6 Tips for the Next 50 Cents Festival


Over the weekend, The Mbassadors decided to take a little trip down to the 50Cents Festival over at Chinatown! Being our virgin experience, we weren’t really sure what to expect, other than great food, and even greater crowds.

Despite expecting a crowd, we were still taken aback by the sheer volume of people packed into one tiny street. Seeing as this wasn’t the only thing that took us by surprise, we’ve decided to put together a little list of things that you can do to make your experience a little more comfortable should you choose to go for the festival the next time it comes around. Here’s 6 things you can do:

1. Dress light.

It’s going to be incredibly humid, with hundreds of people packed into one tiny street moving at a snail’s pace, so be sure to dress light! A simple tee shirt and shorts will do the trick.

50Cents Festival - The crowd is insane

50Cents Festival - People everywhere

And ladies, go easy on the make up. You’re going to perspire so much you’ll regret having wasted the effort.

2. Come in a group.

Seating is scarce, so come in numbers and have a game plan! Some of you can look for seating and snag it for you and your friends, while the rest of you can go queue for food and order for your friends who are busy scouring for seats!

3. If you have one of those Mini Fan Thingies, bring one.

We’re really not kidding about the heat, so if you have any of those portable mini usb fans or the ones that connect to your phones, bring them. They’re going to come in handy when you’re queuing up for the food.

4. Bring Tissues, and lots of them.

Eating is going to be a messy affair for sure, so come prepared with lots and lots of packets of tissues so you can dig in and not have to worry about clean up later. Also, maybe a small plastic bag to dump all those used tissues into for easy disposal! Let’s try to leave the tables cleaner than we found them, so everyone can have a pleasant experience next time!

5. Have plenty of 50 Cent Coins ready to go!

Some of the queues can be dreadfully long, especially in the heat, but don’t make that experience worse for yourself by not having your money ready when its your turn to pay! The vendors won’t take too kindly to you holding up their already snaking queues. Most (if not all) of the fare was sold at multiples of 50 cents. A bottle of Coca Cola was $1.50, a bowl of Char Kway Teow was $1, and a skewer of Satay was 50 cents. We would suggest bringing a small pouch full of 50 cent coins, so you’re never holding up the queue doing math in your head!

Oh, and that bowl of Char Kway Teow? Keep reading for a look at the food! 😉

6. Get reserved seating!

50Cents Festival - reserved seating by Chope

This year, Chope set up a designated seating area that people could reserve tables in through their app.

Now, on to the food!

There was definitely plenty of variety, and the smells were incredible. Here’s some of the dishes we tried!

Steamed Peanuts:

50Cents Festival - Steamed peanuts

50Cents Festival - serving steamed peanuts50Cents Festival - buying steamed peanuts











Mini Wa Ko Kueh:

50Cents Festival - mini wa ko kueh 50Cents Festival - mini wa ko kueh a classic

Chicken Rice:

50Cents Festival - small bowls of chicken rice 50Cents Festival - chicken rice chili 50Cents Festival - cutting the chicken for chicken rice











Ma La Baby Lobster:

50Cents Festival - baby lobster 50Cents Festival - ma la baby lobster













Red Glutinous Wine Chicken:

50Cents Festival - red glutinous rice chicken 50Cents Festival - cooking the chicken for glutinous rice 50Cents Festival - really good chicken










This was really good! The chicken was very tender and flavourful.


50Cents Festival - laksa

50Cents Festival - close up on laksa 50Cents Festival - bowls and bowls of laksa 50Cents Festival - laksa white noodle 50Cents Festival - cereal prawn cooking













The Laksa had potential to be better with more chili and if it was served a little warmer.

Cereal Prawns:

























The satay was actually very well done, being very juicy and tender without too many burnt bits despite being cooked over an open flame.

Char Kway Teow:







This was excellent.

Hokkien Mee:







We sadly didn’t get to try this, the queue was way too long!

Steamed Dumplings:







If these GIFs have you watering at the mouth, then be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of the 50Cents Festival!

We’ll be sure to let you know, as soon as we do!