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Gong Cha Coming Back to Singapore

Pei Xia Ang

We have waited for such OOLONG time, and now Gong Cha is finally back! Here’s what to expect of this TEAriffic news!

1. Why Now?

Early this year, due to “franchise issues”, all Gong Cha outlets were converted to LiHo. But after receiving over a hundred applications for the master franchise to return to the market, Royal Tea Taiwan appointed a new master franchisee, Gong Cha (Singapore).

Gong Cha Singapore will be under the leadership of Mr Kang Puay Seng, the co-founder and former managing director of Mr Bean food and beverage chain.

2. What Drinks?

We are as yet unable to confirm if most of our favourite drinks will be on the menu, but you’ll definitely see popular ones like Alisan Milk Foam Tea and Earl Grey Milk Tea on the menu.

Fingers crossed, I’m hoping that their Apple Black Tea will be back. I have been trying to look for a drink as fruity and as refreshing at other bubble tea outlets, but have been unsuccessful so far.

On top of the regular crowd favourites, Gong Cha is bringing in drinks like Sweet Potato Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Oolong, and Matcha with Red Bean.


Gong Cha will be opening their flagship store on 1st December at 12pm. For the time being, their only outlet is located at SingPost Centre. Fans can expect more outlets in the following months.

Gong Cha
SingPost Centre #01-141A/B
10 Eunos Road
Singapore 408600


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6 Ice Creams Around The World And Where To Find Them In SG


The presence of social media and internet has allowed people to explore the world without actually having to physically travel and globalization has brought many wonderful things, to our shores.

We probably know most of these or have even seen these ice creams, be it on social media, in the countries they originated from or even in Singapore, but how many of us actually know it’s origin or story behind these creation?

America – Baked Alaska

ice creams from american baked alaska

This old-fashioned dessert, which originated from New York City’s Delmonico’s restaurant, is said to have been created to commemorate the purchase of Alaska in 1867. However, some sources attribute the invention of Baked Alaska to Count von Rumford, an 18th-century physicist and pioneer of thermodynamics.

Described as a “dessert food consisting of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue”, some restaurants further heighten the drama by dousing it with liqueur and setting it ablaze at the table. Now the question on everyone’s mind: Why doesn’t it melt? How does the ice cream inside stay frozen for five minutes in the oven? The answer is meringue. The meringue around the ice cream is full of tiny air bubbles, providing insulation for the ice cream. Hence heat transfer is slow as it conducts heat poorly and the ice cream stay protected underneath all the meringue. In reality, there is a lot more to food than just art and that is science. This is a fine example of that.

Find it in Singapore:


545 Orchard Road
#06-19 Far East Shopping Centre
Singapore 238882

Czech Republic – Doughnut Ice Cream Cones

ice creams from czech doughut ice cream cones

Though they have been dubbed “doughnut ice cream cones”, they aren’t actually doughnuts. Traditionally cinnamon-flavoured pastries from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, trdelník has been around for years and is usually made by wrapping around rods. The pastry is then roasted above an open fire till it turns golden brown. In recent years, however, it has been popularised by Good Food Coffee and Bakery in Prague and they have taken it to the next level by using trdelník as ice cream cones.

These “chimney cakes” are then filled with chocolate or nutella on the inside, followed by ice cream and then topped with toppings of your choice, usually fruits, caramel or nutella. Whatever it is that you pick, you can’t really go wrong. For nutella and ice cream lovers, this is a match made in heaven.

Find it in Singapore:

Chimney SG Scape*

2 Orchard Link, #02-02

Singapore 237978

Japan – Taiyaki

ice creams from japan taiyaki

Taiyaki is a fish-shape cake with red bean filling made from sweetened azuki beans. Other common fillings includes custard, chocolate, cheese, or sweet potato. A classic street vendor snack in Japan, Taiyaki is very popular at street fairs and festivals in Japan.

Tai means “sea bream” and yaki means “grilled/baked”. Hence, Taiyaki literally translates to “baked sea bream”. The original taiyaki iron mold was round and the mold was for making Imagawayaki, a Japanese pancake which is the same as Taiyaki but with a circular shape. Back in Meiji-era (1868 – 1912), Tai was considered a very expensive fish and only eaten for special occasions. The circular shape mold was then changed to the sea bream shape mold, and Taiyaki was born.

So that is how Taiyaki came about and when the ice cream was added, it became a hit. Since Taiyaki is made using regular pancake or waffle batter, you could say that Taiyaki ice cream is a twist on the traditional waffles and ice cream.

Find it in Singapore:

Chateraise Singapore (Chateraise Taiyaki Ice Cream)

They have many outlets in Singapore. Check out their PAGE for all their outlets!

Thailand – Coconut Ice Cream

ice creams from thailand coconut ice cream

Those who travel to Thailand often will be familiar with this ice cream. This coconut ice cream, or ice cream ga ti as the locals call it, is both sweet and refreshing, perfect for the heat in Thailand. The locals often add corn, peanuts and sticky rice, amongst many other toppings, to complement the ice cream. Served in coconut shells, you also get chunks of coconut meat to go with the ice cream. Coconut meat is rich in fiber and promotes thyroid health. Not only that, coconuts are also one of the best foods for your skin due to their hydrating properties and their ability to restore elasticity and boost collagen.

Thai people started to make ice cream from coconut milk as dairy products were not readily available in the past. Even though dairy products are available in Thailand now, the ice cream is often made solely from coconut milk or from a combination of dairy milk and coconut milk. If you have never tried them before, this is a must try if you ever go to Thailand.

Find it in Singapore:

Pong Gelato *SCAPE

2 Orchard Link #02-18C

Singapore 237978

Germany – Spaghettieis

ice creams from germany spaghettieis

Spaghettieis is a German ice cream dish made to look like a plate of spaghetti. Vanilla ice cream is put through a Spätzle press or potato ricer, to imitate the long strands of spaghetti. Strawberry sauce is then poured over the dish to mimic tomato sauce. Finally, this is topped with either coconut flakes, grated almonds, or white chocolate shavings to represent the parmesan cheese. Besides the usual strawberry sauce, one may also find variations like ice cream with dark chocolate ice cream and nuts, mimicking Spaghetti Carbonara instead of Spaghetti Bolognese.

Created in 1969 by Dario Fontanella, son of an Italian immigrant and owner of an ice cream parlor in Mannheim, Germany, it has since become a German specialty although it is not very well known outside Germany. Dario served it to children once and they broke into tears because they wanted ice cream and not a plate of spaghetti. Personally? I wouldn’t mind either but I will happily take the plate of ice cream disguised as spaghetti.

Find it in Singapore:

Giovanni L

Fort Canning Arts Centre

5 Cox Terrace

#01-01, 179620

1 Marine Parade Central

Singapore 449408

Singapore – Rainbow Ice Cream Sandwich

ice creams from singapore rainbow ice cream sandwich

An integral part of many people’s childhood, I know it certainly played a part in mine, most Singaporeans would probably have had this ice cream sandwich after school when they were a kid or on a hot day. At just a dollar each, you don’t really have an excuse not to. When Buzzfeed UK editor Luke Bailey dissed it last year, it led to a uproar from Singaporeans who considered this an iconic dessert.

The Daily Meal, on the other hand, proclaimed that “This Singaporean Ice Cream “Sandwich” is the Most Amazing Thing (they’ve) Ever Seen”. I am sure most Singaporeans would not disagree.

Find it in Singapore:

Not as common these days but there’s bound to be one or two mobile carts set up along Orchard road and in Bugis outside OG. If you keep your ears peeled in your neighborhood, you might find hear their iconic ice cream bell during the evenings when children come back from school.

So, have a craving yet?


The Mbassadors does not claim any credit for any of the above photos used. All credits go to their respective owners. 

Tiger Beer Street Food Festival 2017


Join In The Festivities With Tiger Beer

Food and festivals seem to have been in no short supply as of late, with the number of festivals that have happened recently like the Chinatown Street Food Festvial and Beerfest which happened much more recently. Adding to the list is the Tiger Street Food Festival.

tiger beer street food festival

(image: Tiger Street Food Festival Facebook Page)

What To Expect

With 15 different vendors, 2 live bands and a boatload of beers, this one is a must go. Tiger seems to have hit the nail on the head, because what goes better with a good meal than a good beer! I know most people have a bone to pick with Tiger not being ‘strong enough for them’, but as a light refreshing beer, I think it would go fantastic with some of our favorite local dishes!

You’ll be able to find the traditional classics, as well as some with a twist!

tiger beer jia xiang nasi lemak

(image: Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak)

For instance, check out this Butterfly Pea Nasi Lemak with blue rice!

tiger beer ah tan wings

(image: Ah Tan Wings)

Don’t these wings look tasty?

tiger beer new beer flavors

(image: Tiger Facebook)

And what goes great with wings? Beer!

With Tiger’s all new Black and White offerings, I sure am excited for the Food Festival happening TOMORROW the 22nd of September!

tiger beer slushies

(image: Tiger)

Rumour has it that there’ll be Tiger Slushies!

tiger beer live bands

The Astronauts (left) and HubbaBubbas (right) are part of this year’s lineup

They’ve even got 2 incredible live bands to provide the vibes! The Astronauts and HubbaBubbas will be around to rock you through the night while you kick back and chill will your favourite food and drinks! Each band has made a name for itself in it’s own right, and is definitely worth checking out!

The hawker scene is arguably the biggest part of Singaporean culture, and as the generations come and go, this culture is slowly waning away. So why not take the day to appreciate the food that we’ve grown up on, that goes under appreciated so often. What better way is there to spend your Friday evening that with good food and beer after all!

The Tiger Street Food Festival is happening TOMORROW the 22nd of September at Tan Quee Lan Street, from 5PM to 10:30PM.

VENUE: Tan Quee Lan Street

DATE: 22nd of September

TIME: 5PM to 10:30PM

Nearest MRT: Bugis

Parking: Available along Tan Quee Lan Street, Liang Seah Street and at Bugis Junction

Beerfest Asia 2017

James Chan

Beerfest Asia 2017

Back for its 9th consecutive run, Beerfest Asia promises to be an event you wouldn’t want to miss. They’re holding it at a new location this year though! This year, the magic will be happening at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. I’d say the only thing stopping me from going would be putting on extra inches to my ever growing waist line.

Standard 1 day tickets are going for $28 to $37 depending on which day you want to go.

Beerfest Asia event highlights

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)

What to expect

BEER! Lots of it. I mean duh, it’s a beer festival but you’ll probably never ever see so many different types of beer being sold in one place (other than at the Beerfest of course). 500 different brands to be precise. You’ll definitely spot a couple of beers you’re familiar with and beers that you’ve never even heard of! Some are extremely hard to pronounce so I think if I were to order, I’d just point and go “1 of that please!”.

Beerfest Asia deejay highlights

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf )

Female DJs. I kid you not, there’s a whole line up of female guest DJs spinning you tunes the whole night! There are male ones as well but… just look at the line up and you’ll understand why I’m so stoked!

beer fest lineup

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)

3 Tribute Bands!

Not the actual bands of course but they sound uncannily similar!

Bon Jovi Tribute – Slippery When Wet

They’ll be performing all the classic hits like “It’s My Life”! & “Livin’ on a Prayer”!

Def Leppard Tribute – Hysteria

“Pour Some Sugar On Me”“Love Bites” & Animal” sound familiar?

Guns N’ Roses Tribute – Gunners

Whoa Whoa Whoa Sweet Child of My-ine! Love that song!

beer fest food promotions

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)


This year, Beerfest will serve bar bites from 10 specially selected restaurants and bistros to fill that grumbling tummy of yours or to just simply augment your beery tipsy weekend.

Vendors include (but not limited to)

The Golden Duck Co


Easy Eggs


Beirut Grill



I’m particularly eyeing the Mentaiko Quail Eggs by Easy Eggs. Talk about a huge load of calories!

beer fest games

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)


The Beerfest wouldn’t be complete without BEER PONG! I’ve only ever saw these electronic tables on YouTube. Apparently they have LED lights installed and cover almost the entire surface area of the table! Cool!!!!

They’ll also have ELECTRONIC DARTS and a Golf Simulator

I don’t really get the whole golf simulator thing. Alcohol and precision of a swing don’t exactly meet eye to eye.

beer fest tickets

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com)

VIP Package

From the information I’ve seen on their site, I believe only UOB Cardholders are eligible for the VIP Package. If you’re not a UOB Cardholder, tough luck because what they’re offering is SICK!

Free flow beer (of selected brands)

A VIP kit

Access to the VIP area

AND EXPRESS ENTRY to the event

You had me at Free Flow Beer the rest are just added bonuses. Oh and guess who’s a UOB Yolo Card owner? Moi!

That Being Said

That’s it, I was kind of on the fence about whether to grace the event with my presence but, I’m sold. I’m going. Probably on Saturday. See you all there!

Address : Marina Bay Cruise Centre, 61 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018947

Hours :

17 August 2017, Trade 4 – 6pm, Public 6pm – 1am

18 August 2017, 6pm – 2am

19 August 2017, 3pm – 2am

20 August 2017, 2pm – 10pm



Date Night Dinner and Drinks


Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t around the corner just yet, you can never have too many dinner and drinks places in your arsenal for date night.

Here at The Mbassadors, we’ve decided to pick out a few additions to those lists of our own, so we can all show our family, friends and significant other that we love them.


1. Pasta Brava

You really can’t go wrong with good Italian Cuisine, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Pasta Brava.

With Pastas, Meats, Fish and several other mains ranging from $20 – $40, you won’t be breaking the bank to afford a good meal.

One good thing about this place is their portions. I mean, just check out some of these pictures!

date night pasta brava


date night pasta brava


date night

You can also get creative by drawing on the table with the crayons provided to you from the restaurant. There won’t be a dull moment from the time you enter till the time you leave.

Pasta Brava is at 11 Craig Road, Tanjong Pagar, Singapore 089671.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday

Lunch: 1115 – 1430

Tea : 1400 – 1800

Dinner: 1815 – 2230

*Closed on Sundays

2. Little Diner

Tucked away in the corner of 6th Avenue, Little Diner is perfect for quaint and cosy little lunches and dinners. With very affordable mains within the $15 – $30 price range, there really isn’t much to ponder when considering a visit.

If you’re already at that stage in your relationship where you’re comfortable pigging out in front of each other, then go for the Empire Burger Challenge!

date night little diner

With 3 Beef Patties, a few slices of Bacon, Swiss & Cheddar Cheese, a Fried Egg, Caramelized Onions, Lettuce & Tomato, this bad boy won’t go down without a fight. Clear the whole plate, sides and all, in 20 minutes and receive the meal for free! Or, fail and pay $55 for the burger, but get a free dessert that you and your date can enjoy together.

Little Diner has great Weekday Deals from Tuesday to Thursday:

Tuesday – All burgers except Empire @ $15++ Craft Beers @ $10++

Wednesday – Friends & Family Day (50% off on your 2nd Main Course)

Thursday – Bottles & Jugs Day

(House wine bottle @ $40++ Oyster Bay bottle @ $60++ Jug of beer @ $19.5++)

Also, on Tuesdays to Fridays, from 1130-1930, enjoy 20% off all the items on their housepour list. Not bad for a Happy Hour deal.


Little Diner is at 789 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 269763.

Opening Hours:

Tuesday to Friday

Lunch: 1130 – 1530

Saturday to Sunday

Brunch: 1100 – 1800

Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday

Dinner: 1800 – 2200

Friday to Saturday: 1800 – 2230

Last orders 1 hour before closing time

*Closed on Mondays

3. Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar & Grill

If you’re feeling like a hearty dose of meat, Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar & Grill is definitely the right place for you. With affordable set menus and reasonably priced a-la carte dining, you don’t have to be afraid of busting your budget here.

date night moa tiki

The most expensive item on the menu is a Mixed Grilled Platter, a carnivore’s dream, which comes in at $36.

Moa Tiki also has a great variety of New Zealand Craft Beers and Wines, and some from other  regions, to go great with your meal.

Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar & Grill has 2 locations.

You can find them at 5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-70/71 Changi City Point, 486038.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 1130 – 0000

Sunday: 1730 – 0000

2-30 Victoria St, #01-31 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996


5 Changi Business Park Central 1, #01-70/71 Changi City Point, 486038

Opening Hours:

Monday to Sunday: 1130 – 0000


Swing by these places after dinner and set up a good mood for the rest of the night!

1. Café Siêm Rêap by IndoChine

Holland Village is as good a place as any to get some drinks, and one of the best places in Holland Village to get a drink at would definitely be at Café Siêm Rêap by IndoChine.

With 1-for-1 drinks all night long, you’d have a be a little crazy to not want to check this place out.

Draught Beers start at $18 for a full pint, but since it’s 1-for-1, that’s $9 for 1!

The offer is available everyday at their Holland Village and Chijmes outlets, and from Monday to Saturday at their 47 Club Street outlet and Suntec City Sky Garden outlet.

If you’re still feeling a bit peckish from dinner, fret not! They’ve got a pretty decent food menu you can order from. It is after all, an IndoChinese Restaurant.

Cafe Siêm Rêap by IndoChine is at 44 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Singapore 277697.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday: 1500 – 0100

date night cafe siem reap by indochine


Nothing beats kicking back with some great live music, so if you or your significant other are into live music and gigs, Stage is the place for you.

The staff here are so nice, they even obliged to my request to have 2 half pints poured into a full pint glass!

Having live music is one thing, but being able to request your favourite songs, having them done well, and even the chance to go up on stage to jam with the band? That’s something I haven’t found almost anywhere else.

Special shoutouts to Alex, Deborah and Joshua, the incredible musicians who play at Stage!

Stage is at 60 Prinsep Street, Singapore 188664.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Sunday: 1600 onwards

3. Al Capone’s Ristorante & Bar

Cheap, cheap booze. That’s what you’ll get here.


date nightal capone for drinks


Yeap, straight to the point here. It really doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Oh, it does?

date night al capone for drinks

Whoa, that’s a really good deal!

Wait, what’s that?

date night al capone for drinks

Okay, I know where I’ll be this weekend.

All jokes aside, there’s a catch. These bottles don’t come with mixers unfortunately, and mixers cost of $5 for a few measly cans.

If good, cheap liquor is your thing, then definitely give Al Capone’s at Scape a visit.

Oh, I almost forgot. The best part? There’s no GST Charge, no Cover Charge, and no Service Charge. so all the prices you see are what you pay.

Sound good to you?

Check them out at 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday, Sunday: 1730 – 0300

Saturday: 1715 – 0300

1 Star Michelin Feature – Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles


The Weekly Glutton (17/6 – 23/7)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

Don’t forget to subscribe if you want to be updated weekly! Or you could bookmark this page or even do BOTH!

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles

Tucked along Crawford Lane in an unassuming corner is one Michelin star stall, Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles. However, despite the Michelin star accolade, they’re still a humble bunch with a smile for every customer.

After joining the queue at about late 5pm with about 12 customers ahead of me, I didn’t think I’d only be getting my food at 7pm! The long waiting time wasn’t because of the crowd, but rather the time it took for the chefs to churn out a bowl of noodles.

Being Singaporean and all, queuing is what we do best. Just ensure that your phone has heaps of battery before you commit yourself to the queue.

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles meat and noodles

The Verdict

The noodles come in 3 different tiered pricing – $6 / $8 / $10. A wee bit more expensive than other Bak Chor Mees out there but hey, they’ve got a Michelin Star! 

The “Mee Kia” was perfectly cooked with a satisfying semi aldente texture. This is something not many Bak Chor Mee stalls can achieve. Paired with the perfect combination of black vinegar, soy sauce and chili, its enticing aromas filled my nostrils as I patiently waited in line. Slurps.

I would have preferred “Mee Pok” or Flat egg noodle but that sold out by the time it was my turn to order.

The ingredients like minced pork, meatballs, pork liver and crispy sole fish (uncommon in normal stalls) were fresh and a great joy to gobble down. The liver was the ingredient that particularly impressed us with its tender texture and rich flavors. Good Job Tai Hwa!

The soup felt a little MSG heavy but tasty nonetheless.

In our view, this is one of the best Bak Chor Mee stalls we have ever tried in Singapore.

Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles
Address: 466 Crawford Lane, Tai Hwa Eating House , #01-12
Singapore 190465
Tel: +65 6292 7477
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 9:00pm (Closed on 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month)


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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