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CasusGrill A Portable BBQ Pit That’s Ready To Cook In 5 Minutes – Available At Swiss Butchery

James Chan

Starting A Fire At A Barbeque

If there’s one thing I detest more than anything at a barbeque, it’s the starting of a fire. If you don’t understand the pain and suffering behind that statement, you’re definitely one of those people who specialize in eye power. Shame on you. For my more hands on brethren, it must be a real drag to look like someone who’s just come out of a coal mine at a barbeque party. Your hands are black, you’re literally sweating buckets and your arms feel like they’re about to fall off from coaxing the fire with a make-shift fan. Not the classiest of looks for ANY social event wouldn’t you agree?

CasusGrill Set up

Revolutionizing Barbeques With The CasusGrill

Enter the CasusGrill. A portable BBQ pit that can be set up and ready to cook in a mere 5 minutes! (Sans the coal miner look) How it works is really simple. You light up the four corners of the grill and just wait for the heat to spread throughout the whole grill. Amazing!

CasusGrill 5 minute bbq

What I Love About The CasusGrill

  • Portable, light and easy to carry around
  • I don’t have to get my hands dirty ever again with charcoal
  • It reaches optimum grilling temperature in a matter of minutes
  • A consistent, even temperature throughout the grill ensures that your food is not just delicious (no matter your culinary expertise) but evenly cooked as well and oh-so-tender
  • The whole grill is eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • You can set up a barbeque literally anywhere with no hassle at all

But there are obviously some aspects that I didn’t like as well

CasusGrill cons

Cons Of The CasusGrill

  • You have a relatively small surface area to cook on
  • If you cut your meat into small bits, they run the risk of falling through the gaps and onto the charcoal
  • It has a grilling lifespan of about 60 minutes and it’s gone from your life forever (okay that’s a tad dramatic)


CasusGrill bbq meat from Swiss Butchery

Where Can One Find The CasusGrill

Pop into ANY SWISS BUTCHERY outlet and you’ll find the super portable CasusGrill retailing at $18. I highly recommend their OP Ribs ($13/100grams) or their Ribeye ($7.80/100 grams). If you want to have the ultimate barbeque experience, Swiss Butchery even goes the extra mile and will age your meat for you FOR FREE! Happy eating!


Swiss Butchery Outlets
Swiss Butchery @ Tanglin, #01-02
56 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247964
Tel: 6235 8080
Swiss Butchery @ Greenwood
30 Greenwood Ave, Singapore 289230
Tel: 6468 7588
Swiss Butchery @ NTUC Finest Yew Tee, #10-01
61 Choa Chu Kang Drive, Singapore 689715
Tel: 9230 2201
Swiss Butchery @ NTUC Finest Bukit Panjang, #01-15/#02-20
1 Jelebi Road, Singapore 289230
Tel: 9837 6930
TMS @ Nothpoint City, #B2-103 to 107
1 Northpoint Drive, Singapore 768019
Tel: 8876 9011


TMS @ Hyper Sports Hub, #01-29
1 Stadium Place, Singapore 397628
Tel: 9752 6588


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Enjoy Authentic German Burgers At Picturesque Hans Im Glück

James Chan

Hans Im Glück

Hans Im Glück is a German Burger bar and a must visit for all you Instagram lovers because the place is so darn pretty! Following a consistent dreamy and foresty theme, they even went so far as to import their wood from Germany!

hans im gluck sauces

Located at the International Building, Hans Im Glück houses two areas. One for dining and the other for chugging them tasty cocktails (the bar). Both areas come with indoor and alfresco options.

The Food

The menu can be a little challenging for some (me included). Most of the items on the menu are German words and I had no inkling how to pronounce them. Stick to the good old “point and order”, you can’t go wrong there. That aside, even the menu is so pretty! It was designed like a fairy tale storybook that depicts the story of Hans and his eventful journey home.

At Hans Im Glück, on top of the usual Beef and Chicken Burgers, they have Vegan and Vegetarian Burgers too! These burgers come served from a choice of Sourdough Bun, Multigrain Bun or Naked (ironically this means it comes with no buns). Their buns are also produced by a local German Bakery by the way!

As for your sides, you can choose from Geleit (Mixed Salad), Krautknolle (German White Cabbage Salad), Fritten (Fries) or Susskartoffel-fritten (Sweet Potato Fries). I recommend the Krautknolle as it refreshes your palate with its sourness and makes every bite of your burger seem like a new one.

hans im gluck birkenwald

Birkenwald With Sourdough, $16

Beef and Mushroom Burger

You get the feeling that they’re all about enjoying food and also looking after your body. The Birkenwald is no exception with their Australian imported beef and contains 20% less fat than normal market standards. This is my favorite burger HANDS DOWN. You can never go wrong with beef and mushroom. Hans Im Glück ups their game by spreading that secret, slightly spicy, special sauce on the patty. I’m pretty sure there’s wasabi or mustard in there.

hans im gluck geselle

Geselle With Multigrain, $15

Chicken Breast And Bacon

I’ve always said that chicken breast is a hard meat to work with (literally). Just slightly overcooking it can make it dry and flaky. Fret not, the chicken here was tender and perfectly cooked. However, the bacon was just a tad dry. I don’t know about you but I can overlook the sinfulness of having bacon in my meal just because I ate this burger with the multigrain bun (and this is why I’m fat).

hans im gluck wolpertinger

Wolpertinger Naked, $15

Spicy Patty With Aged Cheddar And Avocado Cream

This is a vegetarian burger and I’m honestly surprised at how much I liked it. The spicy patty is only slightly spicy so don’t get your hopes up spice lovers. But, it works really well with the secret sauce (they have it in ALL of their burgers). I especially loved the avocado cream. It was cool, refreshingly sour and very tasty.

hans im gluck cocktails

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

You cannot find these German burgers ANYWHERE in Singapore. It’s a true German experience without having to leave the country! Hans Im Glück’s attention to detail is remarkable and burgers aside, they make some pretty great tasting cocktails too! Just remember to save yourself the embarrassment, point and order!

Till 5pm – Top up $5 for a hot/cold beverage and a side

From 5pm – Top up $15 for an alcoholic cocktail (yums) and a side


They have limited seating so I would suggest to make a reservation via CHOPE with the link below:



Hans Im Glück
International Building
362 Orchard Road
Singapore 238887
Tel: 9750 1488


#01-01 Republic Plaza
9 Raffles Place



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BPC Cafe – Home Cooked Meals Passed Down From Generation to Generation

James Chan

BPC Cafe

Run by two brothers with a strong passion for cooking, BPC Cafe recently opened for business earlier in 2018. They’re located at Burlington Square, where the competition for the office crowd and students from Laselle and SOTA is extremely strong.

BPC Cafe Storefront

So how have they survived thus far? The answer lies in their competitive pricing and of course their delicious rice bowls.

The Food

In a short interview with one of the brothers, Mr Vincent, I found out that BPC stands for Beef, Pork and Chicken. Which are the ingredients you’ll find in any of their dishes.

Similar to a Japanese fast food brand that specializes in rice bowls (not mentioning names here) BUT the difference here is, BPC Cafe’s bowls actually taste good! BPC’s rice bows allow one to reminisce about the joys of good old home cooking. Also, the recipes for these bowls are interestingly passed down from their mother and from watching her cook when they were younger. Trust me, when someone says that, expectations will be raised (like mine were).

BPC Cafe Black Pepper Beef Bowl

Black Pepper Beef Rice Bowl, $8.90

The beef was extremely tender and well marinated with slight sweet and spicy notes pleasantly enveloping your palate. Everything in the bowl has been well thought of. Personally, for me, I felt the portion was a little small though. But I’m a savage. This was definitely my personal favorite!

BPC Cafe Bulgogi Spicy Chicken

Bulgogi Spicy Chicken Rice Bowl, $7.90

The chicken wasn’t spicy! But they gave a generous amount of chicken though! It was tender, flavorful and I love how each individual ingredient works well together to create a wholesome and appealing dish. Oh and did you know that they make the kimchi in house?

BPC Cafe Crispy Pork Chop Nppdle

Crispy Pork Chop Noodle, $6.50

One of their new introductions to their existing menu. Looked a little plain to be honest but that pork chop, my goodness. For that price, it’s so much value! You get a crispy crust with tender meat and you’ll definitely feel full for sure. Even if you don’t, just order another one lah!


Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

For the price and the quality of food you get, I would give it a solid YES from me. Everything I ordered was delicious! Remember how at the start of this article I said my expectations were raised because Mr Vincent told me all his dishes were from recipes passed on to him from his mother? Let’s just say my expectations were well met.


BPC Cafe
Burlington Square #01-57
175 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 0189649
Tel: 6732 1473


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The Weekly Glutton (20/3 – 26/3)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Chicken may be the cheapest and most common meat dish available here in Singapore and it’s due to its common-ness / commonality that most chicken dishes here are sub-standard.

“God, that chicken was dry”

“It was overcooked”

“The chicken was too tough”

Vaguely familiar? Let’s not get me started. I’ve even ate a chicken at… (can’t mention names) and it literally felt like powder in my mouth.

Things are a little different at Meet though.

The first time I went there, I avoided the Chicken like a plague due to bad experiences with other establishments but my buddy let me in on a bite and WOW! I’ve since went back twice and ordered the chicken both times.

Pop by over the weekday during lunch, you can get a Roast Chicken Lunch Special for $9.80 (before tax) and it’s accompanied by a pretty darn fluffy mashed potato. Not going during lunch time? Don’t worry! I think the $18 price tag for the meal is pretty worth it too.

weekly glutton mashed potatoes

I can’t speak for the other dishes though as I haven’t had the chance to try them (I even forgot what I ate the first time, I think it was the Pulled Beef Bourguignon). Meet’s supposed to be a Japanese/French fusion restaurant but honestly, I don’t see or feel it. The chicken serves as a pretty good distraction if anything.

weekly glutton chicken

180 Kitchener Road
#02-37/38 City Square Mall
Singapore 208539
Check out their website here !!!!


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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