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The Weekly Glutton (29/5 – 04/6)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Souvlaki Gyromania – The Authentic Greek Food

Fancy a place you’d like to PIG OUT over the week?

Studies have proven that MEDITTARANIAN CUISINE (GREEK FOOD) has the potential to lower the risk of you being afflicted with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol. It can also increase your life span and lower the chances of weight gain.

We’ve singled out Souvlaki Gyromania JUST FOR YOU MEAT LOVERS OUT THERE!

The Food

I know that Greek food should be healthy but my actual experience with their dishes created a huge disconnect between what I knew and reality.

Every bite I took, though incredibly tasty, felt heavy and sinful. I found myself constantly doing a mental note to run a couple of extra miles over the course of the week.

Meat Platter for 4 persons, $156.80

(4 pcs lamb chops, 4 pcs Salonika beef soutzoukaki, 4 pcs Salonika chicken soutzoukaki, chicken gyro, pork gyro, fried potatoes , pita bread, tzatziki, melitzanosalata, tyrokafteri)

Souvlaki gyromania meat platter

Them Greeks be crazy. There were 6 of us (all guys) and everyone felt like they couldn’t walk after the meal even though it was supposedly for 4 people. We’re talking huge portions here so the hefty price tag is justifiable.

Souvlaki gyromania platter

They served the pita bread with tzatziki (strained greek yoghurt), melitzanosalata (spicy eggplant), tyrokafteri (feta cheese) dips. I really liked the yoghurt and cheese dips but it’s so sinful. OMG. Not to mention, there’s free flow pita bread so go crazy! But don’t leave any wastage, that’s not nice.

As this meat platter is a combination of different meat dishes in the menu, the one thing that stood out was definitely the lamp chops. I’ve NEVER IN MY LIFE had lamb so tender and juicy before.

Souvlaki gyromania main course

Lamb is a really flavorful and strong meat. If not done properly, it can have a rather “gamey” after taste in your mouth. At Souvlaki Gyromania, the lamb is perfect.

The other meats were decent but paled in comparison to the lamb.

Imagine having a big group of guests to host over the week and you’re all out to impress. Souvlaki Gyromania will be your best bet to make a lasting impression. The food’s great, the ambience is perfect for sharing a meal and engaging in casual conversation with one another and everyone goes home full and content.

If you’re driving, park a good distance away so you can take a slow stroll back to the car for digestion purposes.

Souvlaki gyromania dessert

The lunch crowd can be a little overwhelming at times. So make your reservations ASAP.

Unfortunately they don’t accept reservations through Chope or Hungry Go Where, so just give them digits a ring. They’re extremely friendly and accommodating.


Souvlaki Gyromania
Address: 9 CIRCULAR Rd Boat Quay, 049365
Tel: 9711 1298
Opening Hours: 12–10PM



*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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When in Manila, Mecha Uma!


I still remembered my first time visiting Mecha Uma and savoring the flavorful bite of its tuna tartare. It was so good that I always come back to the restaurant whenever I am in Manila.

Mecha Uma signboard

Global Cuisine with Japanese Influence

Helmed by Chef Bruce Ricketts, Mecha Uma serves modern Japanese-fusion styled tapas with focus on high quality ingredients. The restaurant also serves Chef’s Tasting Menu (Omakase Style). This needs to be booked in advance as there are limited quantities served per day.

My friend and I did a walk in at 6 PM on Tuesday and by some miracle, we got a table. The restaurant was full really quickly!

Small Bites with a Punch

Mecha Uma small tuna bites

Talking about the food, we definitely started with my favorite dish – tuna, foie gras mousse, pineapple and pink peppercorn sandwiched in coconut biscuit (380 PhP). There are only 2 pieces of this per serving so you will have to order more in case there are more than 2 people. Lots of flavors are packed into this dish. The thin coconut biscuit is sweet and this adds another great touch to an interesting bite. Definitely a must order here.

Mecha Uma salty and sour scallop dish

The second dish was scallop, Japanese fruit tomato, quinoa, mecha XO, tomato jus (380 PhP). This dish is salty and sour – it has that similar taste to a ceviche.

Mecha Uma raw salmon mixed with fresh ingredients

Salmon gochuzuke, barley, compressed egg yolk, sake roe, toasted roots and stems, sesame (390 PhP) made up the 3rd dish.

The fresh ingredients were mixed with raw salmon resulting in a dish that was quite surprising. It was nothing like a sashimi you’d expect from a traditional Japanese sushi place.

Mecha Uma lightly grilled octopus with dessing

The fourth dish was grilled octopus, polenta, onion, pickled corn and water cress (420 PhP). A very nice take on the octopus here. Good job Chef!

Main Courses to Share

Mecha Uma beef skewers

We ordered two main courses to share. The first was Wagyu cheek kushiyaki, crunchy vegetable, cardamom and carrot top salsa verde, mustard and raisin puree (420 PhP). This is basically the grilled wagyu cheek skewer. The sauce was slightly sweet and the meat was tender.

Mecha Uma grilled lamb shank

Our second main was apple glazed lamb shanks with ume, Szechuan pepper cream and carrot juice (650 PhP). The Szechuan peppers gave this sweet dish a refreshing spiciness to it.

Unimpressive Cocktails

Mecha Uma cocktails

Mecha Uma names all their cocktails in Japanese and are reinterpretations of the classics. My first order was Genji (Bourbon, Umeshu Yamasaki, X-Mas syrup, orange and Angostura bitter, 440 PhP).

Mecha Uma yojimbo cocktail

The second one was Yojimbo (Capel, Sudachi, Cointreau, chocolate bitter and egg white, 490 PhP). Unfortunately, both were nothing to write home about.

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Mecha Uma fried rice

The food at Mecha Uma is full of flavors. The use of fresh ingredients and creative presentations of the small bites make this place stand out from typical tapas or sushi restaurants. I really like the tuna and the other small dishes. In my view, Mecha Uma is a terrific place to come share some bites with friends after work. The only downside is that its cocktails are not as good as the food. I will definitely come back again just to eat the tuna though.

Mecha Uma
25th street, between 5th & 6th Avenue, RCBC Savings Bank Corporate Center, Bonifacio South, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines, Phone: +632 801-2770


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