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James Chan

Heng Long Teochew Porridge

Teochew Porridge by Heng Long teochew porridge

Heng Long, teochew porridge joint that was unrecognisable after it was thrashed

RECOGNIZE this place?

As some of you may recall, just last week, this Teochew porridge joint was unrecognizable from the mayhem that ensued over a $28 bill. 4 drunk idiots felt that they had been overcharged and decided to trash the place. If you do the math right, that adds up to only $7 a person.

I decided to offer them some form of support by patronizing their store, you know, Serangoon pride and all.

teochew porridge dishes

order small portions for greater variety of food

The Food

We ordered small portions of everything so we could have a wider variety of food to choose from. I also ordered rice instead of porridge – if you don’t want to feel hungry too fast, don’t order porridge (unless you’re ordering like 3 or 4 bowls).

Teowchew porridge can be considered Singaporean comfort food. It has no airs or frills and can remind one of simple home cooked meals. Just good old plain communal dining with the family and enjoying each other’s company.

teochew porridge fish

good value for money

We ordered 6 dishes in total (includes a whole pomfret fish) and guess how much the bill came up to?

18 BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know how ridiculously CHEAP that is?

Moving on to the dishes YOU MUST ORDER if you ever do decide to give it a shot.

teochew porridge fresh fish

selection of fresh fish for you to choose from

Steamed Pomfret

You can select from a range of uncooked, fresh fish at a little corner. They will then proceed to cook the fish of your choice and it’ll be served within 6 to 7 minutes!

It’s FRESH, TASTY and TENDER. Everything I look for when eating fish. Initially, I was worried that it might taste a little fishy but thank goodness it didn’t.

Black Bean Mince Meat in Spicy Sauce

This is the one dish I always order at any Teochew porridge joints. Most places get it right (it’s quite hard to mess up on minced meat) but there have been several occasions where I’ve encountered really bad ones. Needless to say, they’ve been boycotted.

At Upper Serangoon Road, I even ordered an additional single portion of the minced meat ($2). So that should be an indication of how good it is no?

teochew porridge fried egg

egg is always a must

Fried Omelet

As a general rule of thumb, every Teochew porridge meal should be accompanied with an egg dish. Salted, steamed or an omelette, take your pick.

There’s something really addictive about the Omelet here. I found myself just eating them pieces like potato chips.


To top it all off, there was this nice server/cleaner guy who kept asking if the food was alright and whether it was tasty. He even went the extra mile to inform everyone when the “Summon Uncle” came along to book illegally parked cars (I was the owner of one those cars).

Why would anyone want to destroy the place is beyond me.

I read that after the incident, they resumed work the very next day at noon. Based off their prices that they charged us, to  cover the cost of damages, they’ll have to churn out a higher volume of sales.

All because these old chaps and lady couldn’t control their liquor and behaved like juvenile delinquents over $7 a person. It’s because of people like them that there’s a liquor ban after 10.30pm now.

I love alcohol as much as the next guy, but there has to be some sort of control, or we’re no better than uncaged animals.

teochew porridge heng long teochew porridge

cheap, good food at Heng Long Teochew Porridge

Have any of you eaten there before? What dishes do you think are the best? Would love to hear your opinions in the comments section below.

AND If you can, do pop by Heng Long for a quick meal any time of the day to help them out.

Heng Long Teochew Porridge
Address: 1006 Upper Serangoon Rd
Singapore 534744
Opening Hours: 10AM–4AM


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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