menu if you’re a first timer with Poke Plates!

We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Alakai and we hope you do too when you go down!

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Alakai storefront

Alakai Poke
Address: 3 Everton Park #01-79
Singapore 080003
Tel: 6904 4957
Opening Hours: 11.30am- 8.30pm


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