Lava Style OMUrice Is Everything You Ever Want @ OMU Singapore

James Chan

OMU Singapore

Following their success in Bangkok, Thailand (with 6 branches spread across the land of smiles), OMU opens its first outlet in Singapore! I say first outlet because I’m pretty sure there will be more to come. With long, snaking queues that stretch all the way to the Esplanade MRT station (on occasion), expansion is but a natural phenomenon.

So what’s got Singaporeans so riled up? It’s just Omurice! Or so I thought when I stepped into OMU Singapore. Then came the Lava Style Omurice. Suddenly, everything became crystal clear.

The Food

AT OMU Singapore, you’re spoilt for choice with numerous omurice offerings in different sauces. There’s Tomato Sauce, Demiglace Sauce, Curry Sauce, Cream Sauce & Japanese Style Sauce to choose from.

The thing I want to touch on most is that Lava Style Omurice. It’s a special way of making omelets where the surface of the egg is cooked but the inside is half cooked, borderline runny, creamy and full of texture. It’s really enjoyable to break the surface of the omelet to allow its beautiful interior to break free of the mold. I’m told that the chefs undergo intensive training in order to master this art.

With that in mind, you’d think that the dishes might be slightly steep on the wallet but the most expensive item on the menu is capped at $14.80 (excludes additional toppings or opting for the lava style omurice). That’s probably another reason why there’s a long queue.

Pork Hamburger Steak Omurice with Demiglace Sauce, $13.80

I obviously opted for the lava style version (trust me when I say it’ll be an additional $2 well spent). Boy oh boy. Best decision EVER! You’ve got a semi runny egg yolk enveloping a bed of tomato fried rice. And then there’s the sauce. That savory demiglace sauce is a sure fire winner. It’s not overly sweet with a hint of sourness and highly addictive. I could drink it like a soup even! Drizzle that over that perfectly cooked hamburger steak (that tastes exactly like the ones I ate when I was in Tokyo) or don’t. It’ll taste great both ways.

Mentaiko Cream Sauce Omurice, $13.80

This comes from the Japanese Styled Sauce Section and I’m told that in Bangkok, this was a promotional menu item which was a huge hit with the locals. Singaporeans tend to order this dish frequently as well. Why? Probably because the mentaiko cream sauce is light and not overtly rich on the palate. I recommend a meat add on if you’re not watching the waistline. It still tastes great without but I need a chewy protein in my meals. I also had this lava style.

Nagoya Style Red Miso Sauce Omurice, $13.80

This was my last dish and I opted for a normal version instead of the lava style to get a more wholesome understanding of omurice. Red miso is known for its not so subtle umami flavors and I think it’s perfect. There are many elements present in this dish (tomato rice, sautéed chicken, mushrooms, the pork cutlet and of course the omelet) and if a milder miso sauce was used, it would probably have been lost somewhere along the line.

Having tried the non-lava style omurice, even though I think it’s good, it would have been EVEN BETTER with the lava style option. What I’m trying to say here is, just pay the additional $2. It’s so worth it. Oh but that pork cutlet was pretty dope with its crispy exterior and super tender-to-the-bite meat!


Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

A hearty and overwhelming definite YES from me. OMU Singapore has managed to capture my stomach in just one visit. I cannot further describe how great the lava style omurice is. You just have to try if for yourself to be a believer. Let the long queues be a testament to my review then. If you don’t want to queue, you might probably want to avoid the peak hours.

OMU Singapore
Suntec City Singapore, West Wing
3 Temasek Boulevard #01-301A/301B
Singapore 038983
Tel: (+65) 9834 0079
Opening Hours: 11am-3pm, 4-10pm daily


*This is a sponsored post (Thanks for the food OMU Singapore!)

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