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BAOBAO – Where Traditional Baos Get A Huge (Healthy) Makeover And We Likey

James Chan


What the good people at BAOBAO have done is to take something so simple and obscure – the common bao (steamed bun) and give it an extreme makeover to cater to the ever evolving palates of the Singaporean people.

While people may be adverse to change, this is definitely a change I can live with (for a leaner and thinner me). Goodbye Char Siew, farewell Kong Bak, you won’t be missed.

baobao more baos

The Food

Currently offering 6 different flavoured Baos, each Bao comes with a generous portion of meat, veggies and awesome homemade sauce! You are also promised the freshest Bao experience as they get their ingredients delivered to them every morning!

Head’s up though, it’s gonna get a little messy.

baobao pulled pork

Pulled Pork Bao, $3.90

The thing about pulled pork in most places is that it tends to be over-the-top salty. But at BAOBAO, it’s just right! Not to mention how juicy and tender the meat is.

 baobao spicy beef

Spicy Beef Bao, $3.90

I like spice and I love beef so I might be a little biased for this one. So it will come as no surprise when I say that this was my favourite! The juiciness and tenderness of the Australian Beef Brisket was consistent in comparison to the pulled pork and the cucumbers provided a nice textured bite (also helps to cool off the spice).

baobao fish tempura

Fish Tempura Bao, $3.90

The tempura batter on that slice of dory fish gave this bao a nice crunch. Dory fish doesn’t have that strong fishy aftertaste and that delectable coriander and parsley sauce is just yums (trust me it’s quite addictive). With the fluffy Bao dough however, everything felt too soft. I think it would go better with the rice bowls.

baobao chicken masala

Chicken Masala Rice Bowl, $7.90

For their rice bowls, you get more than double the portion of meat in the Baos, more veggies and a combination of brown, black and white rice. Sounds really healthy yeah?

The Masala taste was apparent from the first bite and the chicken was really tender. I would have loved it even more if there was a little spicy kick (refer to how I like spice under the beef bao section above).

baobao packaging

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

There were 2 more BAOBAO flavours that I had yet to try, Garlic Chicken and Portobello Mushroom. I would go back to try those and of course I would order the Spicy Beef Bao again! Priced at $3.90 per bao, it’s pretty value for money for the portions AND you’ll feel bloody bao (full) too. Trust.


Bugis Junction, B1-K10
200 Victoria Street, Singapore 188021


*This was a sponsored post (Thanks for the food BAOBAO!)

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Say Yes To Stretchy Grilled Cheese Toast At Say Chiizu

Pei Xia Ang

Singaporeans are no strangers to snaking queues and long waits. Much like any other new stall that has sprung up selling pop culture food, the line stretching from the storefront of Say Chiizu has been almost as long as their grilled cheese pull. Okay, I exaggerate a little.

However, we were lucky to have been at the 313@Somerset outlet when there was less of a queue, and decided to find out if the juice was really worth the squeeze.

grilled cheese stretchy cheese

The Toast

Before we Gouda to the cheese, let’s talk about the toast. At Say Chiizu, there are 3 flavours  of toast to choose from, namely Original, Chocolate, and Charcoal. We were told that the difference in flavours was only in the toast, and not the cheese. So we went ahead and got ourselves the original and chocolate flavours.

The toast was fluffy and light enough so that it did not overpower the cheese, while the crust was crisp, giving the snack a nice bite. The original Hokkaido milk toast was good, but as for the chocolate, I felt that it should have had a more chocolatey taste.

grilled cheese toast at say chiizu

The Cheese

With every bite you take, the thick, creamy grilled cheese fills you up. Apparently, the cheese is made with specially imported Japanese milk and mixed with other cheeses to create the texture for that cheese pull. I was pretty impressed at how for those grilled cheese stretches go! They reach almost an arm’s length!

grilled cheese extremely sinful cheese at say chiizu

After a bit, we found that the grilled cheese really filled us up. Even though we were sharing it, we felt rather full as we were finishing off last of the first toast.

grilled cheese say chiizu logo

The Verdict

Is it worth it? Many people would say that it is not the smartest thing to be paying for what essentially was homemade grilled cheese sandwich, but I beg to differ.

Although it may seem simple on the outside, the effort that went into making this snack is no mean feat. The premium ingredients used are imported from overseas, and made with their own recipes to ensure the best customer experience.

Furthermore, the cheese really fills you up especially if you have a small appetite, so paying that $3.80 for a toast feels like a light meal. Would I buy it again? Yes, and that cheese pull really adds an element of fun to the munch!

Say Chiizu Outlets: 
  1. Vivo City (#B2-K16)
  2. 313@Somerset (#B3-49)
  3. Whitesands (#01-44)
  4. The Clementi Mall (#04-K4)
  5. Bugis+ (First Say Chiizu Cafe) (#04-01)
  6. Waterway Point (#B1-K1)


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