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Origin Grill & Bar – When In Doubt, Go With The Chef’s Recommendations

James Chan

Origin Grill & Bar

The hardest part of walking into a new restaurant (they’ve been around for a month) is that you don’t have any reviews online to figure out what to order. Which was exactly my dilemma as I skimmed through the fancy menu. So I did what most people would do, order from the Chef’s Recommendation page!

Before we move on to the food, I should point out that Origin Grill & Bar has exceptional service. The waiters are attentive, polite and know just the right moment to approach a table to enquire whether the diners like their food. But it doesn’t stop at the waiters, the restaurant manager and the sous chef do that too! It might be a tad disconcerting to some but you can tell they genuinely want you to have a good dining experience at Origin Grill.

origin grill pan seared breaded cod cake

The Food

Pan Seared Breaded Cod Cake, $18

There was little to no seafood aftertaste which speaks volumes of its freshness. The cod meat was tender, soft, fluffy and just pure joy to consume. The element of this dish that just stole my heart (or my stomach rather) was that hollandaise sauce (they make it in house). My only gripe with this magnifishcent creation was that they shouldn’t serve it with the slice of lemon. The hollandaise sauce has lemon in it already so when you squeeze the lemon, it becomes a tad too tangy.

origin grill spaghetti with jumbo crab meat

Spaghetti With Jumbo Crab Meat, $28

Al dente, just the way I like it. Firmness and springiness of the pasta aside, the portion of crab meat that they provide is DA BOMB! Every mouthful of pasta definitely had bits of crab meat in it. Crab meat is chocked full of sweet and tasty goodness so imagine that coating almost every stand of pasta. Heaven!

origin grill John Stone Grass-Fed & Dry-Aged 35 Days Striploin On The Bone 400

John Stone Grass-Fed & Dry-Aged 35 Days Striploin On The Bone 400g, $98

The star of the night. A grass-fed AND dry-aged beef! Lots of expectations were placed on this for sure. See, a grass-fed cow has literally fed on grass its whole life. This results in a meat that does not taste so “beefy”. Then, to add on, this beef has been dry-aged for 35 days. Why does dry-aged beef cost so much and taste so great? The longer the beef is aged, the longer time the natural enzymes in the meat has to break down the muscle tissue of the meat. It brings out the flavor and improves the texture of the meat significantly. Couldn’t resist that bit of trivia.

Striploin comes from an area of the cow where the muscles aren’t usually put to work (like my nonexistent abs). It’s one of the most flavorful and tender cuts. At Origin Grill, the fat of the striploin was rendered perfectly and the taste was exquisite. I ordered medium rare and it was perfectly cooked and tender-to-the-bite. Cooking steak is an art and the culinary team at Origin Grill are the Picassos of the culinary world.

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

If it wasn’t apparent throughout my ENTIRE article, then I’ll just say it’s a huge YES from me. I can tell that every dish has been well thought of in terms of nutritional value and taste, the plating is stellar and the service is excellent. Origin Grill is definitely on its way to becoming an icon in Singapore! Well done Origin Grill!

 origin grill crowd

Make Reservations:

(If you make reservations through the link below, you get a 15% off your bill!!!)

Book A Table Today And Get 15% Off Your Total Bill


origin grill and bar

Origin Grill & Bar
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Lobby Level, Tower Wing
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258340
Tel: 6213 4595


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!!!) unless otherwise stated

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Audace Bar and Restaurant

James Chan

Audace Bar and Restaurant

Audace (pronounced Aw-daz) is a quaint little casual French restaurant in the heart of Little India. The Mbassadors had the privilege of whetting our palates at their restaurant most recently and we have but only good things to say about our experience.

Chef Jeremy Gillon helms the kitchen and he produces gastronomical creations that leaves diners in awe and wonder (us included). In a brief conversation I had with him, he mentioned that he changes the menu every couple of months to keep things fresh for his diners.

As you enter the restaurant from the get-go, you’ll notice an assortment of herbs (with names I literally cannot pronounce) lined up just above the kitchen service counter. Chef Jeremy actually visits France every now and then to forage for his own herbs! There are herbs that are reminiscent of prawn crackers and seaweed, there are some that taste like oats and there was even one that smelt like chamomile!

The Food

La Reine Des Pres

With Celtuce as the main ingredient in this dish, I did not know what to expect. (I’ve never had Celtuce in my life) Texture wise, it resembles that of an extremely tender asparagus and has a mildly sour after taste. I could eat it on its own for days even and not grow sick of it.

However, Chef Jeremy takes it to the next level with pickled onions, salted seaweed, a sweet syrup extracted from one of his herbs and a parsley garnish. This mash up of flavors produces a well-balanced and meticulously thought of dish that raises the expectations for the other dishes that follow after.

La Matricaire

The initial thoughts I had about this dish were with regards to how fresh the Mackerel was. There’s no denying its freshness. Any fresher and you’ll have to catch it yourself.

Then we delve a little deeper and look past the first layer of taste to find the spinach with its creamy notes and semi-mushy texture. The Matricaire oil at the base has a pleasant chamomile scent. Don’t worry about the green color, it’s just the chlorophyll from the spinach. I feel it adds another dimension of creaminess to the dish. Imagine all these flavors augmented by a dash of horseradish to give this dish an added “oomph” or complexity. Brilliant.


Cote De Veall

I think a moment of silence is necessary for the calf that contributed to this AMAZING main course.


Okay, moment’s over.

You can tell that Chef Jeremy places a lot of emphasis on respecting the dish and its ingredients. The meat was tender and cooked to perfection with each bite just bursting with flavor. Whilst I would once again say I could enjoy the veal just cooked as is, Chef Jeremy utilizes all his experience and expertise to provide a deeper and more meaningful way to appreciate the veal.

This dish is all about texture. There’s the Rutabaga which gives this dish an added crunch due to its raddish-like nature. Then there’s the caperberries that are strategically thrown in so that you get an occasional seedy and fruity bite.

You can be sure that you won’t leave Audace feeling like the portions were lacking because this main course is HUGE! For the price you’re paying, it’s just so much value!

James Highly Recommends Audace Bar and Restaurant

Yeap, you heard it right, I don’t often say this but this is a must-try. If you’re reading this, you’ve come so far, all you need to do is make a reservation and you won’t be let down! Bring a date, bring your parents, plan a proposal there or even throw a birthday party there. You’re in for a treat.

Make a reservation HERE


Audace Bar and Restaurant
2 Dickson Rd
Singapore 209494
Tel: +65 6298 1188
Opening Hours:
Daily Breakfast: 7.30am – 10.00am, Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch: 11.30am – 2.00pm
Afternoon Tea: 2.00pm – 6.00pm
Dinner: 6.30pm – 12.00 midnight (last order 10.00pm)
Sunday Brunch: 11.30pm – 4.00pm


*This is a sponsored post (Thanks for the food Audace)

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Free Burgers at 4th of July Party 


Mention 4th of july and 2 things come to mind. Fireworks and BBQ. While we may not have fireworks here in Singapore to celebrate America’s independence day, the free Wagyu burgers at Adrift by David Myers will make up for it.

Adrift by David Myers burgers

To celebrate like the Americans, or if you simply love the quinessential American food – burgers, head down to the restaurant which is located at Marina Bay Sands and you get your burger for free with the purchase of your first drink. If you want more American goodies, they even have a menu just for the 4th of July which includes BBQ Pork Ribs, Brisket and Pecan Pie. So while you are there, don’t forget to try some of the American classics!

Working all day? Don’t worry, they are opened till 2am so you can always drop by once you have clocked out. There will be plenty of American spirits and cocktails to keep the party going, so grab your friends and head down to have some fun!

Adrift by David Myers drinks

Adrift by David Myers
When: 12pm 4 July 2017 to 2am 5 July 2017
Where: Adrift by David Myers, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
To make reservations call 6688 5657

For more details and for their 4th of July menu, head over to their Facebook event here.

Singapore Michelin 1 Star Restaurant Feature – Meta

James Chan

The Michelin star denotes the highest form of praise a chef can receive for his/her cooking and If you haven’t already heard, these coveted Michelin Stars were awarded last night (29th June 2017) to 38 eateries.

You can browse through the full list of eateries HERE

We would like to extend our warmest congratulations to all the eateries who’ve received them. We can but only imagine all the blood, sweat and tears that went into attaining this prestigious accolade.

This year, The Singapore Michelin Guide features 11 new eateries to join the ranks of the 1 stars. We would like to highlight a particular eatery out of the 11 (for now), I mean, since we had the privilege to try out their food and everything.


The dishes at Meta draws inspiration from all over the globe. I can distinctively see Korean & French influences in most. There’s also subtle hints of Japanese, Spanish and an added local spin to some dishes to suit the Singaporean palette.

Singapore Michelin chef at meta

The person responsible for whipping up these gastronomic delights at Meta is none other than Head Chef, Sun Kim; An extremely humble man with an ever ready smile for any of his patrons.

The Food

We will be featuring dishes from their current Summer Menu (their menu changes seasonally).

Singapore Michelin Guide Meta Menu

Choose from 2 options:

5 course $98

7 course $138

Both come with wine pairing options if you so desire.

Amuse Bouche

Don’t overlook the power of the Amuse Bouche. It helps regulate your expectations of what’s going to follow in its wake (as well as tickle your tummy of course).

Singapore Michelin Meta Amuse Bouche

Salmon Tartar with White Kimchi and White Radish

Sago Chip with Spicy Mango, Ikura, Octopus and Seaweed Powder

Singapore Michelin Guide Mushroom Truffle Tart

Mushroom Tart filled with onion jam, parmesan cheese and topped with a winter truffle

Our expectations were raised pretty high after these small teasers. There seemed to be a calculated transition of flavors – From the refreshing and cooling notes of Kimchi and Radish to a more heavy (but not too heavy) and musky tones of the truffle and crust of the tart.

Singapore Michelin Guide Irish Oysters

Irish Oyster

Served with lemon and ginger dressing, chive oil and gochuchang

Look at that presentation of this dish. Exquisite. Then perhaps direct your attention to the size of these babies.

For $9 a piece, it seems extremely value for money. They even separate the oyster meat from the shell for you. So all you have to do is just slurp it all down.

It’s fresh, slightly spicy with a little lemony zest and extremely refreshing.

Singapore Michelin guide Meta Bonito


Marinated in a Ponzu sauce, served with pickled plum, radish and shiso leaves

Similar to the Spanish Ceviche, we have yet another sour-ish dish to break down the enzymes of the fresh bonito. Sort of wish there was more of this to go around.

Singapore Michelin guide Meta octopus


Slow cooked Octopus with XO sauce, squid ink & sunchoke sauce, topped with radicchio and garlic crumb garnish

It’s been seafood galore so far. Why stop right? Tender and smoky to the taste, the Octopus was beautifully cooked. Combined with their homemade XO sauce and garlic crumbs, it gave this dish a very Asian composition. It will definitely sit well with most Asian palettes. Loved it!

Singapore Michelin Guide Groupa


Served with 4 different mushrooms, seaweed powder and dashi broth. Lightly sprinkled with Yuzu Kosho.

Stop right there! This was the highlight of my night. The broth was exceptional. If it wasn’t a fine dining establishment, I would have taken the bowl and slurped every drop down.

The meat of the Grouper was tender and fresh. It’s always so pleasant to have fresh fish. The mushrooms blends well with this dish giving it added texture and a complexity of flavors for your taste buds.

The element that sealed the deal for me was the Yuzu Kosho, it’s a spicy pepper from Japan. It elevates this dish and brings it to a whole new level of awesome.

Singapore Michelin guide Meta pigeon


Pan seared Pigeon with Carrot Puree, pickled cherries and a soy caramel glaze on the endive

Pigeon can be a difficult meat to cook with. There’s a very short window of opportunity to get perfectly cooked pigeon.

The meat was pinkish and there was barely any resistance when I sunk my teeth into it. The sweetness of the puree and sourness from the pickled cherries gave it a good balance from its slightly gamey taste.

The endive felt a little pointless to me in my opinion. Then again, I’m not that much of a vegetable person.

Singapore Michelin guide Meta pulma


Charcoal grilled Iberico pork with Parsnip puree, kalian and oyster leaves with a potato, bacon and mushroom ragoule tucked underneath

Once again, I felt that the Kailan and Oyster leaves were not necessary. It’s an amazing dish with or without.

The Iberico pork has an exceptional texture and flavor on its own. The creamy puree compliments the meat in a very seamless and effortless manner.

Singapore Michelin guide Meta tropical summer

Tropical Summer

Mango Salsa with Passionfruit Sorbet, Coconut Crumble, Coconut mousse and Coconut Cream with mint oil.

We died. And I’m not even a fan of dessert. As the dish diminished in size, I could feel myself feeling pangs of sadness. It was a sad parting.

The crumbs give it texture, the sourness of the sorbet balances the sweetness of it all and the mint oil gives it just that slight edge. AMAZING!

Singapore Michelin Guide Meta Receipt

The Service

I’m honestly impressed with the level of attentiveness the service staff @ Meta demonstrated while I was there;

  1. Every dish was explained in detail. My waitress had to repeat herself several times as I can be a little deaf at times
  2. My napkin would be neatly folded and placed at the side whenever I left the table
  3. Every single one of them were polite and all smiles
  4. They made sure my glass of water was always filled

Getting a star isn’t just about the food. Every other element of the establishment is judged and Meta’s definitely getting it right in all aspects.

Whew. What a mouthful. In wake of the Singapore Michelin Star Awards last night, I do expect a mad Singapore Michelin fever to hit Singapore for a couple of weeks.

Meta will be no exception. Singaporeans are going to be Singaporeans and do what they do best. Queue. So skip all that and make your reservations via:



Address: 9 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089117
Tel: 6513 0898
Opening Hours: 12–2PM6–11PM

*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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A Very French Affair with Wine

Pei Xia Ang

Bonjour! French Festival launches in Singapore this May and nothing feels more French than indulging in a glass of wine and savouring fromage with a picturesque view of the Eiffel tower. (I know, I’m a huge romantic)

This year, French Festival steps things up by bringing France closer to you.

Treat yourself to authentic cuisine and sip wines from these participating outlets:

French festival fine dining at 13% Gastro Wine

1. 13% Gastro Wine

With over 20 years’ of experience in wine and gastronomy, Bruno Valiant and Geoffrey Weckx’s restaurant caters to people who enjoy the finer things in life. Indulge in premium-quality food from the menu, while savouring wines imported from vineyards across the world.

For a meal, give the grilled wagyu sirloin grade 6 beef a try. Relish the full bodied flavour of the juicy beef while sipping an accompanying glass of robust, exotic wine.

French Festival Promo: for every bottle of wine ordered, get the 4-cheese platter at a discounted price of a 3-cheese platter.


Aliwal Street #02-01, 2nd Floor, Singapore 199907

6291 6816

117A Killiney Road, 2nd Floor, Singapore 239554

6694 4708

French festival at Ô Batignolles

2. Ô Batignolles

For a laidback French-themed bistro, step through the doors of Ô Batignolles. Most of the wines served here are exclusive and sourced directly from wine producers. Choose from a variety of French food from the classic Croque Monsieur to the more elaborate duck parmentier. Vegetarian dishes available too.

French Festival Promo: 15% off all wines above $80++ from 5pm—9pm.


2 Gemmill Lane

Singapore 069247

French festival at Ginett

3. Ginett

Set in Singapore’s historic Arts district, this restaurant-cum-bar features high ceilings and an open mezzanine, providing the perfect ambience for guests looking for a relaxed and comfortable dining experience.

Helmed by Executive Chef Sylvain Royer, Ginett offers great wines, hearty European favourites, making it a memorable French experience for all. Choose from bar bites to cooked specialties, to cheese and cold cuts selection.

French Festival Promo: wine tasting sessions available.


200 Middle Road,

Singapore 188980

6809 7989

French festival at Grignoter

4. Grignoter by Chef Justin Quek

Serving simple, rustic French food, Grignoter reflects its namesake, meaning “to nibble” in French.

This is Southeast Asia’s first Bordeaux wine bar, and being the first has its perks I suppose. In partnership with the Bordeaux Wine Council, Grignoter has direct access to wines not otherwise available in Singapore.

Something else exclusive to Grignoter is Chef Quek’s very own creation, the vintage 1996 Saint Vincent Curvée. It has a complex aroma that is sweet — reminiscent of truffles and brioche. For the best flavour, pair this drink with their selection of fine cheese.

French Festival Promo: enjoy exclusive discount on selected wines.


2 Teck Lim Road,

Singapore 088380

6438 3802

French festival at Bar- A- Thym for seafood

5. Bar- A- Thym

With a specialty for seafood, this French restaurant is known for their prime ingredients and exquisite flavours. As an added touch, the place is decorated tastefully, even having French music playing from the speakers. Talk about attention to detail!

For fickle-minded customers, they offer a French Omakase Menu, serving the best seasonal produce of the day based on your preferences.

French Festival Promo: Provence, Languedoc, Roussillon Wine event $40++ to $60++.


18 Gemmil Ln,

Singapore 069255

6557 2224

French festival at Breton Restaurant Bar for lobsters and wine

6. Breton Restaurant Bar

For an indulgent treat of wine and lobsters, Breton knows what’s best. With a daily delivery of fresh lobsters, enjoy them grilled, in galette, or with spaghetti. Choose from a selection of crêpes and pâtsisserie for a sweet finishing touch to your meal. Oh, and the portions are also relatively large, so be prepared for a feast!

French Festival Promo: Get a 10% off every bottle of wine.


544 Serangoon Road,

Singapore 218166

6299 3544

French festival at Napoleon for wines for all

7. Napoleon

With a selection of over 30 wines to choose from, this is one of the few places in Singapore that caters to amateurs and connoisseurs of wine alike.

Revel in the best wines that France has to offer directly from their Enomatic dispensers. Only quality wine is served, as all wines are meticulously  selected by consultant oenologist and stored in château cellars.

Dishes served are French with Asian infusions, and crafted to enhance the flavour of your wine. Some must trys include: hand-cut Argus beef tarte, shrimp truffle angel hair, seared tuna steak and smoked whole spring chicken.

French Festival Promo: 35% off all wines above $50++ per pax (consumed during dinner only), and 50% off all wines of Peuch & Besse catalogue (takeaway only).


206 Telok Ayer Sreet

Singapore 068641

6221 9282

With such an array of authentic French wines brought to our shores, dining like a French has never been easier. Cheers, or as they say in France, santé!

French festival singapore

For more details, visit: http://voilah.sg

The Mbassadors does not claim any credit for any of the above media used. All credits go to their respective owners.

Long Chim – Legit Thai Street Food


As a Thai, I am always in search of good authentic Thai food in Singapore. Although there are many Thai restaurants in the little red dot, there are unfortunately few of them that are really good. Today, I am proud to present to you another favorite Thai restaurant of mine – Long Chim by David Thompson.

Long Chim means try or taste the food in Thai. It serves unpretentious Thai street food which are tasty and some uncommon here in a restaurant setting. The restaurant is helmed by David Thompson, whose restaurant ‘Nahm’ in Bangkok was ranked 37th best restaurant in the world by San Pellegrino 2017 and No. 5 in Asia.

Street Food Goodness

Long Chim offers diners modest Thai street food served in simple plates and bowls. The restaurant ambience and quirky decoration gives the place a fun and cheerful vibe.

Interesting Menu

I have tried Long Chim in MBS a few times and have also visited the branch in Perth once. I have to commend David Thompson for his choices and creativity. The menu is split into 3 zones: starter, Aharn-Jarn-Diao (individual dish) and Gap-Khao (food to share). If you cannot decide, you can opt for a set menu (called Ma Long Chim), which is available for minimum 2 persons per order.

Authentic Thai Flavors

long chim Miang Kham as starters

We ordered Miang Kham (dried prawns, ginger, toasted coconut, in betel leaves, $14) as a starter. The Miang Kham was wrapped and prepared for you so all you need to do is just putting it in your mouth. I decided to order this for my friends as it is not a common dish to have here in Singapore. 2 Singaporean friends who have been to Thailand many times admitted that they had not eaten Miang Kham before. The flavors burst inside our mouth – really great starter to whet your appetite. (I notice that Miang Kham is quite common in Australia though.)

For the main course, we ordered roast duck red curry ($24), grilled tilapia in salt crust ($34) and fried sun dried squid in garlic and peppercorn ($26) to share. We had the three dishes together with Thai jasmine rice. All the 3 dishes were very tasty – something quite surprising for Thai restaurants of this setting in Singapore.


long chim roast duck red curry for main course

roast duck red curry ($24)

long chim fish

grilled tilapia in salt crust ($34)

long chim fried sun dried squid for main course

fried sun dried squid in garlic and peppercorn ($26)

Superb Desserts

long chim banana roti for desserts

banana roti ($12)

We had banana roti ($12) and mango with sticky rice ($14) for desserts. It’s my first time having Thai rotis in Singapore. Long Chim’s version is really great as it is not too sweet. The price is about 10 times the one you get on the streets of Thailand though.

long chim mango with sticky rice for desserts

mango with sticky rice ($14)

The mango with sticky rice is good although I’d say there are already many places selling good mango with sticky rice in Singapore at half price.

Happy Hour

The Happy Hour is from 12 PM – 8 PM daily. You can order selected cocktails with some Thai inspiration at $10++. If you are not a cocktail fans, you can also order bottled beer from either Chang or Leo at the same price too.

long chim refreshing 555 drink

I ordered 555 (or Ha-Ha-Ha as pronounced in Thai). This drink of laughter is basically fortified wine & gin combined with fresh coriander, lemon and cucumber. It was quite refreshing and a pretty good deal for the price.

Long Chim serving simple yet tasty food


Long Chim serves authentic Thai street food with dishes that you will barely get in Singapore. The food is simple, yet very tasty. The prices are quite high considering the type of food you get but then they are also lower than the other celebrity chef’s restaurants in the MBS. My only gripe about the place is that the serving is pretty small. I remember the portion of Prin’s Noodle I had at Long Chim Perth and it’s much larger. In fact it was so large that I could not even finish it (I also ordered a starter before the noodle).

I’d totally recommend this place to anyone looking for authentic Thai food in Singapore. It’s also very spacious and this makes it a perfect choice for a party or an event.

Long Chim 
Address: The Shoppes
10 Bayfront Avenue, #02-02, Atrium 2 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018955
Tel: 6688 7299
Operating Hours: 12-11pm daily


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