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Summer Hill – Order That Godlike Roasted Chicken

James Chan

Summer Hill

Let’s just say you can’t miss Summer Hill (even though they’re really small) because it’s easily the prettiest eatery in the WHOLE of Sunset Way.

Looks aside (mama always said not to judge people by their looks), for a bistro located in a HDB estate, there seems to be a disconnect with their high pricing. That doesn’t stop throngs of people from coming to eat at Summer Hill though. You’ll understand why if you order the Roast Chicken.

The Food

They have an extremely simple menu with limited offerings so you don’t need to overwork your brain too much before ordering. Also, their portions are relatively big and justifies their prices. Here’s what we ordered.

summer hill mussels

Fresh Mussels Cooked in White Wine . $25

You get a generous amount of delicious and perfectly cooked mussels. Fresh, plump, sweet and juicy – everything I look out for when it comes to mussels.

Signature Roast Chicken, $23 for half, $45 for whole

This chicken is DA BOMB. It comes with a homemade sauce but honestly, I didn’t even need the sauce. The chicken is so damn good, I could eat it on its own. The mark of how good a chicken is can easily be judged by how tender the breast is. At Summer Hill? SO TENDER!

summer hill roast beef

Boneless Beef Roast, Grass Fed, $36

It’s a decent dish but I’ve honestly had better roasts in Singapore. That green chilli sauce has a slight spicy aftertaste which is a definite plus but that it.

summer hill pork collar

Roast Pork Collar, $25

Nope. Didn’t work for me. The meat, although marinated perfectly, was tough and pretty hard to go down.


Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

Yes to the Roast Chicken & the Mussels. I would come back for those two dishes for sure. Furthermore, it’s located so near to one of favorite drinking places, Stickies Bar @ Sunset! Eat, Drink, Sleep, Repeat!


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Summer Hill
Blk 106 #01-62
Clementi Street 12
Singapore 120106
Tel: 6251 5337



*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal unless otherwise stated (Ouch!)

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French for a Day

Pei Xia Ang

The 14th of July marks the day of the Storming of the Bastille, also known as Bastille Day, or the National Day of France.

Here in Singapore, there are many ways you can celebrate this day. And champagne isn’t the only thing that we have on the agenda.

To eat

Bastille Day eclairs

indulge in eclairs by L’eclair by Sarah Michelle


Loosely translated as “flash of lightning” in France, this snack is so named because of how consumers tend to finish them in a heartbeat.

Invented in the 19th Century, this pastry is very easily customisable. Flavours range from vanilla and coffee to rum and pistachio.

This Bastille Day, pop by L’Eclair by Sarah Michelle along Clemenceau Avenue for a treat! Featuring over 10 unique flavours daily, this is Singapore’s first éclair specialty shop. Classic flavours include Tahitian Vanilla and Pecans, Ispahan (rose, raspberry, lychee), and 66% Dark Chocolate.

Bastille Day crepes

crêpes were invented accidentally


The crêpe was born as an accident when 14-year-old waiter Henri Charpentier burnt a pastry intended for then Prince of Wales. Luckily, the Prince did not mind at all. In fact he liked it so much, he even bought gifts for Charpentier afterwards— what a way to get off the hook!

This “burnt pastry” can be found in many places selling French cuisine, and The Daily Roundup is one of them. The crêpes are entirely made of buckwheat flour from Britanny (the birthplace of crepes in France), while other ingredients are sourced globally.

I’ve been meaning to try their Chorizo Completè ($18), made with Iberico chorizo, French comete cheese, and sunny side up egg. It is all the ingredients for a perfect breakfast in a simple, fuss-free crêpe.

Bastille Day french wine

champagne was once associated with royalty


Most people know that champagne is so named due to its origins from Champagne France, however, fewer know that it was originally referred to as “vins de Reims”. Additionally, most are unaware that during the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries, champagne was mostly associated with royalty.

Indulge in the drink of royalty at City Space, with a breathtaking view of the city from the Swissotel. Selection of champagne range from King Grande Curvee ($420), to Don Perignon Rose ($770).

A definite must for Bastille Day, just don’t get too wasted though. Champagne somehow does that if you’re not too careful.

To Wear

Bastille Day le coq sportiff

Le Coq Sportiff

With an estimated worth of €108 million, this company had its humble beginnings in a small workshop in Champagne. Going back to their roots, the logo of a rooster is derived from the national symbol of France.

Bastille Day hermes


Thiery Hermes was born in Germany to a French father and German mother. He started out this eponymous brand with the aim of serving European noblemen. Now, Hermes has established itself in the industry as the go-to brand for quality leather goods.

Bastille Day louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Established in 1854 on Rue Neure des Capucines in Paris, France, and Louis Vuitton first started out with the  practical invention of flat-bottom trunks that are lightweight and easy to stack. Since then, Louis Vuitton has gone a long way and won the hearts of consumers who go for quality, with products ranging from shoes to watches to sunglasses.

To Do

Bastille Day at alliance francaise de singapour

Alliance Francaise de Singapour

Head down to Alliance Francaise where you can bask in all things French. Take part in quizzes to win attractive prizes, or simply try out the complementary snacks and drinks.

PS do come dressed in blue, red, or white in the spirit of Bastille Day!

Saturday 15th July, 5.30pm till 7pm

Bastille Day ginette restaurant promotions


Savour French wine and nibbles as French singer Margot Anna and her band serenade you with their live performances. As a special promotion, Ginette is also offering whole organic chicken and a bottle of Rosé for $52. Valid till 16th July.

Friday, 14th July, 7pm till 11pm

Bastille Day o comptoir

Ô Comptoir 

Party the night away in true French style with servings of crepes, galettes, cider and wines served all night long.

Saturday 15 July, 6pm till late


With so many French influences around us daily, being French for a day turns out to be not too much of a trouble after all! Happy Bastille Day!!

The Weekly Glutton (17/4 – 23/4)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Saveur positions themselves as a dining establishment that offers authentic French cuisine for an inexpensive price.
Their set lunch 3 course menu comes with an appetizer, a main and a dessert all for the price of $22.90++.
Does the not so hefty price tag come with a trade-off?
“Yes. Indeed it does”
The portions are miniscule or maybe I just eat a lot and some of the dishes did not impress me. However, their service is fast and the waiters and waitresses were really attentive (The Cathay branch).
Let’s talk about the dishes that particularly stood out

Saveur specialty pasta

Saveur’s Pasta

Note that I was super hungry by the time this arrived so I couldn’t really appreciate it to its fullest capacity.
Other than the dried shrimp generously sprinkled as a garnish to give it texture and flavor, this is a simple dish with great taste.

Saveur duck confit

Duck Confit

Duck confit is homologous to French cuisine and no French restaurant should ever mess it up.
Saveur doesn’t disappoint with this savory dish. You can taste the delicious duck fat that’s been used to cook the meat. The mash and slices of orange give a good balance to the stronger and fuller flavors of the duck and mushrooms.
I’d recommend this to anyone visiting for the first time.

Saveur pork belly

Pork Belly

On the other hand, there’s the Pork Belly. This is a disaster. I’m trying to find something decent to comment about this dish but nope I’m coming up empty.
The crackling wasn’t crispy or how we Singaporeans like to say “It was lao hong”.
The stew the pork was swimming in was a tad blend.
Probably the only decent thing about this was the egg but honestly, who can mess up cooking an egg?
Avoid ordering this at all cost. You have been warned. There’re beans in it too (beans create gas pockets in your stomach and probably not an office friendly thing to consume)
That aside, you won’t ever find French cuisine in Singapore that’s as affordable as Saveur. Give the Pork Belly a wide berth and you’ll have a good time.

Saveur Cathay
2 Handy Road #01-11/12
The Cathay
Singapore 229233
Make your booking today!


Saveur Far East
14 Scotts Road #01-07B
Singapore 228213
Make your booking today!


Saveur Purvis
5 Purvis Street #01-04
Singapore 188584
Make your booking today!



*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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