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An Honest Bowl of Prawn Mee

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (16/10-23/10)

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Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle bowl

Traditional Prawn Noodle

I suppose each one of us have different preferences when it comes to our favorite food. Some of us prefer the traditional taste, while others prefer the more modern adaptation. I for one favor the traditional, no-frills dishes, and the Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle is one of such places.

Here, they serve simple, fuss-free servings of prawn mee, each bowl capturing the essence of a honest bowl of prawn noodles.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle signboard

The menu at Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle was simple. Just 4 options of prawn mee to choose from: traditional, with pork ribs, with pigs tail, or with jumbo prawns. Most options allow for customers to choose the size of the portions that they want, and a soup or dry version.

We decided to go with the traditional prawn mee, but ordered a bowl of dry mee and soup mee for comparison.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle the soup

The soup

When I first tasted the soup, I loved the rich, authentic taste of the prawn broth. This was unlike other places that you can taste the addition of MSG to the soup.

Admittedly, the addition of MSG gives the soup a “kick” that was a bit lacking here, but as I am all for sticking to authentic flavours, you won’t hear any complains from me here.

To top it off, the broth was commendably not too salty or oily, especially taking into account the fact that we ordered yellow noodles.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle gif

The noodles

The noodles were of just the right texture— not too soft or overly chewy. In fact, they even carried a certain springiness that we really enjoyed.

However, my favourite kind of prawn mee is the dry version, as each bite is always packed with so much flavour. Tossed in chilli sauce and perfectly al dente, the noodles were gone in a blink.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle prawn close up

The prawns

Arguably the star of the dish, (I mean it’s called PRAWN MEE for a reason) the prawns here were succulent and fresh. We ordered the regular ones, and each prawn was already so plump and meaty.

Imagine the JUMBO PRAWNS!!!

Plus, the prawns here come peeled for you so you don’t have to struggle with it!

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle pork

The pork

Thinly sliced and carrying just the right amount of fat, the pork strips go really well with the prawn mee. They add texture to the bowl of noodles.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle garnish

The garnish

Having garnishing adds a special flavour to each bowl of prawn mee. It defines a stall’s signature taste. The garnishing here was unpretentious— shallots, lard, and other ingredients. The shallots and lard, coupled with the crunchy beansprouts and kang kong made every bite of noodles a delight. Not to forget the sinful chunks of lards mixed with chilli, heightening  the umami sensation.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle wholesome meal


Even if you prefer the modern adaptation of prawn mee to the traditional, do still drop by Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle for an honest bowl of noodles. Greeted with warm smiles and a yummy bowl of noodles, one is sure to leave satisfied.

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle store front

Old Hokkien Prawn Noodle
Address: 517 Geylang Rd
Singapore 389473
Tel: +65 9663 3633
Opening Hours: Tuesdays- Sundays 9am-3am

Poké Bowl – Fresh, Clean Eating

Pei Xia Ang

Poké Bowls haven’t exactly hit Singapore by storm but it’s slowly catching on with the locals in terms of popularity. Pronounced poh-kay, it is the Hawaiian verb for “to slice or cut” and originates from… you guessed it! Hawaii!

Usually served with slices of seasoned fish on top of leafy greens, poké is a common Hawaiian appetiser. I don’t know about you but I like it, ALOT.

Health Benefits to Eating Poké

1. Healthy Ingredients

Poké bowl fresh fish

Fresh Fish

Fish is one of the key ingredients to poké, and it is a great fix for your daily source of protein.

On top of that, fish has essential fatty acids like omega that helps to improve brain function. The fatty acids also helps to play a part in improving cardiovascular health, and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level.

Poké bowl raw vegetables

Raw Vegetables

Vegetables are high in fibre and are a great help for regular bowel movements. They have a low caloric count, in fact, 4 ounces of poké has less than 150 calories.

2. Customisable

Selection of Base

Poké may be a Hawaiian appetiser, but here in Asia, they are typically served as a main course.

Depending on how hungry you are, you can select a base which fills you best. For a heavier meal, go for rice, or if you are feeling less hungry, salad. The best way to have a meal when all your friends want different things, I should say.

Poké bowl colourful


One of the main appeals of poké is that it gives you the creative freedom to choose the ingredients that you want to personalise your own meal.

From the bright colours of red cherry tomatoes and canary yellow of pineapples, to the more earthy browns of almonds and walnuts, the combination of colours are simply endless.

Quick and Easy

Poké is a great choice for individuals who want a meal that doesn’t take too much time to prepare or to wash up. All that is required in the preparation process is to cut the ingredients. Since there wasn’t much kitchen utensils used, washing up is also minimal.

3. Places to Try Poké

Poké bowl at aloha poke

Aloha Poké

Believed to be one of the first few companies to start the poké trend in Singapore, Aloha Poké offers fresh, tasty poké. What started out as a simple idea by 2 couples who wished to bring a taste of Hawaii back to Singapore, Aloha Poké established its authenticity by catering to Hawaiian customers who love the taste.

Poké bowl aloha poke bowl

I had the delight of trying out Aloha Poké as my first bowl of poké, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was pleasantly surprised at the generous portions, not just for the vegetables, but for the salmon cubes too. The ingredients used were very fresh— you can tell from the leafy greens of the vegetables to the pinkish hue of the salmon.

To complete my healthy meal, I ordered fresh coconut juice from a selection of juices. Complete. Satisfaction.

Poké bowl poke doke for fresh fish

Poké Doke

With fresh fish sourced daily, superb service, and wonderful ambience, Poké Doke knows what it takes to have end-to-end customer service. The food here maintains the standard of good quality, and waiters are friendly and approachable.

For the spice-lovers out there you guys have got to try the Spicy Almighty. Made with American-style spicy mayo, Japanese mayo and hot sauce, and topped with Togarashi spice, this is one mean bowl of poké!

Poké bowls at alter ego as a healthy choice

Alter Ego

The team behind Alter Ego totally gets it when there are days that you want to eat healthy but don’t know what to get. At Alter Ego, choose from 5 pre-set options, with prices ranging from $14 to $17 a bowl. Vegan options available too.

If you’re still unsure which of the 5 to get, we recommend The Wildcard. (pardon the expression) This dish features their best-selling marinade, and comes with avocado miso tuna on sushi rice. As an indulgent treat, the bowl is topped with ikura, tobiko, and seasonal picked veggies.

But hey, don’t just take our words for it, go try them out for yourselves!


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