Halloween Hall of Treats

Pei Xia Ang

In Singapore, we may be more conservative and choose not to dress up during Halloween, but who is to say we can’t enjoy this day as much the next person? Here, we celebrate it the customary way. With food, of course!

halloween Châteraisé


Known for delicious confections made with freshly prepared ingredients from Hokkaido, Châteraisé has come up with 3 special creations.

Black Cat

Looking uncannily like a cat, this cute nerikiri is almost impossible to resist! Don’t worry though, the black colour is derived from the nerikiri paste and charcoal used. But as one takes an indulgent bite into this snack, the taste of white bean paste will get your tastebuds singing with joy.

Japanese Halloween Ghost

In addition to being soft and pillowy-looking on the outside, this pastry is made with quality Japanese rice and yam flour and filled Châteraisé’s homemade red bean paste.


Yet another face of Halloween, Châteraisé has created pumpkin- inspired bites. These orange confections are made with orange nerikiri paste and filled with homemade pumpkin paste from Hokkaido.

halloween Starbucks


The drink starts off with an decadent layer of mocha base with a dollop of whipped cream. The next layer, depending on your preference, you can choose either chocolate or vanilla. The Mr Vampire is chocolatey cereal topped, while Mrs Vampire is vanilla-based. Finally, to fit in with the Halloween mood, the drink is finished with strawberry pureé and topped with whipped cream.

halloween Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts

Besides being yummy on-the-go bites, doughnuts are also one of  the most Instagrammable of festive foods, and Dunkin’ Donuts are quick to come up with some irresistible designs!


Shaped quirkily like a ghost, this chocolate frosted doughnut “bleeds” like any other when injured. But it is probably just the raspberry filling. (I think)

Scary Spidey

Simple and classic, what would Halloween be without spiders? This doughnut is adorned with itsy bitsy chocolatey goodness. Yummy!

Spooky Pumpkin

Another pumpkin-shaped snack, this one here is made up of white chocolate frosted with orange sprinkles. Contains chocolate filling.

halloween Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robins do Flavour of the Months, and for October they released the Orange you Scared. Additionally, they are featuring waffle sundaes like Red Dracula and Jack-O-Orange to get you all spooked out.

halloween the coffee daily

The Coffee Daily

Decked out in their Halloween finest, The Coffee Daily are all prepared for the treat or tricking. Is this what people mean by the free meringues?

Ghost Brownies

Autumns are all about hot cocoas and Halloween, and Ghost Brownies encapsulates the October mood on a plate. Baked chocolate brownie topped with a marshmallow made to look like a ghost, this is one of the Halloween food that you know you’d wanna munch on all year long.

Decorative Cupcakes

The Coffee Daily is also allowing you the opportunity to decorate your own cupcakes, with flavours from chocolate to red velvet. My favourite are the red velvet ghost cupcakes. Absolutely SPOOKtecular. Place your orders via Facebook or Instagram today!


Halloween is like a harbinger to Christmas. You get a cooler climate, festive decorations, and festive food. And unless you want your Christmas gift to be smaller this year, stay away from spider doughnut pranks. Trust me, I’ve been there.


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