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Thai Goldmine Kitchen – Feast Like A King At Un-Kingly Prices

James Chan

Thai Goldmine Kitchen

If you’re in the Boon Keng/Farrer Park area during lunch hour on a weekday, let me please direct you to Thai Goldmine Kitchen, a place that serves some authentic and the most important of all, TASTY, Thai food!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen has the potential to join the ranks of famous and well-established Thai eateries in Singapore (perhaps even overtaking them). The secret lies in the food.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen the food

The Food

There’s really a wide variety of dishes to choose from at Thai Goldmine Kitchen. If you go at lunchtime, there are some dishes that are served in smaller portions (and cheaper of course) for that quick office lunch.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen Mee Pok

Sukhothai Mee Pok, $7

This is a dish you won’t find this readily available in Singapore. It’s origins come from Thai roadside stores but it’s been tweaked to cater to the local Singaporean palate (hence the mee pok).

It’s a very sweet dish so if you don’t have a sweet tooth, let them know you don’t want the sweet chilli when you order.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen Prawn Cakes

Prawn Cakes, $10 for 4 pieces

At $2.50 per piece, you get a generous amount of fried mince prawns that are made upon order. That crispy exterior and fresh, soft interior makes this dish a MUST TRY!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen Tom Yum Soup

Charcoal Pot Cear Tom Yum Seafood Soup, $18

What’s a thai place without Tom Yum soup am I right? The amount of fresh ingredients they chuck into one pot of soup is more than welcomed. The best part? The soup is refillable (not for the lunch sized option). That iconic sourness of tom yum is great to cleanse your palate and I found myself constantly sipping this soup!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen green curry chicken

Green Curry Chicken, $7

Another popular item is the Green Curry Chicken. Tender chicken, slightly spicy green curry and a strong coconut milk aftertaste. Goes very well with a bowl of rice and definitely fills you up!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen teochew pig trotters

Thai Teochew Pig Trotters, $10

This dish is Thai Goldmine Kitchen’s Chef’s Signature dish and if it’s your first visit, you HAVE to order this. The tender pork that has absorbed the light vinegar sauce is amazing. I must point out that this is an EXTREMELY unhealthy dish but damn shiok la.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen yellow curry prawn

Fried Yellow Curry Prawn, $10

Expect slightly sweet notes and humongous prawns with this one. The eggs give this dish a nice creamy and rich texture too!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen is it worth it

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Go in groups of 3 or 4 so you can have a wide variety of dishes at a fraction of the price. The portions are really generous at Thai Goldmine Kitchen so it’s a YES from me. However, if you’re going solo, the lunch menu will fit right up your alley.


Thai Goldmine Kitchen
147 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208524
Tel : 6909 2020


*This was a sponsored post (Thanks for the food Thai Goldmine Kitchen!)


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I often go to Orchard Road to shop, eat, watch a movie or meet with friends over a cup of coffee. And if you love Japanese food like me, you will know that there are a plethora of good Japanese restaurants around Orchard Road to choose from. Today, I’m going to talk about one Japanese restaurant which is quite affordable and serves good quality Japanese food – Yayoi.

Yayoi serves teishoku or set meals with prices ranging from $10 to $20++. Yayoi has 5 branches in Singapore but the branch I am going to recommend today is at the one at Somerset 313. You can find the restaurant located just side-by-side with MK Suki, a popular Thai hot pot restaurant on B3.

Another unique point of Yayoi is that you place an order through an iPad, which is mounted at each table. After ordering, you can monitor the status of your dish whether it is being prepared or has been served. This reduces the number of staff in the restaurant to just a few waiters and cashiers.

I have eaten at Yayoi several times. The food has been consistently good and the price is not high like most good Japanese restaurants in Singapore. I personally like the mix teishoku (fried pork cutlet and breaded prawn with egg) and the pork hamburg set.

Shouga Nabe

Yesterday I ordered a special nabe set – Shouga Nabe (pork ginger hot pot served with fried white fish and rice). The soup was flavorful but not too salty. Succulent sliced pork and moist pork balls came along with the soup. A generous portion of fried white fish accompanied the set. Overall, I think it is a good deal for $18.9++.

In case you are around Orchard Road and are in the mood for Japanese food which does not break your bank, do give Yayoi a try.

313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895
Tel: (+65) 6884 7550
Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs from 11am -9.30pm  (Last Order 9.30pm)
Seating Capacity : 80


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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