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Michelin Surprise in Wan Chai 

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (9/10-16/10)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Wing Wah Wanton storefront

Wing Wah Wanton

We had just touched down from Singapore, and were slightly jet-lagged and overwhelmed by the foreign landscape that was Hong Kong. There was so much to take in all at once— the loud jabbering in Cantonese, the bright neon street signs, and the bustling peak hour traffic.

As we stumbled from the MTR station to our hotel, we passed a wanton house. Of all the other stalls lining Henessey Road, it was this shop that drew us in.

Emanating from the shop for about 200 metres is the irresistible scent of cooking wanton noodles. Naturally, as two warm-blooded Singaporeans, we gravitated to that shop.

Wing Wah Wanton soup

Shrimp Wanton Noodles, HKD$44

Wing Wah is known for their handmade bamboo wanton noodles, freshly prepared on the second level of their shophouse. My first impression was that they were chewy and different from any other wanton noodles Singapore. I particularly appreciated the springiness of the noodles.

Wing Wah Wanton shrimp wanton noodle

A good testament to that is how they do not turn soggy even till the last mouthful. The chef must really have had taken great calibrations to cook the noodles to perfection, or it would have been undercooked or too soft. Well done!

Now, on to the wantons. Each wanton was a delightful accompaniment to the noodles. The skin was silky smooth, and wrapped with minced pork and a fresh shrimp. They were very generous with the wantons too. I had a total of 5 wantons!

Lastly, the soup was lightly seasoned, and not too oily. This is different from most of the wanton shops in Singapore, where the soups tend to be MSG-heavy. For those of you who need that extra kick, the chilli oil by the side will do just the trick.

Wing Wah Wanton brocolli with shrimp egg

Broccoli with Shrimp’s Egg, $39

I think something may have gotten lost in translation, as the vegetable that arrived at our table was in no way resembling the broccoli that I am familiar with.

Regardless, this was still a great dish especially for the health buffs. Like the wanton soup, the broth of the “broccoli”  was light and not heavily seasoned. The vegetables were steamed too, so there was not much salt in this serving.

Wing Wah Wanton glutinous rice ball

Glutinous Rice Ball with Black Sesame and Ginger Soup, $42

A traditional Chinese dessert, there really isn’t much for me to add on to it. (Are my expectations too high?) The glutinous balls were made with just the right texture so that it does not get too jelat after your first serving. The soup was not too heavy on the ginger flavour, and just the way I like it.

Wing Wah Wanton the set


Despite the prominent Michelin icon placed by the window and the alluring aroma of noodles cooking, there was no queue when we were there. Amounting to close to SGD$20 per person, I felt that this meal wasn’t too bad for a roadside stall, but as for a Michelin-featured place, they need to add that extra touch to stand out from the rest.

However, don’t just take my word for it, check them out if you happen to be in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong, and tell us what you think!

Wing Wah Wanton signboard

Wing Wah Wanton
Address: 89 Hennessey Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong
Tel: (+852) 2527-7476
Opening Hours: 12pm-2pm Mondays to Saturdays


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Put on Half a Pound, Dad

Pei Xia Ang

Father’s Day is this weekend, and we all want to treat our supporting and loving dad right. If you are still fretting over the right choice of gift, then you need to READ ON!

Only recently established, Half Pound burger and Bar Grill has already been a hot favourite among locals.

father's day at half pound

a great place to celebrate father’s day– half pound burger bar and grill

Nestled along Purvis Street, this place focuses on burgers (hence the name), and if Dad is a fan of beef patties, steaks and whatnot, all the more you need to take him there!!

We managed to pop by this week, and here is the review of what we have sampled:

father's day lunch menu

lunch menu for only $17++ daily

Lunch menu

12pm-3pm daily


Choice of salad/soup, main course and drink

father's day soup

mushroom soup as starter

Mushroom Soup

I usually do not choose mushroom soup from the menu due to its commonness, but this bowl of soup was quite well executed.

Topped with croutons and garnished with spring onions, this soup was lovingly made by the chef. It did not taste like the regular ones poured from a can. As an added bonus, the soup comes with generous chunks of mushrooms to add to its creamy texture.

father's day burger meal

the half pound burger was very flavourful

Petite Half Pound Burger

Don’t be fooled by its name though, this burger may be called “petite”, but the flavours sure pack a PUNCH.

The tender and succulent beef patty carried a smoky aftertaste, complementing the bacon and cheddar for that meaty, greasy taste that all meat-lovers lust for.

fathers day steak

steak frites, good value for money

Steak Frites

For its price, the steak that I had was worth your buck. The meat was tender, and the layer of fat was juicy and TOTALLY ON POINT.

fathers day beer

enjoy a pint of beer to go with your meal


A hearty burger dish is only complete with craft beer by its side. For an extra touch this Fathers’ Day, treat dad to imported beer from Germany and the States.

From its menu, Half Pound offers Maisel’s Weisse ($9 for half pint, $12 for full pint), and 8 Ball Stout ($12 for full pint).

The former was refreshing and light, while the stout was smooth and easy to drink.


fathers day half pound

visit Half Pound Bar and Grill

Half Pound Burger Bar and Grill
Address: 8 Purvis Street, #01-01
Singapore 188587
Tel:6906 1900
Book a table here
Oh, and here’s wishing all Dads a happy father’s day!

A Very French Affair with Wine

Pei Xia Ang

Bonjour! French Festival launches in Singapore this May and nothing feels more French than indulging in a glass of wine and savouring fromage with a picturesque view of the Eiffel tower. (I know, I’m a huge romantic)

This year, French Festival steps things up by bringing France closer to you.

Treat yourself to authentic cuisine and sip wines from these participating outlets:

French festival fine dining at 13% Gastro Wine

1. 13% Gastro Wine

With over 20 years’ of experience in wine and gastronomy, Bruno Valiant and Geoffrey Weckx’s restaurant caters to people who enjoy the finer things in life. Indulge in premium-quality food from the menu, while savouring wines imported from vineyards across the world.

For a meal, give the grilled wagyu sirloin grade 6 beef a try. Relish the full bodied flavour of the juicy beef while sipping an accompanying glass of robust, exotic wine.

French Festival Promo: for every bottle of wine ordered, get the 4-cheese platter at a discounted price of a 3-cheese platter.


Aliwal Street #02-01, 2nd Floor, Singapore 199907

6291 6816

117A Killiney Road, 2nd Floor, Singapore 239554

6694 4708

French festival at Ô Batignolles

2. Ô Batignolles

For a laidback French-themed bistro, step through the doors of Ô Batignolles. Most of the wines served here are exclusive and sourced directly from wine producers. Choose from a variety of French food from the classic Croque Monsieur to the more elaborate duck parmentier. Vegetarian dishes available too.

French Festival Promo: 15% off all wines above $80++ from 5pm—9pm.


2 Gemmill Lane

Singapore 069247

French festival at Ginett

3. Ginett

Set in Singapore’s historic Arts district, this restaurant-cum-bar features high ceilings and an open mezzanine, providing the perfect ambience for guests looking for a relaxed and comfortable dining experience.

Helmed by Executive Chef Sylvain Royer, Ginett offers great wines, hearty European favourites, making it a memorable French experience for all. Choose from bar bites to cooked specialties, to cheese and cold cuts selection.

French Festival Promo: wine tasting sessions available.


200 Middle Road,

Singapore 188980

6809 7989

French festival at Grignoter

4. Grignoter by Chef Justin Quek

Serving simple, rustic French food, Grignoter reflects its namesake, meaning “to nibble” in French.

This is Southeast Asia’s first Bordeaux wine bar, and being the first has its perks I suppose. In partnership with the Bordeaux Wine Council, Grignoter has direct access to wines not otherwise available in Singapore.

Something else exclusive to Grignoter is Chef Quek’s very own creation, the vintage 1996 Saint Vincent Curvée. It has a complex aroma that is sweet — reminiscent of truffles and brioche. For the best flavour, pair this drink with their selection of fine cheese.

French Festival Promo: enjoy exclusive discount on selected wines.


2 Teck Lim Road,

Singapore 088380

6438 3802

French festival at Bar- A- Thym for seafood

5. Bar- A- Thym

With a specialty for seafood, this French restaurant is known for their prime ingredients and exquisite flavours. As an added touch, the place is decorated tastefully, even having French music playing from the speakers. Talk about attention to detail!

For fickle-minded customers, they offer a French Omakase Menu, serving the best seasonal produce of the day based on your preferences.

French Festival Promo: Provence, Languedoc, Roussillon Wine event $40++ to $60++.


18 Gemmil Ln,

Singapore 069255

6557 2224

French festival at Breton Restaurant Bar for lobsters and wine

6. Breton Restaurant Bar

For an indulgent treat of wine and lobsters, Breton knows what’s best. With a daily delivery of fresh lobsters, enjoy them grilled, in galette, or with spaghetti. Choose from a selection of crêpes and pâtsisserie for a sweet finishing touch to your meal. Oh, and the portions are also relatively large, so be prepared for a feast!

French Festival Promo: Get a 10% off every bottle of wine.


544 Serangoon Road,

Singapore 218166

6299 3544

French festival at Napoleon for wines for all

7. Napoleon

With a selection of over 30 wines to choose from, this is one of the few places in Singapore that caters to amateurs and connoisseurs of wine alike.

Revel in the best wines that France has to offer directly from their Enomatic dispensers. Only quality wine is served, as all wines are meticulously  selected by consultant oenologist and stored in château cellars.

Dishes served are French with Asian infusions, and crafted to enhance the flavour of your wine. Some must trys include: hand-cut Argus beef tarte, shrimp truffle angel hair, seared tuna steak and smoked whole spring chicken.

French Festival Promo: 35% off all wines above $50++ per pax (consumed during dinner only), and 50% off all wines of Peuch & Besse catalogue (takeaway only).


206 Telok Ayer Sreet

Singapore 068641

6221 9282

With such an array of authentic French wines brought to our shores, dining like a French has never been easier. Cheers, or as they say in France, santé!

French festival singapore

For more details, visit: http://voilah.sg

The Mbassadors does not claim any credit for any of the above media used. All credits go to their respective owners.

The Weekly Glutton (10/4 – 16/4)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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The Coffee Daily (Dinner Menu)

coffee daily menu

Situated on the outskirts of Serangoon Garden Way, The Coffee Daily (TCD) is a café that has assimilated itself into one of the iconic brands of Serangoon Gardens. They’ve been around for close to 7 years now and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere.

Just last week, TCD announced that they would be introducing a dinner menu much to the delight of their regulars. The Mbassadors happened to get wind of the news and paid them a visit.


The Food

I  obviously couldn’t sample everything on the menu but I ordered a majority of it (almost puked at the end).

coffee daily Cheeseburger Chowder

Cheeseburger Chowder ($8)

It’s a pretty unique dish. Think cheeseburger but in a soup. As weird as it may sound, it’s full of texture with bits of minced beef involved with every single scoop. The chowder looked a little oily on the surface probably due to the mince but it tasted great! Just a heads up for the health nuts.

coffee daily Reuben Sandwich

Reuben Sandwich ($15)

Marbled beef ribeye, wholegrain mustard, taleggio cheese, caramelized onions and purplekraut

TCD’s owner and barista, Jared Chan highly recommended this main.

To quote him, “The Reuben Sandwich is da bomb”

With comments like that, I would have been a fool not to order it.

Taste wise, I love how all the elements of this dish come together. The careful placement of wholegrain mustard is a brilliant touch as it gives the diner a surprise after a couple of bites.

coffee daily Asian Sanger

The “Asian” Sanger ($16)

52 hour sous vide pork shoulder in Asian style marinate with purple cabbage-slaw

Call it what you will, this is a pulled-pork burger. Let’s break this burger down for you

Pulled Pork: Meat was really tender and juicy but a tad too (NaCl)y (Salt-y) even for me.

Buns: Them buns helped to extract and absorb some of the salt.

Purple Cabbage: Gives the dish a nice crunch and helps with the salt too

Asian marinate: The excess salt in the dish overshadowed the marinate

This dish has heaps of potential and promise. I’ve given my feedback with regards to the saltiness and they’ve ensured me that it will be better in the future.

coffee daily Laksa Pasta

Laksa Pasta ($16)

Tiger Prawns, Crispy Tau-pok, home-made rempah, coconut milk, fresh laksa leaves


Honestly, this dish exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. Initially it wasn’t even part of my order. I happened to overhear a table comment that the Laksa was REALLY spicy and I went straight to the counter and ordered me a plate.

The pasta wa s al dente and perfectly cooked (just the way everyone SHOULD like it). It also comes with 4 huge tiger prawns (they’ve been shelled, don’t complain if it seems smaller) and comes with a few pieces of crispy tau-pok for added effect.

Now on to the serious stuff, even though this dish may be a dry version of Laksa, the iconic Laksa flavors are as clear as day. The sauce is extremely spicy, so if you can’t take spice, this dish is not for you. I was perspiring by the 2nd mouthful but thoroughly enjoyed it.

What The Coffee Daily has done here – They’ve taken a local dish and gave it a little western spin of their own to great effect. MUST REORDER!

Reservations should be made in advance to avoid unnecessary heartache at their doors.

The Coffee Daily
Address: 75 Brighton Cres
Singapore 559216
Opening Hours:  12–10:30pm on weekdays, 9.30am-10.30pm on weekends
Tel: 6284 8894

*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Guide To Going Gluten Free

Pei Xia Ang

In the past, the question, “is this gluten free?” would have baffled most waiters, but now a gluten free diet is a more common option among Singaporeans.

A gluten free diet means consuming foods that do not contain gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Initially, people with gluten intolerance had to follow a gluten free diet or they would experience inflammation in their small intestines (ouch). However, now people choose a gluten free diet to enjoy benefits such as better bowel movements and weight loss.

So here’s our guide to eating the best gluten free food in Singapore!

gluten free pizza from Crust Gourmet

1. Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

Honestly, Crust Gourmet Pizza is the pizza that makes me feel less guilty when eating pizza. Their pizzas are made with the freshest, tastiest vegetables and the finest cured meats.

They also have gluten-free options for their sauces and toppings, but one would have to specify before ordering. And the best part— Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar delivers too, which means you can enjoy this gluten free meal in the comforts of your home.

gluten free burgers by vegan burg

2. Vegan Burg

A vegan burger may sound oxymoronic to meat lovers, but turning your nose up at Vegan Burg’s burgers would be a pity.

A must-try on the menu is the Smoky BBQ burger. Tucked between two fluffy gluten free organic buns are thick and succulent mushrooms slathered with vegan cheese and tangy BBQ sauce, layers of crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes and generous servings of pickles.

If you are starting a vegan diet, Vegan Burg is the place to visit.

gluten free savoury crepes from entre nous

3. Entre-Nous Crepe

At Entre-Nous Crepes, all crepes are offered in a gluten free buckwheat variety or organic wheat flour.

Personally, my favourite is the buckwheat crepe with flambéed scallops and creamy leek fondue. Savoury, yet not too heavy on the stomach, this meal is best paired with the artisanal French apple ciders served in the traditional “bolee”. Bon appétit, a la France!

Gluten Free desserts from Johnathan's

4. Jonathan’s

Bread lovers out there who have to stick to a gluten free diet, rejoice! Presenting Jonathan’s, Singapore’s first purely gluten free kitchen, where the chefs pride themselves on having zero risk of contamination.

Currently, Jonathan’s are only taking online orders, but I guess that is a plus for you if you like your food delivered to your doorstep.

gluten free pastries at Delcie's

5. Delcie’s Desserts

Going gluten free doesn’t have to mean going dessert free. At Delcie’s, gorge on organic, vegan and allergy friendly pastries.

Delcie’s even go the extra mile to cater menus specific to babies, the elderly, and people with wheat allergy. Perfect for throwing birthday parties and located just outside Boon Keng MRT.

gluten free soup from The Soup Spoon

6. The Soup Spoon

Not gonna lie, I am an extremely lazy person (all my friends will concur), and travelling distance is one of the key factors when deciding where to eat.

Thankfully, The Soup Spoon is here to save the day. The Soup Spoon has 20 outlets islandwide at last count, and an outlet in most major shopping centres like Paragon, Jem, and Suntec City.

They have a detailed menu specifying calorie count, dietary preferences and chef recommendations to help you choose your feel good soup.

gluten free ice creams at BrownRice icecream

7. Brownrice

After a good meal, I’ll always look for desserts. If you can relate then may I suggest Brownrice? Their ice creams are made with brown rice (no surprise here), and are therefore low calorie and low GI.

Oh and their mudpies are simply heavenly. A scoop of ice cream and mudpie for me. Wait, make that two please!

I can hear my stomach growling already and it’s not even close to noon. Looks like it’s time for some gluten free ice cream! Do tell me what you think of these places in the comments below if and when you visit!

The Mbassadors does not claim any credit for any of the above media used. All credits go to their respective owners.


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