Enjoying Bistecca the Tuscan Way

James Chan

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bistecca entrance

Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse

As promised, this week we’re featuring a non-Michelin joint. They should be a contender for a star though. Here’s why.

The Food

Bistecca dessert pana cotta

It’s a great place for dates when you soak in the whole dim and luxurious atmosphere BUT it also depends on what you order.

If you’re ordering the 1.1kg Florentina Wagyu Steak, in order to enjoy it, you got to get down and dirty (with your hands) to appreciate the whole steak. Not something you’d want your date to see especially if it’s the first date.

Bistecca steak

Florentina 1.1kg, $188

Yeah, it’s a pretty pricey piece of beef. So let’s break this T-Bone steak down in terms of value to see whether you’re getting the bang for your buck.

  • It’s 1.1kg (inclusive of the bone)
  • Comes from an Australian bred cow
  • The F1 grade means it’s not a pure bred. It’s usually a cross=breed between an Angus or a Holstein cow and a Japanese Black Bull
  • Beef Marbling Scale score of 6 (The scale runs up to 12)
  • The T-Bone contains the Short Loin & Tenderloin cuts of the cow (They’re the most expensive cuts by the way)

I’ve done some cross referencing and Bistecca doesn’t diverge too far away from the market price of such a relatively premium meat.


All steaks are served with red wine steak sauce, mustard and chimichurri dips. Though I feel that the steak is best eaten as is.

You’ve got the best of both worlds here with a little bit of Fillet Mignon (the tenderloin) and some Short Loin. You won’t believe how juicy and tasty the steak is until you’ve experienced it first-hand.

I started with the Short Loin and boy oh boy, the fats literally just melted and dissipated in my mouth! I didn’t even have to chew it!

Moving on to the Fillet Mignon (Tenderloin)……..

I know it sounds lame but as the name suggests, IT’S SO TENDER! Unfortunately, the trade-off is that this cut has the least amount of fats.

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The service staff were extremely attentive and always wore smiles for the patrons even though they seemed pretty busy with endless orders coming from every direction. Good job Bistecca!


Once again, I made reservations for this a week before. Judging from how packed it was over there (mostly an ang moh crowd), you’d want to make reservations a couple of days in advance.

Make your reservations on CHOPE!


Bistecca Tuscan Steakhouse
Address : 26 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238970
Opening Hours : Mon: 6-10pm , Tue-Sun: 12-2pm, 6-10pm


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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