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llaollao Says It Has Nothing To Do With Yole Froyo

James Chan

Llaollao Singapore Speaks

Early this morning, llaollao Singapore issued a statement stating that they “have absolutely nothing to do with Yole Frozen Yoghurt”. It was only just but a couple of days ago that Yole took over all 29 llaollao outlets while llaollao quietly and abruptly exited the froyo scene. You can check out the article we wrote about Yole HERE !

In the article, I actually did a comparison between llaollao’s and Yole’s yoghurts and I found Yole’s froyo to be slightly sweeter. There’s a clear definition between their tastes but I’m assuming not everyone got the memo.

llaollao has nothing to do with yole

Drama In The Froyo Arena

To be honest, I smell some corporate drama brewing. To quote llaollao’s statement directly,

“Additionally, we would like to emphasize that we have absolutely nothing to do with Yolé Frozen Yogurt. It is a totally new brand in the frozen yogurt market that does not exist in Europe, even though it has been advertised as such.”

Dang, talk about being savage. But if it’s indeed false advertising, it’s but only fair that our local people be told the truth no?

llaollao froyo

Good News Singapore

Fun fact? In their Facebook post (which can be viewed HERE) llaollao clearly states that they “are far from finished in Singapore” and they will be back with new stores across the country soon, very soon.

They urge fans to stay tuned to their social networks as they will be back “sooner than you can expect”. Here, I’ll save you the trouble and link you to their PAGE HERE.

As of yet (13/12/17, 2pm), Yole Singapore has not issued any rebuttal or response to llaollao’s statement. Does silence mean consent?

llaollao story similar to gong cha

Coincidence or?

If you recall, Gong Cha had a similar story. We’re ecstatic that they’re back, don’t get me wrong, we even wrote about their return in glee (Check out that article HERE) but then doubt clouds my mind as I wonder whether this is a new marketing gimmick or trend that we’re going to be seeing often here in Singapore. I for one, am not for it. They can’t play with our hearts like that. It’s just cruel.


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Does Yole Taste the Same as llaollao?

James Chan

Sayonara llaollao!

Froyo dessert giants, llaollao, ceased all operations this morning and made way for another European froyo brand called Yole (It’s pronounced yo-lay).

My heart can’t take this stress. First it was Gong Cha, now llaollao. It seems like just yesterday when I was walking past a llaollao outlet at Plaza Singapura and resisted the urge to get myself a small cup of goodness (wait, it really was just yesterday!). Alas, I won’t be able to have a mental battle with their brand anymore.

The question that begs to be answered is this: “Can Yole live up to the tremendous pressure and expectations?” We had to check them out to be sure.

llaollao and yole similarities


Prices range from $4.90 (for a small cup of froyo with one topping) to $6.90 (for a large cup with three toppings). Sounds vaguely familiar no? Oh, and that blue spoon is very reminiscent of its predecessor even if I do say so myself. They ran out of the original flavored froyo so I was left with the Strawberry froyo.

Tasting Notes

For a small cup, you get to choose one topping and I opted for pumpkin seeds to give the froyo a little added texture. I must say the Straberry Froyo is a little on the sweeter spectrum but nevertheless I felt the seeds gave it a well-needed bitterness. I can’t imagine pairing it with even sweeter toppings…. which brings us to the next thing I ordered.

llaollao yole ibiza


I have the feeling it’s called Ibiza to link their parfaits to paradise. You have two options to choose from. A mini, $5.50 or a large, $6.95. I ordered the large.

Tasting Notes

The toppings I chose were Kiwi, Strawberry (I have no idea why i chose strawberry for a strawberry froyo), granola chips and an extremely generous amount of mango sauce. There’s one word that could truthfully describe how it tasted, diabetic. It was so sweet. OMG! I couldn’t even finish it and maybe my hands were really warm or something but within less than 7 minutes, the froyo lost all its structural integrity to become this (refer to image below)

llaollao yole melts fast

To be fair, I have yet to try their Original Froyo and I’m not one who possesses a sweet tooth. If you are, Yole is the place for you my friend. I recommend starting with the Tubs and progress to the Ibiza when you’ve leveled up.

If you want to beat the queue, try going during office hours. It’s a whole lot faster!



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