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26@Marina, Great Food@Marina

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (18/9-24/9)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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26@Marina store


I was in the Marina Bay Sands area, and famished. At that point, all I knew was that I wanted food.

Shuffling my leaden legs forward, I stumbled upon the unassuming establishment of 26@Marina.

As I was pondering the number of sides that would satiate my rumbling stomach, I was introduced to Carol. She gave some choice recommendations, and made sure I left in contentment.

26@Marina crispy pork belly

Crispy Pork Belly Salsa ($13.90)

Carrying just the right amount of fat, each slice of pork belly had a crisp, golden-brown cracking. I especially love it when the fat just melted in my mouth!

26@Marina sambal belacan

Feeling that a little something was amiss, I added some chilli, and that sealed the deal for me. The homemade chilli sauce helped bring out the flavour of the dish, and at the same time added a punch to the dish.

Aptly named Ooh La La Belachan Chilli, it is made with a special homemade recipe and is up for sale at $8 a bottle, but produced in limited quantities. Naturally, they sell out pretty quickly.

26@Marina stuffed mushrooms

Stuffed Mushroom ($11.90)

The dish was simple, but after I had my first bite, I knew this was not your regular stuffed mushrooms. This was when Carol explained that this dish was made with her own secret recipe, consisting of chopped sausages and bacon, giving you that juicy goodness that just OOZES out!

26@Marina stuffed mushrooms artistic shot

This is the dish that has stood the test of time at 26@Marina, and remains a crowd favourite even after all these years.

26@Marina sausage and pork chop

U.S. Pork Chop and Sausage ($12.90)

By this time, the angry rumbling in my stomach has subsided, but when my main was served, my jaw dropped. The portions were so huge!

26@Marina pork chop and sausage artistic shot

The sausage was large and juicy, and was filling enough to be served as a main in itself! Imported from the States, the meat was hearty and satisfying to the last bite. For the pork chop, it was well-seasoned accompanied with a nice, herb-y taste.

On the other hand, the fries by the side did not cut it for me, as they were a tad too bland.

Others to try

If you have diet restrictions, other bestsellers include the beer-battered dory, classic cheeseburger, and spicy hot wings.

26@Marina happy hour pricing


Savour a refreshing pint of Archipelago Blonde Ale or a can of Tiger White or Tiger Black. Happy hour here starts as early as 12pm, and drinks go for as cheap as $23 a jug. Only available on Mondays to Thursdays though, from 12pm to 8pm.

26@Marina view of marina bay sands


As I finished the last of my meal, it occurred to me that this was a fantastic spot for a gathering with friends. Additionally, they offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, serve superb bites. All these with a KILLER view of Marina Bay.

The staff were friendly and very accommodating, and I would most definitely be making a trip back in the near future. Until next time!

26@Marina decor

Address: Satay by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive
Singapore 018953
Tel: 6702 0739
Opening Hours: 11am-11.30pm


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Long Chim – Legit Thai Street Food


As a Thai, I am always in search of good authentic Thai food in Singapore. Although there are many Thai restaurants in the little red dot, there are unfortunately few of them that are really good. Today, I am proud to present to you another favorite Thai restaurant of mine – Long Chim by David Thompson.

Long Chim means try or taste the food in Thai. It serves unpretentious Thai street food which are tasty and some uncommon here in a restaurant setting. The restaurant is helmed by David Thompson, whose restaurant ‘Nahm’ in Bangkok was ranked 37th best restaurant in the world by San Pellegrino 2017 and No. 5 in Asia.

Street Food Goodness

Long Chim offers diners modest Thai street food served in simple plates and bowls. The restaurant ambience and quirky decoration gives the place a fun and cheerful vibe.

Interesting Menu

I have tried Long Chim in MBS a few times and have also visited the branch in Perth once. I have to commend David Thompson for his choices and creativity. The menu is split into 3 zones: starter, Aharn-Jarn-Diao (individual dish) and Gap-Khao (food to share). If you cannot decide, you can opt for a set menu (called Ma Long Chim), which is available for minimum 2 persons per order.

Authentic Thai Flavors

long chim Miang Kham as starters

We ordered Miang Kham (dried prawns, ginger, toasted coconut, in betel leaves, $14) as a starter. The Miang Kham was wrapped and prepared for you so all you need to do is just putting it in your mouth. I decided to order this for my friends as it is not a common dish to have here in Singapore. 2 Singaporean friends who have been to Thailand many times admitted that they had not eaten Miang Kham before. The flavors burst inside our mouth – really great starter to whet your appetite. (I notice that Miang Kham is quite common in Australia though.)

For the main course, we ordered roast duck red curry ($24), grilled tilapia in salt crust ($34) and fried sun dried squid in garlic and peppercorn ($26) to share. We had the three dishes together with Thai jasmine rice. All the 3 dishes were very tasty – something quite surprising for Thai restaurants of this setting in Singapore.


long chim roast duck red curry for main course

roast duck red curry ($24)

long chim fish

grilled tilapia in salt crust ($34)

long chim fried sun dried squid for main course

fried sun dried squid in garlic and peppercorn ($26)

Superb Desserts

long chim banana roti for desserts

banana roti ($12)

We had banana roti ($12) and mango with sticky rice ($14) for desserts. It’s my first time having Thai rotis in Singapore. Long Chim’s version is really great as it is not too sweet. The price is about 10 times the one you get on the streets of Thailand though.

long chim mango with sticky rice for desserts

mango with sticky rice ($14)

The mango with sticky rice is good although I’d say there are already many places selling good mango with sticky rice in Singapore at half price.

Happy Hour

The Happy Hour is from 12 PM – 8 PM daily. You can order selected cocktails with some Thai inspiration at $10++. If you are not a cocktail fans, you can also order bottled beer from either Chang or Leo at the same price too.

long chim refreshing 555 drink

I ordered 555 (or Ha-Ha-Ha as pronounced in Thai). This drink of laughter is basically fortified wine & gin combined with fresh coriander, lemon and cucumber. It was quite refreshing and a pretty good deal for the price.

Long Chim serving simple yet tasty food


Long Chim serves authentic Thai street food with dishes that you will barely get in Singapore. The food is simple, yet very tasty. The prices are quite high considering the type of food you get but then they are also lower than the other celebrity chef’s restaurants in the MBS. My only gripe about the place is that the serving is pretty small. I remember the portion of Prin’s Noodle I had at Long Chim Perth and it’s much larger. In fact it was so large that I could not even finish it (I also ordered a starter before the noodle).

I’d totally recommend this place to anyone looking for authentic Thai food in Singapore. It’s also very spacious and this makes it a perfect choice for a party or an event.

Long Chim 
Address: The Shoppes
10 Bayfront Avenue, #02-02, Atrium 2 The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018955
Tel: 6688 7299
Operating Hours: 12-11pm daily


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