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Thai Goldmine Kitchen – Feast Like A King At Un-Kingly Prices

James Chan

Thai Goldmine Kitchen

If you’re in the Boon Keng/Farrer Park area during lunch hour on a weekday, let me please direct you to Thai Goldmine Kitchen, a place that serves some authentic and the most important of all, TASTY, Thai food!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen has the potential to join the ranks of famous and well-established Thai eateries in Singapore (perhaps even overtaking them). The secret lies in the food.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen the food

The Food

There’s really a wide variety of dishes to choose from at Thai Goldmine Kitchen. If you go at lunchtime, there are some dishes that are served in smaller portions (and cheaper of course) for that quick office lunch.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen Mee Pok

Sukhothai Mee Pok, $7

This is a dish you won’t find this readily available in Singapore. It’s origins come from Thai roadside stores but it’s been tweaked to cater to the local Singaporean palate (hence the mee pok).

It’s a very sweet dish so if you don’t have a sweet tooth, let them know you don’t want the sweet chilli when you order.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen Prawn Cakes

Prawn Cakes, $10 for 4 pieces

At $2.50 per piece, you get a generous amount of fried mince prawns that are made upon order. That crispy exterior and fresh, soft interior makes this dish a MUST TRY!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen Tom Yum Soup

Charcoal Pot Cear Tom Yum Seafood Soup, $18

What’s a thai place without Tom Yum soup am I right? The amount of fresh ingredients they chuck into one pot of soup is more than welcomed. The best part? The soup is refillable (not for the lunch sized option). That iconic sourness of tom yum is great to cleanse your palate and I found myself constantly sipping this soup!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen green curry chicken

Green Curry Chicken, $7

Another popular item is the Green Curry Chicken. Tender chicken, slightly spicy green curry and a strong coconut milk aftertaste. Goes very well with a bowl of rice and definitely fills you up!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen teochew pig trotters

Thai Teochew Pig Trotters, $10

This dish is Thai Goldmine Kitchen’s Chef’s Signature dish and if it’s your first visit, you HAVE to order this. The tender pork that has absorbed the light vinegar sauce is amazing. I must point out that this is an EXTREMELY unhealthy dish but damn shiok la.

Thai Goldmine Kitchen yellow curry prawn

Fried Yellow Curry Prawn, $10

Expect slightly sweet notes and humongous prawns with this one. The eggs give this dish a nice creamy and rich texture too!

Thai Goldmine Kitchen is it worth it

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

Go in groups of 3 or 4 so you can have a wide variety of dishes at a fraction of the price. The portions are really generous at Thai Goldmine Kitchen so it’s a YES from me. However, if you’re going solo, the lunch menu will fit right up your alley.


Thai Goldmine Kitchen
147 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208524
Tel : 6909 2020


*This was a sponsored post (Thanks for the food Thai Goldmine Kitchen!)


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The Weekly Glutton (19/6 – 25/6)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Thai Super Bowl

thai super bowl trending eats

instant noodles at a premium price

Posts on Thai Super Bowl have been flooding my socials recently and I decided to jump on the band wagon after noticing pretty good reviews about the place.

Located deep in the heartlands of Hougang. Thai Super Bowl began business in April and have been exponentially gaining popularity ever since.

I admit, there was some level of expectations I had conceived prior to my visit. The images and videos I saw on my socials looked amazing. BUT you know that old saying?

[su_quote cite=”Looks can be deceiving


This is a classic example of just that.

The Food

Armed with hungry stomachs and great expectations, we, a party of three, decided to order the signature Thai Super Bowl, $36.

thai super bowl seafood meal

a meal for three, signature Thai Super Bowl, $36

As you can very well see, it looks great! The colors, positioning of ingredients and composition of the image is of a pretty high standard. The taste, however, I’m afraid doesn’t do the image justice.

TIPS: If you do decided to go after reading this, as soon as they serve you your tray/bowl, take out the prawns, squid and mussels. You don’t want them to be over cooked. Also, try to finish your noodles ASAP, they’re going to turn soggy otherwise.

The Thai Super Bowl comes with Prawns, Squid, Crab Sticks, Meatballs, Chicken Minced, 2 eggs amd Mussels cooked in a spicy Tom Yum Broth . Sounds like a pretty good deal for $36 no? Throw in 6 packs of instant noodles too just for that carbohydrate fix.


Them Prawns

thai super bowl prawns

frayed flesh on prawns– telltale sign that they are NOT FRESH

The Prawns were NOT FRESH. Take a look at Exhibit A, fresh prawns are supposed to have an easy to peel shell and firm inner flesh. This prawn right here has frayed flesh which speaks volumes of its freshness.

Them Mussels

thai super food mussels

mussels were not fresh too– they were tough and dry

As mentioned above, we took out the prawns, squid and mussels as soon as the tray was served but them Mussels were still tough and extremely dry.


Le Squid

The squid was tethering on the edge of failing but there were still some hints of freshness so I’ll give it to them.

Other than that, everything else was honestly pretty normal. Only the Chicken Minced managed to excite my severely disappointed taste buds, but then again, who could possibly mess up Chicken Mince?

The Untruths of Online Marketing

I honestly don’t understand or can begin to fathom the positive reviews this place has on some content platforms. They are all lies, just heed my advice and don’t bother going.

thai suer food overpriced food

overpriced food

“What they’re serving is essentially a huge pot of instant noodles and charging you a premium for it”

For those additional ingredients, I wouldn’t mind paying that $36. Of course, if they were of a decent quality and standard. But nope, IT FAILED IN ALL ASPECTS.

[su_quote cite=”EVEN I CAN COOK BETTER”][/su_quote]

This is a joint that will definitely not withstand the test of the time if they don’t buck up. They serve other dishes too but I’m not going to stick around to find out more thank you very much.

Expect to wait for hours if you pop by during dinner time. I tried on Father’s day but Dad got impatient and we went to eat somewhere else. Thank goodness for that, or he would have killed me for bringing him to such a place.

thai super bowl exterior

front layout

Thai Super Bowl


thai super food queue

no reservations, walk ins only

Thai Super Bowl
Address: #01-41 Hougang 1, 1 Hougang Street 91
Singapore 538692
Tel: 6385 3195
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 9.30 pm daily


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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The Weekly Glutton (2/5 – 7/5)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Soi Thai Soi Nice at Alexandria

Soi Thai Soi Nice

The long weekend’s over. Am I the only one who feels that it flew by just like *snap* that? Hang in there though, the weekend is fast approaching.

I chanced upon this Thai joint over at Alexandra Central (It’s the building right next to IKEA @ Alexandria) during the weekend.

It felt like a posh place with its adorning purple sofas, chairs and fancy chandelier dangling from the ceiling. Their prices are just a wee bit higher compared to what I’m normally used to for Thai dishes. But then again, someone has to pay for the chandelier no?

Soi Thai Soi Nice dishes

The Food

I honestly have mixed feelings about this one. The reviews online told me to go for the Thai hotpot but I went against my better judgement and ordered various dishes instead.

Soi Thai Soi Nice seafood

Curry Prawns (Kung Chuchee) $15.80

I’ve worked out the math, you get 5 prawns for $15.80 that works out to be about $3.30 a prawn. When you work it out like that, it doesn’t seem as appealing anymore.

That being said, the curry was a sweet curry without any hints of spice, which was disappointing and the prawns were not that fresh. You can tell if a prawn is fresh simply by the way the shells part from the prawn meat. The meat in these prawns desperately clung to their shells so go figure.

Sorry Soi Thai Soi Nice management, it wasn’t soi nice.

Soi Thai Soi Nice super fluffy and light omelette

Minced Pork Omelet (Kai Jiao Moo Sap) $8.80

On a positive note, the omelet was super fluffy and light. I feel that heaps of effort went into the beating of the eggs. As soon as they served it to me, I was genuinely impressed by the airiness and thickness of the omelet.

Fast forward a couple of seconds, disappointment took over. The lack of minced meat in the egg was a little frustrating. Maybe it’s concentrated in the center? Maybe there’s more on the other side? But nope, the hard truth was that there was barely any minced to begin with.

Soi Thai Soi Nice Grilled Pork Neck

Grilled Pork Neck (Kho Moo Yang) $9.80

This dish could very well be the star of the restaurant if done right. There’s honestly a lot of potential and promise here.

Pork neck is a tricky cut to work with. Optimally, the meat should be moist and tender. On the other hand, you might get dry and chalky meat if you’re not careful.

The slices with fats were spot on – the fats sort of melted in your mouth as you chewed into them. But then the other pieces that had no fat were really dry and chalky.

Soi Thai Soi Nice prawns

Prawn Tom Yum Soup (Red) (Tom Yum Kung) $9.80

There are two sides to this dish and I’ll let you be the judge as to whether to try it or not. Tom Yum is supposed to spicy and sour, that’s just how it is, no deviations from this rule. Me thinks the Chef at Soi Thai Soi Nice was a little heavy handed with the sugar and forgot the chilies.

Then may I divert your attention to the prawns. Those babies are HUGE (and fresher than the Curry Prawns).

I’m leaning more to “I didn’t like it”. The prawns may be humongous but the juice isn’t worth the squeeze if you know what I mean.

Soi Thai Soi Nice Hor Mok Ma Praw Talay

Coconut Seafood Otah (Hor Mok Ma Praw Talay) $12.80

If you’re thinking of that fish cake wrapped in wrapped in banana leaf, think again. It seems more like a coconut seafood stew than Otah really.

The presentation was nice, serving it in a coconut husk does not only have an aesthetic value but it also aids to contain the pleasant coconut aromas and flavors. They provided a generous portion of shredded coconut flesh (which can be easily mistaken for sotong) so no complaints there.

Taste wise, once again, the heavy handed chef with the sugar struck. I’ve eaten lots of Thai food in my life and I know Thai people love sugar but they save that for their desserts and milk teas.

Soi Thai Soi Nice hotpot

In all my reviews so far, I’ve always identified at least one star dish of the establishment. This time, I have none.

But like I said, the reviews told me to go for the hot pot and I should have listened. I would revisit just for that but I can’t see myself coming back for their dishes. I should have gone for the IKEA meatballs and chicken wings instead. #regret

soi Thai soi nice layout

Soi Thai Soi Nice
Address: #02-01 Alexandra Central, 321 Alexandra Road, 159972
Opening Hours :Mon – Fri 11:30am – 3.30pm, 6pm- 10pm, Sat – Sun 11.30am- 10pm
Tel: (+65) 62504863


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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