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Cartoon Network Cafe Singapore, is it Worth it?

Pei Xia Ang

The Weekly Glutton (4/12-10/12)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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cartoon network interior

From TV Screens to Plates at Cartoon Network Cafe 

Off the top of my head, the few themed cafes that I can think of include Pokemon cafe, cat cafe, and Gudetama cafe. From the word of mouth, I’ve gathered that themed cafes are more of novelty places. Lets just say customers are given more of a visual experience than a gastronomical experience.

With fingers crossed, I stepped into the Cartoon Network Cafe.

cartoon network exterior

The Decorations

My first impression was that of awe. The place was what my 10 year-old self imagined what wonderland would be like. Hanging from the ceiling were large Powerpuff Girls and Ben 10 figures, while Jake and Finn grinned at me from the walls. This is the place where one can literally leave their worries behind and channel their inner child.

cartoon network dining

Oh, and check out the yellow bus from We the Bears! It is actually a reference from one of the episodes in the series, when the bears sold their food from a yellow food truck!

cartoon network powerpuff girls

Going the extra mile to cater to customers, the place provides colouring papers to keep the kids occupied and photography props for all your Instagram needs.

The Food

After quite some deliberation, we finally settled for Ben 10’s Meatball Spaghetti, and Blossom’s Grilled Chicken Steak for our mains. As for drinks, we got Finn and Jake Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake and Bubble’s Blueberry Soda.

cartoon network blossom's grilled chicken steak

Blossom’s Grilled Chicken Steak

For this dish, I was pretty amused by how Blossom’s ears were replaced by two cherry tomatoes. It was such a creative way to give the dish added texture!

Additionally, the chicken steak was well-marinated, and paired well with the mushroom sauce by the side.

cartoon network blossom chicken steak

In addition, the fries were just the right level of crispiness, and lightly seasoned with a pinch of salt. Coupled with a salad by the side, this dish is good for those who want to watch their weight. (or are saving room for desserts)

cartoon network ben ten meatball spaghetti

Ben 10’s Meatball Spaghetti

My favourite part about this dish was the generous serving of meatballs. Each meatball was rich and robust in flavour, and went well with the tangy tomato sauce. A plus point for this dish is the broccoli, which gave it a sense of balance.

cartoon network jake peanut butter and banana milkshake

Finn and Jake Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake

A flavour that piqued my interest, I thought that the peanut butter and banana milkshake was worthy of a try. This was a decision that did not disappoint.

The drink was not as overly sweet as expected of most milkshakes.  This was achieved through the use of the bananas, giving the drink a natural sweetness.

Additionally, the milkshake was also beautifully decorated with a Jake macaroon, marshmallows, a waffle slice, and heaps of peanut chunks atop a layer of whipped cream. They all taste so great paired with the peanut butter and banana drink! Another one for me please!

cartoon network bubble's blueberry soda

Bubble’s Blueberry Soda

As they say sugar, spice, and everything nice, could this be the recipe for this delightful concoction?

It was a rather fun experience to decant blueberry soda into a conical flask of ice and other ingredients. (there was even popcorn??!)

The drink was light, refreshing and great for washing down a heavy meal. But probably not worth the price tag of $10.90 though.

cartoon network adventure time


The food at Cartoon Network Cafe was quirkily designed to accommodate the cartoon characters, but I feel that the quality of the dishes was compromised for its aesthetics. Granted, this is a Cartoon Network themed cafe, but it being a cafe means that its focus should not wholly be on the layout of the food, but also on the quality of the dishes too.

Furthermore, for some dishes like Ben 10’s Meatball Spaghetti, the only thing that sets it apart from regular meatball spaghetti was a paper cutout of Ben 10 and a slice of cheese with the Ben 10 logo. Does this really justify the hefty price tag? Alas, it’s a “no” from me.

cartoon network adventure time lumpy space princess

According to various sources, this collaboration between The Soup Spoon and Cartoon Network is said to last for a year. There are also plans to change the characters every 3-6 months, so one can expect fresh new characters every now and then. Hopefully, the dishes take on an improved taste so that customers can expect new surprises along the way.

cartoon network we the bears

Cartoon Network Cafe
Waterway Point
83 Punggol Central, B1-12
Singapore 828761
Tel: (+65) 6385 9254
Opening Hours: 10.30am-10 pm (Mon-Thurs), 10.30am-10.30pm (Fri), 10am- 10.30pm (Sat), 10am- 10pm (Sun)


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Oktoberfest at Paulaner


The Weekly Glutton (02/10 – 08/10)

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Oktoberfest at Paulaner Singapore

Paulaner Singapore

Last Friday night we went out for some nice cold German beer and delicious Bavarian food at Paulaner. As part of the Oktoberfest 2017, which lasted from 22 Sep – 30 Sep, Paulaner partnered Citibank and offered a promotion (10% off the bill for card holders) and a special menu for this period.

The Bier

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier

Oktoberfest Bier

There was only one beer on sale during this period – Oktoberfest Bier, which was a classic Märzen style (lager from Bavaria Region). People who like drinking rich malty beer would really enjoy this one. The price was S$17.50 for 0.5L. There was also a 20% discount for orders before 8.30 PM. The bar could hold the beers for you too, which was really nice!

The Food

Paulaner Würstl-Trio


Paulaner presented a special Oktoberfest menu. Our first order was Würstl-Trio, which consisted of roasted Nuremberger sausages, white and red bratwurst served with sauerkraut, mashed potato and dark beer sauce. The sausages were yummy as usual and they paired really well with the Oktoberfest beer.

Paulaner Oktoberfest Schnitzel

Oktoberfest Schnitzel

The second dish was the Oktoberfest Schnitzel, which was pork escalope filled with horseradish and mustard panfried with butter. It could have been better if the escalope had not been folded (it looked more like a pork chop). It should also be crispier. The flavor was alright and it was still better than your usual schnitzel you find in Singapore though.

Paulaner Pork Knuckle

Pork Knuckle

And here comes the pork knuckle. We could not stop ourselves from ordering it at a brauhaus like this. The skin was crispy and tasty (as it had a Paulaner beer glaze). The meat was, however, a bit dry. We have had better pork knuckle elsewhere.

The Ambience

Paulaner Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is not just about the beer and the food. The music (and the Chicken Dance) also forms part of the fun. The German band which played that night was funny and we had a really great time watching them live. There was also an English band taking over the stage when the German band went on a break. Overall, it was a great authentic Oktoberfest vibe. We wish the party space on the ground floor could have been larger. Don’t get us wrong; there was an outdoor area and also more space on the second and the third floor. However, when people came inside and gathered around the makeshift stage, there was not much space to move around.


Paulaner Ambience

Overall, great beer (as usual), authentic Bavarian food, fun vibe. If you look for a place to celebrate your Oktoberfest with friends and family in Singapore, Paulaner is one of the choices you should really consider visiting (unfortunately, the event was already over for this year).

If you have an Oktoberfest event to suggest us to visit or review, please let us know in the comments section below. Until then, Prost!!!

Tiger Beer Street Food Festival 2017


Join In The Festivities With Tiger Beer

Food and festivals seem to have been in no short supply as of late, with the number of festivals that have happened recently like the Chinatown Street Food Festvial and Beerfest which happened much more recently. Adding to the list is the Tiger Street Food Festival.

tiger beer street food festival

(image: Tiger Street Food Festival Facebook Page)

What To Expect

With 15 different vendors, 2 live bands and a boatload of beers, this one is a must go. Tiger seems to have hit the nail on the head, because what goes better with a good meal than a good beer! I know most people have a bone to pick with Tiger not being ‘strong enough for them’, but as a light refreshing beer, I think it would go fantastic with some of our favorite local dishes!

You’ll be able to find the traditional classics, as well as some with a twist!

tiger beer jia xiang nasi lemak

(image: Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak)

For instance, check out this Butterfly Pea Nasi Lemak with blue rice!

tiger beer ah tan wings

(image: Ah Tan Wings)

Don’t these wings look tasty?

tiger beer new beer flavors

(image: Tiger Facebook)

And what goes great with wings? Beer!

With Tiger’s all new Black and White offerings, I sure am excited for the Food Festival happening TOMORROW the 22nd of September!

tiger beer slushies

(image: Tiger)

Rumour has it that there’ll be Tiger Slushies!

tiger beer live bands

The Astronauts (left) and HubbaBubbas (right) are part of this year’s lineup

They’ve even got 2 incredible live bands to provide the vibes! The Astronauts and HubbaBubbas will be around to rock you through the night while you kick back and chill will your favourite food and drinks! Each band has made a name for itself in it’s own right, and is definitely worth checking out!

The hawker scene is arguably the biggest part of Singaporean culture, and as the generations come and go, this culture is slowly waning away. So why not take the day to appreciate the food that we’ve grown up on, that goes under appreciated so often. What better way is there to spend your Friday evening that with good food and beer after all!

The Tiger Street Food Festival is happening TOMORROW the 22nd of September at Tan Quee Lan Street, from 5PM to 10:30PM.

VENUE: Tan Quee Lan Street

DATE: 22nd of September

TIME: 5PM to 10:30PM

Nearest MRT: Bugis

Parking: Available along Tan Quee Lan Street, Liang Seah Street and at Bugis Junction

Mbassadors Beerfest Asia 2017

James Chan

Beer, Beer and More Beer at Beerfest Asia

beerfest asia beer exhibitors

As advertised, there were tons of beer from all around the world at Beerfest Asia 2017. Thing is, even though they tell you that there’s going to be 500 different brands of beer, it’s humanely impossible to try all of them. The very thought of more beer frightens me to be honest.

But here are a couple of pointers for the next Beerfest:

  • It’s going to be sweltering hot so dress accordingly
  • Never drink the same beer more than once (you’ve got to try other stuff!)
  • If you want to sample all the crowd favorites, do not go on the last day
  • However, if you’re looking for value deals and freebies, go on the last day
  • Grab a bite to eat 2 hours prior to your arrival at Beerfest because food is such a waste of space

Brands to look out for

As much as the very mention of beer makes me feel a little sick, I have to admit that some brands stood out for me last night.

beerfest asia Swan Lake Koshihikari Lager

Swan Lake Koshihikari Lager by Epicurean Nomads

This pale lager is made from Koshihikari Rice grains in Japan, which also happens to be one of the most premium rice on the market. It contains just but a mere 5% alcohol but don’t let that prevent you from appreciating its fine tastes.

By using fermented rice, this beer gives off a strong, sweet sake-like aroma (I love sake). As for the taste, it was a beautiful blend of light, sweet notes and a refreshing bitterness.  Somehow, I just kept wanting more!

The bottle is wrapped in a piece of paper that doubles up as its label as well. Talk about being unique!

In a short conversation with Epicurean Nomads‘ Director, Mr Charles Ng, he mentioned that they distribute this beer to most Japanese Michelin starred restaurants in Singapore. Talk about ATAS!

beerfest asia Schneider Weisse Mein Aventinus

Schneider Weisse Mein Aventinus by Beer Cellar Asia

Next up, a dark wheat beer by Schneider Weisse. Considered as Bavaria’s oldest wheat dopplebock, this beer packs a punch with 8.2% alcoholic content. It has enough malt content in it to be considered a meal on its own!

Taste wise, you can expect a strong sweetness to hit your taste buds upon contact but miraculously, it transitions into a rich and creamy after taste. It’s also dangerous that you can’t really taste the alcohol in this one because it’s relatively high (trust me, you’ll suffer later if you don’t look out!)

beerfest asia Schneider Weisse retailers

Beer Cellar Asia happens to be the exclusive distributor for Schneider Weisse in Singapore. Here’s a list of bars they distribute to so you can have a taste in the future!

beerfest asia female djs

Other Activities

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

For the life of me, I couldn’t find the Mentaiko Quails Eggs so that was a little disappointing but I did win a free half-pint of beer after sinking 2 out of 3 footballs in humongous cups!

We also ate a couple of hot dogs and oogled at female DJs spinning. I think one of them smiled at me but I think I was pretty smashed by then, might have been dreaming.

Beerfest Asia 2017

James Chan

Beerfest Asia 2017

Back for its 9th consecutive run, Beerfest Asia promises to be an event you wouldn’t want to miss. They’re holding it at a new location this year though! This year, the magic will be happening at Marina Bay Cruise Centre. I’d say the only thing stopping me from going would be putting on extra inches to my ever growing waist line.

Standard 1 day tickets are going for $28 to $37 depending on which day you want to go.

Beerfest Asia event highlights

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)

What to expect

BEER! Lots of it. I mean duh, it’s a beer festival but you’ll probably never ever see so many different types of beer being sold in one place (other than at the Beerfest of course). 500 different brands to be precise. You’ll definitely spot a couple of beers you’re familiar with and beers that you’ve never even heard of! Some are extremely hard to pronounce so I think if I were to order, I’d just point and go “1 of that please!”.

Beerfest Asia deejay highlights

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf )

Female DJs. I kid you not, there’s a whole line up of female guest DJs spinning you tunes the whole night! There are male ones as well but… just look at the line up and you’ll understand why I’m so stoked!

beer fest lineup

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)

3 Tribute Bands!

Not the actual bands of course but they sound uncannily similar!

Bon Jovi Tribute – Slippery When Wet

They’ll be performing all the classic hits like “It’s My Life”! & “Livin’ on a Prayer”!

Def Leppard Tribute – Hysteria

“Pour Some Sugar On Me”“Love Bites” & Animal” sound familiar?

Guns N’ Roses Tribute – Gunners

Whoa Whoa Whoa Sweet Child of My-ine! Love that song!

beer fest food promotions

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)


This year, Beerfest will serve bar bites from 10 specially selected restaurants and bistros to fill that grumbling tummy of yours or to just simply augment your beery tipsy weekend.

Vendors include (but not limited to)

The Golden Duck Co


Easy Eggs


Beirut Grill



I’m particularly eyeing the Mentaiko Quail Eggs by Easy Eggs. Talk about a huge load of calories!

beer fest games

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com/assets/docs/BFA_event_guide_2017.pdf)


The Beerfest wouldn’t be complete without BEER PONG! I’ve only ever saw these electronic tables on YouTube. Apparently they have LED lights installed and cover almost the entire surface area of the table! Cool!!!!

They’ll also have ELECTRONIC DARTS and a Golf Simulator

I don’t really get the whole golf simulator thing. Alcohol and precision of a swing don’t exactly meet eye to eye.

beer fest tickets

(source: http://www.beerfestasia.com)

VIP Package

From the information I’ve seen on their site, I believe only UOB Cardholders are eligible for the VIP Package. If you’re not a UOB Cardholder, tough luck because what they’re offering is SICK!

Free flow beer (of selected brands)

A VIP kit

Access to the VIP area

AND EXPRESS ENTRY to the event

You had me at Free Flow Beer the rest are just added bonuses. Oh and guess who’s a UOB Yolo Card owner? Moi!

That Being Said

That’s it, I was kind of on the fence about whether to grace the event with my presence but, I’m sold. I’m going. Probably on Saturday. See you all there!

Address : Marina Bay Cruise Centre, 61 Marina Coastal Drive, Singapore 018947

Hours :

17 August 2017, Trade 4 – 6pm, Public 6pm – 1am

18 August 2017, 6pm – 2am

19 August 2017, 3pm – 2am

20 August 2017, 2pm – 10pm



Ramen Rave (Ramen Revolution 2017)

Pei Xia Ang

Being at the Ramen Revolution festival is no easy feat. One has to be willing to spend money on bowls after bowls of ramen, try out new flavours, but most importantly, be able to stomach more than 1 bowl of ramen.

Over the weekend, I grabbed a fellow ramen-lover along to try out different bowls of ramen. Afterwards, we were so stuffed we were barely able walk. But we agreed that it was a worthy event, and here are some of the ramen that made it so:

1. Ramen Atelier

The first booth that caught our attention was Ramen Atelier’s French inspired ramen.

Ramen Revolution Duck Confit Ramen

Duck Confit Ramen

My personal favourite. Due to the complexity and uniqueness of flavor. This dish is served dry ramen style, and the noodles were drizzled with a tangy citrus-soy dressing. This saltiness works well with the shredded duck confit, and the taste is balanced out by the sweetness of the onsen egg and crunchy purple cabbage.

A trick to eating this is to mix well, and then to have a bit of every ingredient as you scoop it to up to have all the flavors mashing up in your mouth.

Ramen Revolution Squid Ink Ramen

Squid Ink Miso Ramen

Another unique ramen flavor from Ramen Atelier, the squid ink ramen fascinates and intrigues us. As you can tell from its name, the key ingredient to the broth of this dish is squid ink. We loved how the squid ink miso was rich in flavor and extremely well-seasoned, yet not too thick and “jelat” after some time. The noodles are softer and more bland as compared to the former, but still maintained its texture and chewiness.

Ramen Revolution Menya Masaume

2. Menya Masamune

A crowd magnet, this stall had people making a beeline to the queue since the event started. Why? Their ramen has been crowned the grand champion at two separate ramen contests in New York City, that’s why! Naturally, as two warm-blooded Singaporean foodies, we gravitated towards the queue too.

After waiting in line for about 15 minutes (we were quite lucky actually), we finally got a bowl of Masamune Shio.

Ramen Revolution Masamune Shio

At first look, the ramen appeared to be rather greasy, but to our surprise, it had a light flavor that was not too heavy on the tastebuds. In fact, we really enjoyed the broth. Kudos to the leek that was thrown in, giving its taste more depth and complexity. They also practice something unorthodox – barbecuing the charshu slices, and using them to marinate the soup. This probably gave the broth its oily sheen and unparalleled taste, while getting a soft, tender charshu. Pure genius!

Toss in chewy noodles, and gooey lava egg, I’d gladly pay $20 for a bowl of this any day.

Ramen Revolution Lobster King Ramen

3. Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Not doing too bad in the other corner is the Lobster King Ramen. At this point, the both of us were pretty full and decided that if this was going to be our last bowl of ramen, it had to be a bowl of lobster ramen.

The noodles were a tad too soft (“lao hong”) and starchy for my liking, but it was the broth that sealed the deal for me.

Brewed for over 5 hours, the stock consists of a special blend of herbs and vegetables, giving it its distinct aroma and sweetness. The rich broth may prove to be too much after some time, but this problem is easily fixed with the vegetables, black fungus, leek, and bamboo shoot added. (uh huh, all these in a bowl of ramen worth $10!!) These ingredients helped add a crunch to soup, giving every mouthful a fresh burst of flavor. Honestly, the soup was so satisfying that we found ourselves slurping it and ignoring the noodles eventually.

Ramen Revolution staff at work

Overall, despite the smaller portions, the ramen served were worth the $10, some even more so.

However something that irked me was the excessive use of disposable bowls and cutlery. Hopefully, should this be an annual event, the organizers will consider the use of recycling bins.

Aside from that, I eagerly anticipate the next Ramen Revolution! Here’s to ramen!

A Magical Night At Hogwarts

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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A Night at Hogwarts @ Butterworth Lane

Hogwarts The dining table

Hogwarts Magical Paintings

Fancy a truly immersive and magical experience straight from the world of Harry Potter? BonAppetour is proud to present to you “A night at Hogwarts”.

How BonAppetour works is simply brilliant. People interested in hosting events/parties at their own residential homes need to just sign up, come up with a great idea (in this case, a Harry Potter themed dinner) and BonAppetour will take a cut off the revenue generated.

I honestly did not know what to expect with this being my first BonAppetour experience and all. It was pretty pricey too (for something we were unsure of) – a seat at the table costs $68 !

Hogwarts Magical Textbooks

Stepping into the hosts’ home was akin to stepping through the brick wall @ The Leaky cauldron and emerging at Diagon Alley. Everywhere you looked, you could see a Harry Potter element.

Hogwarts Candle Chandelier

It’s hard not to be impressed with the amount of thought and effort going into the whole thematic experience.  I personally loved the candle chandelier that seemed to hover in mid-air.

The Food

Hogwarts The Food

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and move on to the food.

Potter Heads will come across all too familiar food items such as:

  • Pumpkin Pasties
  • Butterbeer
  • Chocolate Frogs
  • Mrs Weasley’s Roast Turkey

Mrs Weasley’s Roast Turkey

Hogwarts Mrs Weasley's Roast Turkey

The Turkey was perfect. Seeing how all 17 of us kept going back for it, there’s no argument there.

When it comes to poultry, the breast meat is an easy tell to whether you’re dealing with a good or bad dish. As soon as I felt the juicy tenderness from the Turkey breast permeate the rest of my mouth, I knew the Turkey was a winner.

Credit goes to Jay for making this awesome dish. It definitely wasn’t done with a simple wave of a wand mind you.

Sous Vide Lamb Rack

Hogwarts Rack of Lamb

All of us at The Mbassadors felt that the lamb was definitely the star of the night. Marinated with mustard, garlic, salt and oil, we only wished that there were more to go around!

The lamb was oh-so-tender and blissfully not overcooked. In fact, it was actually leaning toward the medium-rare spectrum which was great!

I eat pretty darn fast so I had the opportunity to bag a couple more pieces of the lamb. WIN!

Pumpkin Pasties

Hogwarts Pumpkin Pasties

I actually thought these were curry puffs! Can you blame me? They look alike! However, instead of your spicy, coconut flavours, you get mildly sweet notes from the pumpkin with just a slight tinge of salt for complexity.

That’s good and all but what actually sold this dish was the pastry. The way it crumbled and sort of melted in my mouth when I bit into it was amazing.


Hogwarts Butterbeer

When I first read about it in the books, I’ve always envisioned Buterbeer to be a piping hot butterscotch beverage that warms your soul.

At Mark and Jay’s they’re version of Butterbeer also involves butterscotch but with cream soda and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My god, the calories in this drink is no joke!

It’s a really heavy and rich drink and I couldn’t for the life of me go for another one but, it’s great tasting nonetheless!

Making a Reservation

It’s insanely popular. Just giving you a heads up.

You can check out THIS LINK for availability and read up more on the event itself.

If you thought it ends after dinner, you’re wrong! Think you’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate Harry Potter fan? Get sorted into the 4 different Hogwarts houses and participate in a challenging Harry Potter quiz! Winning houses will get a wonderful prize!

This will definitely be something you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Thanks Jay & Mark!


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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Feast on 50 Cents!


Time to Break the ol Piggy Bank

You’re going to want to gather those 50cent coins you’ve got lying around. Why?

The Singapore Food Festival is back for it’s 2nd consecutive year running at Chinatown Food Street with The 50Cents Fest!

If the name isn’t obvious enough, The 50Cents Fest is a food festival where every dish is priced at 50cents!

Held from the 29th – 30th July 2017, the festival intends to bring visitors back to “the golden era of 1980s Singapore,” where they can immerse themselves in the 80’s with not just food, but with a “realistic 80s ambiance, interactive 80s games, as well as memory jogging sights and sounds.”

Food to Expect

Singapore Food Festival has sourced for more than 20 stalls and 10 old-school mobile hawkers this year, the festival promises to please with more food and activities than ever before! Check out some of the dishes available this year below!

singapore food festival Red Glutinous Wine Chicken

Red Glutinous Wine Chicken

singapore food festival Hokkien Mee

Hokkien Mee (Rickshaw Noodles)

singapore food festival Abacus Seed

Abacus Seed

singapore food festival Yam Paste

Yam Paste

Click here for a full list of all the food fare!

You could also stand a chance to win some really cool prizes, just by either dressing up in an 80s styled outfit, or be spotting taking a photo with any of the 80s drama characters that will me moving around the venue!

Oh, what’s that? You want to see more food?

From Last Year

Well, check out some dishes from last year as well then!

singapore food festival Pig Trotter in Vinegar

Pig Trotter in Vinegar

singapore food festival Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls

Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls

If these pictures have you as hungry as I am writing this right now, then check out the video from The 50Cents Festival 2016 below!


The 50Cents Festival is happening from the 29th(Saturday) to 30th(Sunday) July 2017.

singapore food festival Dim Sum

Operation Hours are as follows:

Saturday: 12PM – 11PM

Sunday: 11AM – 11PM

The 50Cents Festival is jointly organised by the following sponsors:

singapore food festival Sponsors for the festival

Tea Party in the City

Pei Xia Ang

Last weekend, I stumbled upon Singapore’s first tea festival, conveniently located in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district.

Presented by The 1872 Clipper Co., this festival uses tea as a medium to showcase the journey of Singapore’s rich heritage. Join me as I walk you through my TEAriffic experience there.

Tea Market

1. The 1872 Clipper Tea Co.

tea festival 1872 clipper co

As part of the National Day Collection, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co., unveiled a series of tea inspired by local hawker drinks. Flavors include Bandung, Longan, Pineapple, and Chocolate Malt. The best thing about them is that they taste exactly like our favorite hawker drinks, sans sugar.

Made from white tea and rose extract, a unanimous favorite was the Bandung tea.  The white tea gave it a light flavor, while the rose added a floral touch. Sold in loose tea leaves, this blend captures the authentic taste of a drink that is integral to Singapore’s heritage.

tea festival traditional drinks

Oh, and check out their packaging, designed to look exactly like how the hawkers sell them!

2. A.Muse

tea festival a muse

There’s an old saying that alcohol and tea should not be mixed, but the team behind A.Muse took this saying and threw it out of the window. Say hello to alcohol-flavored tea, a creative infusion by A.Muse.

Gracing the shelves are flavors such as pina colada, chardonnay, and scotch. But before you get carried away with plans to restock the office pantry, I should probably warn you that these teas do not have any alcohol content.

Additionally, A.Muse does blends like caramel macchiato tea. Heavily reliant on spices like vanilla, the scent of this tea initially reminded me of cake. But as I sipped the rest of it, the familiar sweet taste of caramel got my taste-buds singing with joy.

3. Juan Tea

tea festival juan tea

The first thing that catches the eye as one passes the Juan Tea booth display is the vibrant array of flavored teas. With colors from blue to green and red, the teas are inspired by the current trend of food with rainbow coloring. (See also: rainbow cake)

Aside from drawing influence from Western culture, Juan Teas are made with Chinese traditional herbs, known to cure most ailments for generations. These include lemongrass, chrysanthemum, and peppermint.


1. One Kueh at a Time

tea festival one kueh at a time soon kueh

With yummy soon kuehs (turnip stuffed dumplings) made from a family recipe passed down from over 30 years, it was a tough feat to consume these babies one at a time.

I managed to give the beetroot soon kueh a try when I was there.  The zesty taste of the beetroot gave the dumpling a complex and flavorful taste. The texture of the skin was not too starchy, and had good consistency. Dipped in dark soy sauce, these kuehs are simply impossible to resist. Kudos to the chefs!

2. InTheBrickYard

tea festival in the brick yard cakes

Soft and pillow-y cakes slathered with copious amount of icing, the cakes by InTheBrickYard are every cake-lovers’ dream. I felt like a child peering at the cakes from behind the glass display, and could almost hear the cakes calling out to me.

The last slice of ondeh ondeh pandan cake stared innocently at me, while the Thai milk tea slices beckoned me over to them. And over at the other corner, the Pandan Pulut Hitam slices sat in a towering decadence of saccharine temptation.

Alas, due to my indecision, and against my better judgement, I left the stall empty-handed.

3. Bird Bird

tea festival bird bird pastries

If you are a doughnut lover, you are sure to love the OGnuts that Bird Bird has to offer.

Featuring the limited edition Berry Pockie, a strawberry-filled doughnut glazed with raspberry and adorned with white chocolate pearls and crushed pistachios. Eaten alone or as an accompaniment to a mug of tea, this UGnut is an afternoon delight for all with a sweet tooth.

Tea Museum & Tea Room

tea festival tea museum and tea room

Aside from tea-related products on sale, the Tea Room at the festival included workshops for participants to out tea towel painting, tea brewing among others.

tea festival tea fun facts

As for the Tea Museum, visitors get to travel back in time and discover the journey of tea.

Overall, it was a fun way to celebrate all things tea with other tea lovers. Given the chance, I would definitely be there again next year!

Ramen Revolution 2017


Heads up Ramen lovers! Ramen Revolution 2017 is coming up at the end of this month! Be prepared to taste the yummy Japanese ramen broth from 10 famous ramen restaurants at just $10 per bowl!

Unsure of what to order there? check out the list of the 10 ramen joints below!

Ramen Revolutionkajiken ramen


This place is well known for its Mazesoba or dry ramen. Before eating, make sure that you mix all the ingredients together. The shop has the ’20 seconds rule’ claiming that it’s the optimum mixing time for the full flavor.

Ramen Revolution machida shoten ramen


Located at Japan Food Town in Wisma Atria, Machida-Shoten hails from Kanagawa Prefecture. It’s famous for its ‘Iekei’ or ‘House-Type’ style ramen. Decide how you would like your noodles cooked from 3 different levels of done-ness. It is then served in a tonkotsu and soya sauce mix broth which is a specialty of the restaurant.

Ramen Revolution marutama ramen

Marutama Ramen

This ramen stall is also known as Basketball Ramen by Singaporeans. It’s been one of the most popular ramen restaurants in Singapore for a long time. The specialty here is its chicken paitan soup, which is lighter than normal pork based soup. Better yet, those who do not eat pork can also enjoy this yummy bowl of ramen.

Ramen Revolution menya masamune

Menya Masamune

This award winning ramen shop is from Sendai. The shop is not yet in Singapore so expect to have some people queuing for it. If you like shio (salt) based soup, look no further.

Ramen Revolution menya sakura

Menya Sakura 

This ramen restaurant serves Nagoya styled ramen in a thick rich soup. It’s also quite popular with the Tsukemen (dipping ramen).

Ramen Atelier 

You can guess from its name that the place serves ramen with a French twist. Their star dishes include Ramen Noir, which uses squid ink to create the black color soup and Duck Confit Maze-men (dry ramen).

Ramen Revolution ramen keisuke lobster ramen

Ramen Keisuke Lobster King

Ramen Keisuke already has many outlets around Singapore. This one also adapts French styled lobster bisque with ramen. Their lobsters are imported from France and are cooked for 6 hours. This gives it a clear texture yet packs a flavorful punch  For rich creamy soup, the soup stock is simmered for additional 4-6 hours more. If you like seafood based soup, don’t miss Ramen Keisuke Lobster King.

Ramen Revolution ramen keisuke tonkotsu ramen

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King 

Helmed by the same Keisuke Takeda as the previous one, this Tonkotsu King is also a very popular ramen restaurant in Singapore. As a name suggests, Tonkotsu King focuses on Tonkotsu soup various variations like black spicy and red spicy. If you like Tonkotsu broth style, here is a stall for you!

Ramen Revolution 2017 will be held at Resorts World Sentosa (The Forum B1) on Fri 28 Jul (5 – 9 PM), Sat 29 Jul and Sun 30 Jul (11 AM – 9 PM). The admission is free!

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