Chang Sensory Trails


When I first heard about the Chang Sensory Trails Event, I was quite skeptical about it. Most free events I attended in Singapore have been very crowded or poorly managed to say the least. Anyway, The Mbassadors decided to cover this event last Saturday and I drew the short straw. My thoughts are as follows.

About the Event

Chang Sensory Trails is a global event where you can sample delicious Thai food while enjoying refreshing Thai lager from Chang.

This year, the event took off in London during the month of April. It then moved to San Francisco in May and finally,  Singapore being its last stop. Unfortunately for those who missed it, the event took place exclusively during that one weekend (Fri 7 Jul – Sat 8 Jul, 4 PM till late).

Chang Sensory Trails scenery

A scenic spot to chug beer


Singapore’s Chang Sensory Trails was organized at the Promontory next to the Marina Bay Financial Center. The open space overlooks Marina Bay and and Esplanade, a perfect spot to chug on beer indeed. It’s also a great location to catch the National Day Parade rehearsal and if you’re lucky, fireworks too!

The decorations and props were predominantly green and white, the corporate colors of Chang Beer (obviously). I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the effort that went into creating the ambience.

Surprisingly, it was not as crowded as most free events we had been to. To top it off, the weather was very nice. It drizzled a bit at the beginning but the staff helped open a big umbrella for us. That was really nice of them!

Chang Sensory Trails the food

Gang Hang Lay


There were 12 stalls from top Thai restaurants gracing the event. Two dishes which stood out in our view were Pork Neck Panang Curry from Tamarind Hill and Moo Ping (Grilled Pork) from Nara Thai.

Chang Sensory Trails grilled pork

Moo Ping ( grilled pork )

We also enjoyed the Chiang Mai Larp from Long Chim but it could be a bit spicy for people who are not well acquainted with spicy foods.

Gang Hang Lay Moo (pork belly curry) from the Thai Society was a bit of a letdown. While this Northern Thai curry was tasty and authentic, the bread served with it was a bit hard. It would have been better if it were served with hot sticky rice just like in Thailand.

Chiang Man Bites from Long Tail which included Sai-Uo (Northen Thai styled sausage, pork rind and Nam Prik Num (grilled chili dipping) was also commendable. Overall, we enjoyed the food here. The only drawback was that food options were not vegetarian-friendly.

Chang Sensory Trails the bar

Chang beer, quality beer as usual


Chang Beer is nice and refreshing as usual, or maybe I’m just biased since I’m Thai. They sold 4 PLASTIC cups for 20 dollars. Individually, you’d pay 6 dollars per cup. We’d say that it was a very good deal for beer drinkers in Singapore.

Chang Sensory Trails O.K Ready band

Live performance by O.K. Ready

Live Music

We came early so we had the privilege of getting a table relatively near to the stage. The band jamming their set at that time was called O.K Ready. They had a nice selection of songs lined up and their music was pleasant to my ears. Two thumbs up to O.K Ready for making the event an enjoyable one.


We cannot praise this event enough. Good food, cheap beer (that taste great!) and awesome live music. What more can we ask for? We hope Chang Sensory Trails will return again next year to Singapore. Better yet, make it a regular event! We will not hesitate to be frequent patrons.