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Let’s Get A Hokey Bowl @ Hokey Poki, The New Joint At FOMO Singapore

James Chan

Hokey Poki

What’s in a Hokey bowl? Let’s just say it’s totally up to you because you get to pick and choose. While the concept might sound familiar to some Japanese/Hawaiian fusion f&b outlets (that have huge spiders found in their bowls). Hokey Poki is totally different with their product offerings catered to the local Singaporean palate (and definitely no spiders).

Hokey Poki Signboard

The Food

There are 11 different mains to select. Of course you have your standard Salmon Poke Bowl BUT be spoiled for choice with selections like Laksa Mentai Soft Shell Crab, Sambal Shishamo and Wasabi Mayo Chicken!

If you thought that was all, you can even choose your own base (Salad, Purple Rice (Hot/Cold), Quinoa and Cold Cha Soba) !

Hokey Poki Salmon Poke

Salmon Poke with Cold Cha Soba, $10.90

Seasoned Salmon Cubes with Mango, Jellyfish and Onsen Egg

There’s a lot of different flavour profiles in this dish but somehow everything blends together perfectly. The soba was nice and firm (not to mention tasty), the salmon was fresh, the onsen egg accentuated the nice creamy texture of the salmon and for $10.90 you get a really generous amount of salmon and jellyfish!

 Hokey Poki Sambal Shishamo

Sambal Shishamo with Hot Purple Rice, $11.90

Grilled Shishamo with Asian Spicy Sauce and Seasoned Seaweed

Purple rice is something new to me. Apparently, it possesses antioxidants (a trait that brown rice does not have) and I honestly think it tastes way better than brown rice. Moving on to the Shishamo, 2 words – SUPER TASTY. But then again, Shishamo isn’t for everyone. If you like Shishamo, the Shishamo here is really good! This dish is slightly spicy so just a quick heads up.

Hokey Poki Sushi Taco

Sushi Taco, $5.90 For 1 / $7.90 For 2

The Sushi Taco has been gaining popularity this year. Choose from a selection of 10 savoury Sushi Tacos at Hokey Poki! We tried the Cheesy Prawn, Otah, Sambal Soft Shell Crab and Shishamo Sushi Tacos.

The amazing thing about the Sushi Taco at Hokey Poki is that the tasty Seaweed Taco Shell doesn’t break when you bite into it because it’s being held together by a light tempura batter!

Hokey Poki Smores Taco

But wait, there’s more! Hokey Poki has AN AMAZING CREATION for all dessert lovers! The S’mores Taco! Nothing can go wrong with marshmallows and chocolate yeah? But to up their game, they make their marshmallows in house! This is a definite MUST TRY!

Hokey Poki Soft Shell Crab Taco

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Tasty rice bowls at affordable prices, serves taco sushis and that DELECTABLE S’MORES TACO? Hokey Poki gets a HELL YEAH from me.


Hokey Poki
FOMO Singapore
38 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198486 
Tel : 9817 3889


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BAOBAO – Where Traditional Baos Get A Huge (Healthy) Makeover And We Likey

James Chan


What the good people at BAOBAO have done is to take something so simple and obscure – the common bao (steamed bun) and give it an extreme makeover to cater to the ever evolving palates of the Singaporean people.

While people may be adverse to change, this is definitely a change I can live with (for a leaner and thinner me). Goodbye Char Siew, farewell Kong Bak, you won’t be missed.

baobao more baos

The Food

Currently offering 6 different flavoured Baos, each Bao comes with a generous portion of meat, veggies and awesome homemade sauce! You are also promised the freshest Bao experience as they get their ingredients delivered to them every morning!

Head’s up though, it’s gonna get a little messy.

baobao pulled pork

Pulled Pork Bao, $3.90

The thing about pulled pork in most places is that it tends to be over-the-top salty. But at BAOBAO, it’s just right! Not to mention how juicy and tender the meat is.

 baobao spicy beef

Spicy Beef Bao, $3.90

I like spice and I love beef so I might be a little biased for this one. So it will come as no surprise when I say that this was my favourite! The juiciness and tenderness of the Australian Beef Brisket was consistent in comparison to the pulled pork and the cucumbers provided a nice textured bite (also helps to cool off the spice).

baobao fish tempura

Fish Tempura Bao, $3.90

The tempura batter on that slice of dory fish gave this bao a nice crunch. Dory fish doesn’t have that strong fishy aftertaste and that delectable coriander and parsley sauce is just yums (trust me it’s quite addictive). With the fluffy Bao dough however, everything felt too soft. I think it would go better with the rice bowls.

baobao chicken masala

Chicken Masala Rice Bowl, $7.90

For their rice bowls, you get more than double the portion of meat in the Baos, more veggies and a combination of brown, black and white rice. Sounds really healthy yeah?

The Masala taste was apparent from the first bite and the chicken was really tender. I would have loved it even more if there was a little spicy kick (refer to how I like spice under the beef bao section above).

baobao packaging

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

There were 2 more BAOBAO flavours that I had yet to try, Garlic Chicken and Portobello Mushroom. I would go back to try those and of course I would order the Spicy Beef Bao again! Priced at $3.90 per bao, it’s pretty value for money for the portions AND you’ll feel bloody bao (full) too. Trust.


Bugis Junction, B1-K10
200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021


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Does Yole Taste the Same as llaollao?

James Chan

Sayonara llaollao!

Froyo dessert giants, llaollao, ceased all operations this morning and made way for another European froyo brand called Yole (It’s pronounced yo-lay).

My heart can’t take this stress. First it was Gong Cha, now llaollao. It seems like just yesterday when I was walking past a llaollao outlet at Plaza Singapura and resisted the urge to get myself a small cup of goodness (wait, it really was just yesterday!). Alas, I won’t be able to have a mental battle with their brand anymore.

The question that begs to be answered is this: “Can Yole live up to the tremendous pressure and expectations?” We had to check them out to be sure.

llaollao and yole similarities


Prices range from $4.90 (for a small cup of froyo with one topping) to $6.90 (for a large cup with three toppings). Sounds vaguely familiar no? Oh, and that blue spoon is very reminiscent of its predecessor even if I do say so myself. They ran out of the original flavored froyo so I was left with the Strawberry froyo.

Tasting Notes

For a small cup, you get to choose one topping and I opted for pumpkin seeds to give the froyo a little added texture. I must say the Straberry Froyo is a little on the sweeter spectrum but nevertheless I felt the seeds gave it a well-needed bitterness. I can’t imagine pairing it with even sweeter toppings…. which brings us to the next thing I ordered.

llaollao yole ibiza


I have the feeling it’s called Ibiza to link their parfaits to paradise. You have two options to choose from. A mini, $5.50 or a large, $6.95. I ordered the large.

Tasting Notes

The toppings I chose were Kiwi, Strawberry (I have no idea why i chose strawberry for a strawberry froyo), granola chips and an extremely generous amount of mango sauce. There’s one word that could truthfully describe how it tasted, diabetic. It was so sweet. OMG! I couldn’t even finish it and maybe my hands were really warm or something but within less than 7 minutes, the froyo lost all its structural integrity to become this (refer to image below)

llaollao yole melts fast

To be fair, I have yet to try their Original Froyo and I’m not one who possesses a sweet tooth. If you are, Yole is the place for you my friend. I recommend starting with the Tubs and progress to the Ibiza when you’ve leveled up.

If you want to beat the queue, try going during office hours. It’s a whole lot faster!


Non-Dairy Ice Creams are a Thing?

Pei Xia Ang

Just in time for the summer, Ben and Jerry’s recently released a new line of non-dairy ice cream. I was pretty aghast when I first caught wind of it. How can non-dairy ice-cream ever replace the creamy taste of regular ice-cream?

BUT , before you brush it off, dairy free ice cream should be a godsend for those lactose intolerant individuals and vegans in the community. Non-diary means less calories too so definitely one for the weight watchers.

non-dairy ice cream ben and jerrys free cone day

1. Ben and Jerry’s

In the local context, we only think of Ben and Jerry’s when it comes to Free Cone Day (or at least that’s for me).

Aside from that though, Ben and Jerry’s is a brand that aims to “make the best possible ice cream in the best possible way” through the use of non-GMO (genetically modified) ingredients, Fairtrade cocoa, and eggs from cage free hens.

non-dairy ice cream ben and jerrys

Sample their new line of non-dairy ice creams with classic options like Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

For something new, the Coconut 7 Layer Bar sounds interesting, made up of fudge chunks, walnuts, and caramel.

non-dairy ice cream nada moo

2. Nada Moo

Nada in spanish translates to “zero”. So Nada Moo loosely translated would mean “no cow”. A pretty smart way to give themselves a brand name.

Their ice creams are pretty creamy, considering that it is dairy-free. Ice creams are low in sugar too, and no artificial sweeteners are used. For just 120 calories per serving, this is the ice cream your stomach can handle regularly.

Something for all is the Birthday Cake Cookie Dough ice cream. Cookie dough and frosted yellow cake topped with generous amounts of colorful sprinkles, this pint of ice cream may seem like a guilty snacking pleasure but wait for it, it’s only under 200 calories!!!!!

non-dairy ice cream talenti

3. Talenti

Talenti has always had Sorbetto ice cream which are non-dairy in nature. However, these Sorbettos were mostly fruit- flavored only.

Recently, they unveiled the Peanut Butter Fudge Sorbetto, a decadent treat for lovers of peanut butter and fudge. Rich and creamy, this ice cream is not only dairy free, but also gluten free, vegetarian, and kosher.

non-dairy ice cream so delicious

4. So Delicious

Ice cream by So Delicious are made with organic ingredients whenever possible. The ingredients are plant-based resulting in cholesterol-free ice cream.

To protect the environment, recycled paperboard cartons are used to package some of their products like the frozen dessert bars and sandwiches.

There are many flavors they have on offer, but there is only one which I want to highlight – The Dark Chocolate Truffle. As a replacement for regular milk, cashew milk is used as a base. Cashew milk is lower in fat content than other nuts, so eat away!!! It’s a good balance with all the chocolatey goodness packed inside it – Fairtrade cocoa, fudge and shaved chocolate bits.

non-dairy ice cream dream

5. Dream

Tasting just like a DREAM, Dream’s ice creams have a smooth finish, and does not have the grittiness or flouriness of other ice creams made from nut milk.

The regulars tend to favor the Toffee Almond Fudge. Rich, creamy, with sweet fudgy yumminess! Their Almonds are sourced from California, where one can find the best almonds in the world.

non-dairy ice cream steves

6. Steve’s

Despite the simple brand name, Steve’s ice cream has a creative and artisan touch to them.

Take for example the Burnt Sugar Vanilla, a unique taste that cannot be found in most ice cream parlours. What’s more, this coconut-based dessert is diary free, soy free, gluten free, egg free, and non GMO, so almost every one can indulge in this pint of pure bliss.

non-dairy ice cream arctic zero

7. Arctic Zero

Using only premium ingredients, this line of ice cream is all about indulgence. Additionally, there are no artificial flavours, sweeteners, or colours used, so you can rest assured that what you are eating is all natural. All their ice creams are also low glycemic, kosher, gluten, lactose and GMO free.

Treat yourself to some fat free ice cream. A good flavour to start from is Hint of Mint. Just like your regular peppermint chocolate, this ice cream is a combination of chocolate and mint for a sweet, minty treat.

non-dairy ice cream tofutti

8. Tofutti

As one of the first few brands to have non-dairy ice creams on the shelves, Tofutti paved the way for all to enjoy dairy-free ice creams in the comforts of their homes.

Selling ice creams in pints may get pretty boring after some time, which may be one of the reasons Toufutti started ice cream sandwiches. Worry not, as these ice cream sandwiches are still dairy free like all their other products. With so many options available, I’d say you should go for the Cookies ’N Cream Cookies to taste the best of what Tofutti has to offer.

non-dairy ice cream van leeuwen

9. Van Leeuwen

Started in New York, this craft creamery offers up to ten coconut cream-based flavours, all made with the freshest ingredients. Each flavour of ice cream is a celebration of artisanal flavours crafted by some of the world’s best artisan producers.

If you love matcha, then you will understand how difficult it is to locate good matcha ice cream, much less dairy free ones. Van Leeuwen has your back though. With a partnership with local tea traders and tea sourced from top growers in Japan, you know where to get your fix for matcha ice cream next time.

non-dairy ice cream luna and larry coconut bliss

10. Luna and Larry Coconut Bliss

Inspired by other cultures’ use of coconut milk in food, founders Luna and Larry wanted to experiment using coconut as a base for ice cream. Fast forward to the present, Luna and Larry now sells ice creams made from organic coconut milk that are organic, soy and gluten free, on top of being dairy free.

Learn what it feels like to be in “coconut bliss” with the Naked Coconut ice cream.

non-dairy ice cream trader joes

11. Trader Joe’s

As a substitute to dairy products, Trader Joe uses soy milk for their ice creams, giving it a smooth, creamy base.

Something unique that they have to offer is the Cherry Chocolate Chip ice cream. Made with Oregon-grown Bing cherries and real chocolate chips, this is ice cream is the perfect summer treat.


Unfortunately, most of these ice creams listed cannot be found locally, but some brands offer worldwide shipping. As an alternative, one can also purchase them online from third-party websites like Amazon.com.1

Guide To Going Gluten Free

Pei Xia Ang

In the past, the question, “is this gluten free?” would have baffled most waiters, but now a gluten free diet is a more common option among Singaporeans.

A gluten free diet means consuming foods that do not contain gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

Initially, people with gluten intolerance had to follow a gluten free diet or they would experience inflammation in their small intestines (ouch). However, now people choose a gluten free diet to enjoy benefits such as better bowel movements and weight loss.

So here’s our guide to eating the best gluten free food in Singapore!

gluten free pizza from Crust Gourmet

1. Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

Honestly, Crust Gourmet Pizza is the pizza that makes me feel less guilty when eating pizza. Their pizzas are made with the freshest, tastiest vegetables and the finest cured meats.

They also have gluten-free options for their sauces and toppings, but one would have to specify before ordering. And the best part— Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar delivers too, which means you can enjoy this gluten free meal in the comforts of your home.

gluten free burgers by vegan burg

2. Vegan Burg

A vegan burger may sound oxymoronic to meat lovers, but turning your nose up at Vegan Burg’s burgers would be a pity.

A must-try on the menu is the Smoky BBQ burger. Tucked between two fluffy gluten free organic buns are thick and succulent mushrooms slathered with vegan cheese and tangy BBQ sauce, layers of crunchy lettuce, fresh tomatoes and generous servings of pickles.

If you are starting a vegan diet, Vegan Burg is the place to visit.

gluten free savoury crepes from entre nous

3. Entre-Nous Crepe

At Entre-Nous Crepes, all crepes are offered in a gluten free buckwheat variety or organic wheat flour.

Personally, my favourite is the buckwheat crepe with flambéed scallops and creamy leek fondue. Savoury, yet not too heavy on the stomach, this meal is best paired with the artisanal French apple ciders served in the traditional “bolee”. Bon appétit, a la France!

Gluten Free desserts from Johnathan's

4. Jonathan’s

Bread lovers out there who have to stick to a gluten free diet, rejoice! Presenting Jonathan’s, Singapore’s first purely gluten free kitchen, where the chefs pride themselves on having zero risk of contamination.

Currently, Jonathan’s are only taking online orders, but I guess that is a plus for you if you like your food delivered to your doorstep.

gluten free pastries at Delcie's

5. Delcie’s Desserts

Going gluten free doesn’t have to mean going dessert free. At Delcie’s, gorge on organic, vegan and allergy friendly pastries.

Delcie’s even go the extra mile to cater menus specific to babies, the elderly, and people with wheat allergy. Perfect for throwing birthday parties and located just outside Boon Keng MRT.

gluten free soup from The Soup Spoon

6. The Soup Spoon

Not gonna lie, I am an extremely lazy person (all my friends will concur), and travelling distance is one of the key factors when deciding where to eat.

Thankfully, The Soup Spoon is here to save the day. The Soup Spoon has 20 outlets islandwide at last count, and an outlet in most major shopping centres like Paragon, Jem, and Suntec City.

They have a detailed menu specifying calorie count, dietary preferences and chef recommendations to help you choose your feel good soup.

gluten free ice creams at BrownRice icecream

7. Brownrice

After a good meal, I’ll always look for desserts. If you can relate then may I suggest Brownrice? Their ice creams are made with brown rice (no surprise here), and are therefore low calorie and low GI.

Oh and their mudpies are simply heavenly. A scoop of ice cream and mudpie for me. Wait, make that two please!

I can hear my stomach growling already and it’s not even close to noon. Looks like it’s time for some gluten free ice cream! Do tell me what you think of these places in the comments below if and when you visit!

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