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Lava Style OMUrice Is Everything You Ever Want @ OMU Singapore

James Chan

OMU Singapore

Following their success in Bangkok, Thailand (with 6 branches spread across the land of smiles), OMU opens its first outlet in Singapore! I say first outlet because I’m pretty sure there will be more to come. With long, snaking queues that stretch all the way to the Esplanade MRT station (on occasion), expansion is but a natural phenomenon.

So what’s got Singaporeans so riled up? It’s just Omurice! Or so I thought when I stepped into OMU Singapore. Then came the Lava Style Omurice. Suddenly, everything became crystal clear.

The Food

AT OMU Singapore, you’re spoilt for choice with numerous omurice offerings in different sauces. There’s Tomato Sauce, Demiglace Sauce, Curry Sauce, Cream Sauce & Japanese Style Sauce to choose from.

The thing I want to touch on most is that Lava Style Omurice. It’s a special way of making omelets where the surface of the egg is cooked but the inside is half cooked, borderline runny, creamy and full of texture. It’s really enjoyable to break the surface of the omelet to allow its beautiful interior to break free of the mold. I’m told that the chefs undergo intensive training in order to master this art.

With that in mind, you’d think that the dishes might be slightly steep on the wallet but the most expensive item on the menu is capped at $14.80 (excludes additional toppings or opting for the lava style omurice). That’s probably another reason why there’s a long queue.

Pork Hamburger Steak Omurice with Demiglace Sauce, $13.80

I obviously opted for the lava style version (trust me when I say it’ll be an additional $2 well spent). Boy oh boy. Best decision EVER! You’ve got a semi runny egg yolk enveloping a bed of tomato fried rice. And then there’s the sauce. That savory demiglace sauce is a sure fire winner. It’s not overly sweet with a hint of sourness and highly addictive. I could drink it like a soup even! Drizzle that over that perfectly cooked hamburger steak (that tastes exactly like the ones I ate when I was in Tokyo) or don’t. It’ll taste great both ways.

Mentaiko Cream Sauce Omurice, $13.80

This comes from the Japanese Styled Sauce Section and I’m told that in Bangkok, this was a promotional menu item which was a huge hit with the locals. Singaporeans tend to order this dish frequently as well. Why? Probably because the mentaiko cream sauce is light and not overtly rich on the palate. I recommend a meat add on if you’re not watching the waistline. It still tastes great without but I need a chewy protein in my meals. I also had this lava style.

Nagoya Style Red Miso Sauce Omurice, $13.80

This was my last dish and I opted for a normal version instead of the lava style to get a more wholesome understanding of omurice. Red miso is known for its not so subtle umami flavors and I think it’s perfect. There are many elements present in this dish (tomato rice, sautéed chicken, mushrooms, the pork cutlet and of course the omelet) and if a milder miso sauce was used, it would probably have been lost somewhere along the line.

Having tried the non-lava style omurice, even though I think it’s good, it would have been EVEN BETTER with the lava style option. What I’m trying to say here is, just pay the additional $2. It’s so worth it. Oh but that pork cutlet was pretty dope with its crispy exterior and super tender-to-the-bite meat!


Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

A hearty and overwhelming definite YES from me. OMU Singapore has managed to capture my stomach in just one visit. I cannot further describe how great the lava style omurice is. You just have to try if for yourself to be a believer. Let the long queues be a testament to my review then. If you don’t want to queue, you might probably want to avoid the peak hours.

OMU Singapore
Suntec City Singapore, West Wing
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-301A/301B
Singapore 038983
Tel: (+65) 9834 0079
Opening Hours: 11am-3pm, 4-10pm daily


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How The Heck Does Eggs ‘n Things Make That Insane Whipped Cream On Them Pancakes?

James Chan

Eggs ‘n Things

Following their recent opening at the new wing of Plaza Singapura, with a name like Eggs ‘n Things, I couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of a high protein meal.

Eggs ‘n Things decor

The eatery couldn’t be any prettier with a strong Hawaiian theme evident to anyone who walks by. Instagram feeds are definitely going to explode with their pictures for sure. If you haven’t heard of them, let’s just say they’re really popular in Harujuku, Tokyo Japan.

Eggs ‘n Things Omelette
The Food

All their ingredients arrive fresh from Japan and they make most things in-house. I’m told that Japanese eggs are the best as they are tastier and a whole lot richer compared to our local eggs. You can easily spot a Japanese egg by their orange-hued egg yolk. Slurps.

Eggs ‘n Things Surf and Turf and Eggs

Meats & Eggs – Surf ‘n Turf ‘n Eggs, $27.90

You can choose how you want your eggs done but I went with scrambled. Nothing really stood out for me other than the prawns being a tad saltier than I would like them to be. It’s also the priciest item on the menu (probably because they use organic beef).

Eggs ‘n Things Spinach and Bacon Eggs Benedict
Eggs Benedicts – Spinach ‘n Bacon, $19.90

Just like that, a star is born. Everything about this dish is PERFECT. The bagel (made in-house), the pasteurized poached eggs with rich orange colored yolk and the bits of bacon strategically placed in the spinach. Wow. It’s a real eye opener and that’s saying something considering my Chinese heritage (I have small eyes).

Eggs ‘n Things Potato and Bacon Omelette
Omelets – Potato, Bacon ‘n Cheese, $19.90

This pales in comparison to the Spinach ‘n Bacon Eggs Benedict. There’s no going back after you’ve had a taste of heaven. I’m pretty sure this is why this dish didn’t sit very well with my palette. I felt it was a little dry to be honest. For the exact same price, I recommend the Eggs Benedict for sure.

Eggs ‘n Things Strawberry Pancakes
Pancakes – Fresh Strawberry, Whipped Cream and Macadamia Nuts, $19.90

Oh my goodness. Definitely the winner of the day (it was a close fight with Eggs Benedict). What won my heart or stomach rather was surprisingly the Whipped Cream. It was light, refreshing and just highly addictive. The pancakes themselves were fluffy and one of the better pancakes I’ve had in my life. If you want to take a picture of this dish in all its glory, you’d want to do it immediately as soon as it arrives. The tower of whipped cream loses its structural integrity really quickly (it starts collapsing in less than 5 minutes). This is a MUST ORDER.

Pair them pancakes with a series of syrups that they make in-house. Flavours include Guava (unique af), coconut and your standard maple. I personally loved the coconut.

Eggs ‘n Things Sign Board

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

Hell yeah. The Eggs Benedict and the Pancakes are more than enough reason for me to revisit Eggs ‘n Things multiple times for sure. Also, based off their success in Japan (people can queue for hours to have a taste), I would say they can expect the same level of success here in Singapore. So check them out before things get too crowded!

Eggs ‘n Things
Plaza Singapura #03-79/83
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238891


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Great Places for Brunch with Mom

Pei Xia Ang

Sunday mornings are for sleep ins and lazy brunches. Mothers’ Day happens to be this Sunday, and there really isn’t a better way to spend Sunday than #BrunchWithMom.

brunch with a relaxed vibe at club street social

1. Club Street Social

Take a break from the work week at Club Street Social. Chill out in the relaxed and modern vibe of the place, as the waiters serve you delectable food and artfully-prepared beverages.

On top of the usual eggs and panini, they serve fluffy and light pancakes made with fresh cream. People with sweet teeth are gonna enjoy the orange maple syrup. Mmmm!

brunch at Epicurious cafe for unique knick knacks

2. Epicurious Cafe

Epicurious is a combination of the words “epicure”, meaning  a person devoted to fine dining, and “curio”, which refers to a collection of knick-knacks. At Epicurious cafe, visitors get to travel back in time with the collection of Singapore items that were mostly used in the 80s-90s. This is one great place for mom to relieve the good ol’ days.

For fans of Dr Seuss, this is the chance to try out Green Eggs and Ham, a dish inspired by the popular children’s book. Not to worry though, the green of the dish is achieved by using basil pesto, so you don’t have to worry about any artificial colourings.

brunch at Common Man Coffee Roasters for specialty coffee

3. Common Man Coffee Roasters

With the vision of being a champion for specialty coffee throughout Asia, Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) are famous for their cold brews and their signature blend. These beverages are prepared with a custom Synesso espresso machine, a top-notch machine for espressos. If mom loves trying out specialty coffees, you know the place!

Try out the Organic Eggs Benedict with tender beef cheek for a meal that will leave you wanting more.

brunch at Forty Hands for coffeeshop with fresh beans

4. Forty Hands

Of the belief that it takes 40 hands to produce a single cup of coffee, the founders of Forty Hands established a coffee revolution in the sleepy neighbourhood of Tiong Bahru. Forty Hands burst into the coffee scene with the mission of elevating the status of coffee appreciation, serving specialty coffee made with fresh beans.

To accompany your cuppa, try one of their Toasties from their selection.

brunch at Strictly Pancakes for pancakes galore

5. Strictly Pancakes

A traditional breakfast staple, one can never really go wrong when choosing to go with pancakes. At Strictly Pancakes, they serve literally all types of pancakes, from sweet to savoury, they’ve got it. Spend quality time with mom over pancakes, and explore new and unique flavours of pancakes with her.

Apart from the usual flavours of pancakes, they serve garlic prawn pancakes. Made from a special garlic sauce that is creamy and buttery in taste, this pancake is the one that seals the deal for me.

brunch at Wild Honey

6. Wild Honey

As you approach the place, the let the saccharine scent of honey and flowers guide you to the front doors of Wild Honey. Take mom on a culinary journey, as the all-day breakfast here is inspired by the different foods from around the world.

For seafood lovers, the Scandinavian is the dish you would want to order. Relish a taste of the Scandinavian countries with this dish. Served with grilled fresh salmon fillet, drizzled with special hollandaise sauce and accompanied with asparagus, potato rosti, and peal tomatoes on the side.

brunch at Long Chim for legit Thai street food

7. Long Chim

Treat mum to authentic Thai street food with an unparalleled taste in Singapore. Long Chim serves genuine Thai food with full flavour.

Long Chim is offering a brunch set menu, starting from $60++ per person. Learn more about Long Chim here.

brunch at Kinki for traditional and modern Japanese food

8. Kinki

Kinki is an urban Japanese restaurant bar with a contemporary twist. Unsurprisingly, the menu offers traditional and modern Japanese food. This Mothers’ Day, indulge in Kinki’s Bottomless Brunch with mom, and feast on over 40 different types of sushi.

For just $52++ per pax, this brunch deal extends from 12pm to 3pm.

brunch at Montreux Jazz Cafe for jazz and good food

9. Montreux Jazz Cafe

People do not usually associate brunch and jazz together, but at Montreux, they managed to pull it off very well. With live performances and a special weekend jazz brunch menu, this is the place for mom if she loves jazz.

Dishes are named after jazz stars and some cheeky all-time favourites include: B. B. Burger, coquelet façon Quincy Jones, and Ella cheesecakes.

Take the time to slow down and unwind with mom over brunch. Show her how much you love her by being there for her and spending quality time with the most important woman in our lives.

Happy Mothers’ Day, mom!

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