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Origin Grill & Bar – When In Doubt, Go With The Chef’s Recommendations

James Chan

Origin Grill & Bar

The hardest part of walking into a new restaurant (they’ve been around for a month) is that you don’t have any reviews online to figure out what to order. Which was exactly my dilemma as I skimmed through the fancy menu. So I did what most people would do, order from the Chef’s Recommendation page!

Before we move on to the food, I should point out that Origin Grill & Bar has exceptional service. The waiters are attentive, polite and know just the right moment to approach a table to enquire whether the diners like their food. But it doesn’t stop at the waiters, the restaurant manager and the sous chef do that too! It might be a tad disconcerting to some but you can tell they genuinely want you to have a good dining experience at Origin Grill.

origin grill pan seared breaded cod cake

The Food

Pan Seared Breaded Cod Cake, $18

There was little to no seafood aftertaste which speaks volumes of its freshness. The cod meat was tender, soft, fluffy and just pure joy to consume. The element of this dish that just stole my heart (or my stomach rather) was that hollandaise sauce (they make it in house). My only gripe with this magnifishcent creation was that they shouldn’t serve it with the slice of lemon. The hollandaise sauce has lemon in it already so when you squeeze the lemon, it becomes a tad too tangy.

origin grill spaghetti with jumbo crab meat

Spaghetti With Jumbo Crab Meat, $28

Al dente, just the way I like it. Firmness and springiness of the pasta aside, the portion of crab meat that they provide is DA BOMB! Every mouthful of pasta definitely had bits of crab meat in it. Crab meat is chocked full of sweet and tasty goodness so imagine that coating almost every stand of pasta. Heaven!

origin grill John Stone Grass-Fed & Dry-Aged 35 Days Striploin On The Bone 400

John Stone Grass-Fed & Dry-Aged 35 Days Striploin On The Bone 400g, $98

The star of the night. A grass-fed AND dry-aged beef! Lots of expectations were placed on this for sure. See, a grass-fed cow has literally fed on grass its whole life. This results in a meat that does not taste so “beefy”. Then, to add on, this beef has been dry-aged for 35 days. Why does dry-aged beef cost so much and taste so great? The longer the beef is aged, the longer time the natural enzymes in the meat has to break down the muscle tissue of the meat. It brings out the flavor and improves the texture of the meat significantly. Couldn’t resist that bit of trivia.

Striploin comes from an area of the cow where the muscles aren’t usually put to work (like my nonexistent abs). It’s one of the most flavorful and tender cuts. At Origin Grill, the fat of the striploin was rendered perfectly and the taste was exquisite. I ordered medium rare and it was perfectly cooked and tender-to-the-bite. Cooking steak is an art and the culinary team at Origin Grill are the Picassos of the culinary world.

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

If it wasn’t apparent throughout my ENTIRE article, then I’ll just say it’s a huge YES from me. I can tell that every dish has been well thought of in terms of nutritional value and taste, the plating is stellar and the service is excellent. Origin Grill is definitely on its way to becoming an icon in Singapore! Well done Origin Grill!

 origin grill crowd

Make Reservations:

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origin grill and bar

Origin Grill & Bar
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, Lobby Level, Tower Wing
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258340
Tel: 6213 4595


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!!!) unless otherwise stated

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Service Your Thing? Have A Steak At The Chop House!

James Chan

The Chop House @ 112 Katong

From the people who brought you Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, The Chop House is a family oriented restaurant that specializes in all things grilled (that ribeye… we’ll get to that in a bit).

chop house interior

The outlet at 112 Katong exudes an air of sophistication with its timbered and woody architecture. The well decked bar is the first thing you encounter upon entry followed by a cabinet of fine wines. Diners also get to have a look at the Chefs in action with pretty much an unobstructed view from the dining area.

One thing I must highlight before I even go on to the food is the service. You’d think that “Since they know you’re writing for them, obviously they will have to give you good service”. But, the level of service I received was not biased. Every single table had the same quality of exceptional customer service. They were extremely attentive to my humble glass of water, every dish warranted a casual “how’s the food?” and genuine smiles were dished out effortlessly and naturally with no airs or pretentiousness. Thumbs up Chop House!

The Food

chop house mussel soup

Creamy new zealand mussels cooked in rock fish stock and cream, served with croutons, sour cream quenelle and chopped chives

Mussel Soup, $8

Me thought the sour cream was a good balance to the seafood sweetness of the mussels. It was honestly all normal to me until I bit into a crouton. Fu-yoh. Did I just taste truffle? Yes I did! Did a quick double check with the waitress and yeap, true enough, they dip their croutons in truffle oil!

chop house USDA Prime Rib Eye Steak

Served with watercress, grilled tomato and a choice of béarnaise, red wine or black peppercorn sauce

USDA Prime Rib Eye, $39

Did you know? There are only three USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) grades of beef that you can get in this world. Prime, Choice or Select. Prime being the highest grade based on the marbling and age of the beef. For $39, I think it’s great value! You’re receiving a premium piece of meat for a not so premium price!

chop house home made sauces

Accompanying this dish, comes an assortment of in-house made sauces: Sweet Onion, Mustard and Spicy Sambal! I fancy the mustard because it has a sharp bite at the end which I like. Sambal with my steak was weird so you probably might not want to try that.

The meat itself was perfectly cooked (medium), juicy and tender. Ain’t got no beef with this dish. Get it?

chop house gula melaka

Chilled sago pudding with creamy coconut milk and gula melaka ice cream topped with pistachios

Sago Gula Melaka, $7

Gula Melaka ice cream melts into the crevices of the sago pudding and you take a bite. Oh my goodness. That’s all I have to say.

Is The Juice Worth The Squeeze?

It’s a definite yes from me. Food aside, I’m someone who places a ton of value on Service. No I don’t have a superiority complex. If the service is excellent, people leave the establishment with positive energy and it rubs off their reviews of the place (see exhibit A above). You got to experience it once, you’ll be a service junkie after for sure! Also, TRY THAT STEAK!


Make Reservations via this link below:

Book A Table @ The Chop House with Chope

The Chop House
112 Katong #01-13
112 East Coast Road
Singapore 428820
Tel: (+65) 6376 9262
Opening Hours: 11.30am-11pm daily


*This is a sponsored post (Thanks for the food The Chop House!)

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Enjoying Bistecca the Tuscan Way

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton (14/8 – 20/8)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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bistecca entrance

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

As promised, this week we’re featuring a non-Michelin joint. They should be a contender for a star though. Here’s why.

The Food

Bistecca dessert pana cotta

It’s a great place for dates when you soak in the whole dim and luxurious atmosphere BUT it also depends on what you order.

If you’re ordering the 1.1kg Florentina Wagyu Steak, in order to enjoy it, you got to get down and dirty (with your hands) to appreciate the whole steak. Not something you’d want your date to see especially if it’s the first date.

Bistecca steak

Florentina 1.1kg, $188

Yeah, it’s a pretty pricey piece of beef. So let’s break this T-Bone steak down in terms of value to see whether you’re getting the bang for your buck.

  • It’s 1.1kg (inclusive of the bone)
  • Comes from an Australian bred cow
  • The F1 grade means it’s not a pure bred. It’s usually a cross=breed between an Angus or a Holstein cow and a Japanese Black Bull
  • Beef Marbling Scale score of 6 (The scale runs up to 12)
  • The T-Bone contains the Short Loin & Tenderloin cuts of the cow (They’re the most expensive cuts by the way)

I’ve done some cross referencing and Bistecca doesn’t diverge too far away from the market price of such a relatively premium meat.


All steaks are served with red wine steak sauce, mustard and chimichurri dips. Though I feel that the steak is best eaten as is.

You’ve got the best of both worlds here with a little bit of Fillet Mignon (the tenderloin) and some Short Loin. You won’t believe how juicy and tasty the steak is until you’ve experienced it first-hand.

I started with the Short Loin and boy oh boy, the fats literally just melted and dissipated in my mouth! I didn’t even have to chew it!

Moving on to the Fillet Mignon (Tenderloin)……..

I know it sounds lame but as the name suggests, IT’S SO TENDER! Unfortunately, the trade-off is that this cut has the least amount of fats.

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The service staff were extremely attentive and always wore smiles for the patrons even though they seemed pretty busy with endless orders coming from every direction. Good job Bistecca!


Once again, I made reservations for this a week before. Judging from how packed it was over there (mostly an ang moh crowd), you’d want to make reservations a couple of days in advance.

Make your reservations on CHOPE!


Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse
Address : 26 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238970
Opening Hours : Mon: 6-10pm , Tue-Sun: 12-2pm, 6-10pm


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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