Martin Zwerts – Have A Taste Of Eindhoven, Right Here In Holland Village

James Chan

The Best Fries In The Netherlands

Established in 1948 in the Netherlands, Martin Zwerts has gone on to become a reputable brand. Winning numerous accolades and awards (clinching first place on Fritopia for 8 consecutive years), they truly serve the best fries in the Netherlands. The good news? They’ve come to Singapore!

martin zwerts holland potatoes

Martin Zwerts Frites

Fries or Frites is a serious business in the Netherlands. I recently went to Amsterdam and you’ll find numerous Frite chains at every other corner on the streets. It’s very apt that Martin Zwerts opened their first flagship store in Holland Village no?

Their small cone of frites start at $5.50 and a large is $6.50. If you want additional sauces or toppings, they go for an additional $1 respectfully.

Martin Zwerts Special with onion

Martin Zwerts Special, $6.50 (Small) $7.50 (Large)

Frites and Kerrie Sauce with Onion

For that additional $1 for the large comes a considerable upgrade in size. You’ll definitely feel full on them frites for sure. The sauces are a little on the sweet side but paired with the acidity of the onion, you can understand why they serve the best frites in the Netherlands. The Martin Zwerts special also comes without onion (same price) if you so desire.

martin zwerts frites

Important To Note

Their frites are best eaten there and then. If you leave it uneaten for too long, the sauces make the crispy golden frites a tad soggy. Also, if you feel that their frites are a little pricey, they import their potatoes from Holland. You think you can get that amazing texture and rich flavor with local potatoes? Wait long long.


Martin Zwerts Singapore
Holland Piazza, #B1-07
3 Lorong Liput, Singapore 277725


*The Mbassadors paid for their own food (OUCH!) unless otherwise stated

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