Non-Dairy Ice Creams are a Thing?

Pei Xia Ang

Just in time for the summer, Ben and Jerry’s recently released a new line of non-dairy ice cream. I was pretty aghast when I first caught wind of it. How can non-dairy ice-cream ever replace the creamy taste of regular ice-cream?

BUT , before you brush it off, dairy free ice cream should be a godsend for those lactose intolerant individuals and vegans in the community. Non-diary means less calories too so definitely one for the weight watchers.

non-dairy ice cream ben and jerrys free cone day

1. Ben and Jerry’s

In the local context, we only think of Ben and Jerry’s when it comes to Free Cone Day (or at least that’s for me).

Aside from that though, Ben and Jerry’s is a brand that aims to “make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way” through the use of non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients, Fairtrade cocoa, and eggs from cage free hens.

non-dairy ice cream ben and jerrys

Sample their new line of non-dairy ice creams with classic options like Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

For something new, the Coconut 7 Layer Bar sounds interesting, made up of fudge chunks, walnuts, and caramel.

non-dairy ice cream nada moo

2. Nada Moo

Nada in spanish translates to “zero”. So Nada Moo loosely translated would mean “no cow”. A pretty smart way to give themselves a brand name.

Their ice creams are pretty creamy, considering that it is dairy-free. Ice creams are low in sugar too, and no artificial sweeteners are used. For just 120 calories per serving, this is the ice cream your stomach can handle regularly.

Something for all is the Birthday Cake Cookie Dough ice cream. Cookie dough and frosted yellow cake topped with generous amounts of colorful sprinkles, this pint of ice cream may seem like a guilty snacking pleasure but wait for it, it’s only under 200 calories!!!!!

non-dairy ice cream talenti

3. Talenti

Talenti has always had Sorbetto ice cream which are non-dairy in nature. However, these Sorbettos were mostly fruit- flavored only.

Recently, they unveiled the Peanut Butter Fudge Sorbetto, a decadent treat for lovers of peanut butter and fudge. Rich and creamy, this ice cream is not only dairy free, but also gluten free, vegetarian, and kosher.

non-dairy ice cream so delicious

4. So Delicious

Ice cream by So Delicious are made with organic ingredients whenever possible. The ingredients are plant-based resulting in cholesterol-free ice cream.

To protect the environment, recycled paperboard cartons are used to package some of their products like the frozen dessert bars and sandwiches.

There are many flavors they have on offer, but there is only one which I want to highlight – The Dark Chocolate Truffle. As a replacement for regular milk, cashew milk is used as a base. Cashew milk is lower in fat content than other nuts, so eat away!!! It’s a good balance with all the chocolatey goodness packed inside it – Fairtrade cocoa, fudge and shaved chocolate bits.

non-dairy ice cream dream

5. Dream

Tasting just like a DREAM, Dream’s ice creams have a smooth finish, and does not have the grittiness or flouriness of other ice creams made from nut milk.

The regulars tend to favor the Toffee Almond Fudge. Rich, creamy, with sweet fudgy yumminess! Their Almonds are sourced from California, where one can find the best almonds in the world.

non-dairy ice cream steves

6. Steve’s

Despite the simple brand name, Steve’s ice cream has a creative and artisan touch to them.

Take for example the Burnt Sugar Vanilla, a unique taste that cannot be found in most ice cream parlours. What’s more, this coconut-based dessert is diary free, soy free, gluten free, egg free, and non GMO, so almost every one can indulge in this pint of pure bliss.

non-dairy ice cream arctic zero

7. Arctic Zero

Using only premium ingredients, this line of ice cream is all about indulgence. Additionally, there are no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or colours used, so you can rest assured that what you are eating is all natural. All their ice creams are also low glycemic, kosher, gluten, lactose and GMO free.

Treat yourself to some fat free ice cream. A good flavour to start from is Hint of Mint. Just like your regular peppermint chocolate, this ice cream is a combination of chocolate and mint for a sweet, minty treat.

non-dairy ice cream tofutti

8. Tofutti

As one of the first few brands to have non-dairy ice creams on the shelves, Tofutti paved the way for all to enjoy dairy-free ice creams in the comforts of their homes.

Selling ice creams in pints may get pretty boring after some time, which may be one of the reasons Toufutti started ice cream sandwiches. Worry not, as these ice cream sandwiches are still dairy free like all their other products. With so many options available, I’d say you should go for the Cookies ’N Cream Cookies to taste the best of what Tofutti has to offer.

non-dairy ice cream van leeuwen

9. Van Leeuwen

Started in New York, this craft creamery offers up to ten coconut cream-based flavours, all made with the freshest ingredients. Each flavour of ice cream is a celebration of artisanal flavours crafted by some of the world’s best artisan producers.

If you love matcha, then you will understand how difficult it is to locate good matcha ice cream, much less dairy free ones. Van Leeuwen has your back though. With a partnership with local tea traders and tea sourced from top growers in Japan, you know where to get your fix for matcha ice cream next time.

non-dairy ice cream luna and larry coconut bliss

10. Luna and Larry Coconut Bliss

Inspired by other cultures’ use of coconut milk in food, founders Luna and Larry wanted to experiment using coconut as a base for ice cream. Fast forward to the present, Luna and Larry now sells ice creams made from organic coconut milk that are organic, soy and gluten free, on top of being dairy free.

Learn what it feels like to be in “coconut bliss” with the Naked Coconut ice cream.

non-dairy ice cream trader joes

11. Trader Joe’s

As a substitute to dairy products, Trader Joe uses soy milk for their ice creams, giving it a smooth, creamy base.

Something unique that they have to offer is the Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream. Made with Oregon-grown Bing cherries and real chocolate chips, this is ice cream is the perfect summer treat.


Unfortunately, most of these ice creams listed cannot be found locally, but some brands offer worldwide shipping. As an alternative, one can also purchase them online from third-party websites like