The Weekly Glutton (24/4 – 30/4)

James Chan

The Weekly Glutton features dining delights that have impressed us one way or another (or not) and are places we highly recommend you patronize.

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Platform 1094

Hello muggles, this week, we’re reviewing a Harry Potter themed café down at Boon Keng Road . First off, some sites tell you it’s a mere 5 minutes’ walk from Boon Keng MRT station. They lie.

Next, their café is so obscure that it can be quite easy to miss if you’re not aware of your surroundings (pretty much like the three broomsticks).

In terms of thematic value, think The Great Hall but a miniscule version. Unfortunately, unlike The Great Hall, food doesn’t miraculously appear at your table at Platform 1094. They do have wizarding props like a robe, wizard hats and Harry’s round framed glasses and of course wands but you don’t have lots of options to choose from.

Kudos to the wooden board menus! Looks and feels great!

The Food

The Food’s western fare that does not remind me anything of Hogwarts at all. They didn’t even bother being creative with the naming. I didn’t even see a single chocolate frog!

Platform 1094 tender Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs

Pesto Mayo Pork Ribs, $22

Butter-cream poached pork ribs drizzled with pesto mayo, served with grilled vegetables, corn, pickled beetroot and mango mustard espuma

They were pretty light on the pesto mayo but generous on the meat portion. Preferably shared by two people, the slab of meat is HUMONGOUS! They should have coined it Hagrid’s Rib Lunch or something. The pork is tender and slides off the bone and the mango mustard espuma gives it a nice tangy twist (that should be more of that stuff instead of a single dollop).

Honestly if not for the mango mustard, this dish feels pretty normal.

Platform 1094 FFL Classic Da Bomb Burger

FFL Classic Da Bomb Burger, $19

Homeade beef patty (220gm), cheddar cheese, Spanish onion, gherkin, tomato, lettuce, sliced bacon, sunny side up, served with fries

So here you have your classic cheeseburger on steroids. Nothing that particularly sets it apart from its less BEEFED (get it?) up clones. It tasted good, don’t get me wrong. I guess I had a certain level of expectations for this themed café. I did read the books like a gazillion times when I was younger.

Platform 1094 Goblet of Fire drink for a magical meal

Goblet of Fire, $15

I was sincerely hoping that they would have Butterbeer. But nope, they don’t serve Butterbeer. Instead, they have the Goblet of Fire.

The Goblet of Fire is one unique drink. They literally set your drink on fire right in front of you. Note to all, anything that involves alcohol and fire means it’s a really potent drink and should not be consumed during office hours.

They use Barcadi 151 which is a 75% alcoholic spirit and submerge it in Blue Curacao liquor (more alcohol) and “INCENDIO” the mixture with a blowtorch. If you want more flames, they provide you with cinnamon powder to sprinkle over. Don’t sprinkle too much or your drink will taste a little weird.

Like most themed cafes in the industry at the moment, they’re riding on the fame of big pop culture icons but missing the essence completely.

If I were a wizard, I’d cast ENERVATE on myself from remembering this CRUCIO experience.

That being said, I’m fairly certain this place is popular due to the novelty of it all but with time, it will pass. It’s quite insulting to Potter Heads really.

ACCIO Money! – For those who don’t understand the spell, I meant “Give me my money back!”


Platform 1094
Address: 1094 Serangoon Rd
Singapore 328192
Tel: 6204 6003
Opening Hours: Tue – Fri: 11am – 10pm | Sat – Sun: 10am – 11pm | Closed on Mondays


*The Mbassadors paid for their own meal (ouch!) unless otherwise stated.

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