Chocolates for a Cause

Pei Xia Ang

With a rising number of chocolate companies giving back to society, I feel that it is my journalistic duty to help raise awareness for these unsung heroes and hope you enjoy these chocolates for a cause in the process. But at the end of the day, who doesn’t love chocolate?

chocolates askinosie


Made with all-natural ingredients from directly sourced origins, experience a rich and velvety taste in chocolates like never before.

Furthermore, ingredients from Askinosie chocolates are from local communities and all their revenue is funnelled to provide healthy, daily lunches for the local schoolchildren. Aww!

chocolates Alter Eco

2. Alter Eco

A worthy munch would be their Dark Blackout chocolate, with an initial creamy feel, followed by a light, floral and cherry flavour.

Although, in efforts to be a carbon negative business, Alter Eco uses compostable packaging, leaving no toxic residue behind. This also helps make the environment less polluted.

chocolates Righteously Raw

3. Righteously Raw Chocolate

Introducing guilt-free snacking with Righteously Raw Chocolate’s 90% Cacao Goji Bar. Coated with smooth dark chocolate with juicy berries and luscious figs in the center, this is one snack you can’t miss.

Righteously Raw Chocolate strives to achieve their vision of giving back to the less fortunate in the form of money and/or chocolates, in partnership with other like-minded organisations. Therefore, if you feel like doing a good deed and being sinful at the same time, your answer lies here.

chocolates The Grenada Chocolate Company

4. Grenada Chocolate Company (GCC)

With specially extracted cocoa butter, the chocolates at GCC have a luxurious extra richness and a deep, intense fruity flavor unique to their brand.

Besides being Fair Trade, the GCC uses a sustainable transport system. Even after travelling across 4,600 miles for over 3 months on an old-fashioned ship with no engine, the chocolates still taste fresh like it was produced just the day before. Is that way it’s a little salty? I kid, I kid.

chocolates Rescue Chocolate

5. Rescue Chocolate

The cure to a bad day usually lies in chocolates, peanut butter, and the presence of a dog. In fact, the creative crew at Rescue Chocolates are one step ahead of you with their Peanut Butter Pit Bull Chocolate.

Rescue Chocolate then gives the profits to animal support charities, raising awareness to the needs of unwanted pets.

chocolates Endangered Species Chocolate

6.  Endangered Species Chocolate

As the name implies, Endangered Species Chocolate raises awareness about animals facing extinction. The chocolates come with a photograph of animals and an informative section about them.

In fact, if you love mint chocolate, try their Dark Chocolate with Peppermint Crunch, where dark chocolate, peppermint, and cocoa nibs combine forces to give a fun, crunchy snack. Don’t worry, they don’t use real animals!

chocolates Laughing Moon Chocolate

7. Laughing Moon Chocolates

The effort that goes into making Laughing Moon Chocolates is no joking matter (Get it?). The chocolates are meticulously handmade and ingredients are mostly sourced from local areas. However, at the end of the day, the homemade marshmallow and caramel seems worthy for my belly.


All these talk about chocolates, but no chocolate to eat. Therefore, let me link you up with their respective sites and GOOOO CRAZY!!! However, eat in moderation. Too much of a good thing can have adverse effects on your health. Trust.


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