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weekly glutton Acqua e Farina

Acqua e Farina

Tucked in the outskirts of Bukit Timah sits Acqua e Farina, a dining establishment that encompasses the true Italian Ristorante essence.

Every element in the restaurant plays its part to make diners feel like they’ve momentarily been taken to Italy; from the audible chatter and laughter of diners and the mouth-watering aromas of honest Italian cooking wafting throughout the entire dining area.

Upon stepping into the restaurant, I received genuine smiles from undoubtedly almost everyone who worked in Acqua e Farina. Talk about starting on the right note.

weekly glutton Saute di Vongole

Saute di Vongole, $16

For starters, “Live clams tossed with garlic, chilies, white wine, cherry tomatoes and herbs served with toasted ciabatta bread”.

The tender and perfectly cooked clams did the delicious sauce justice. However, the only thing wrong with this was that the portion was minuscule. It is a starter dish after all.

weekly glutton delicious pizza

Pizza Diavola, $23

1st Main dish, “Pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella, pork salami and chilies”

It felt similar to other Italian Restaurants in terms of taste. Then my taste buds met the strategically placed chilies and gave this dish the extra kick needed to set itself apart.

weekly glutton Linguine con Aragostine with succulent crayfish

Linguine con Aragostine, $26

2nd Main dish, “Linguine with crayfish and zucchini tossed in light tomato sauce”

This dish is only available on certain days of the week (I went on Sunday) and cannot be found in the menu but it’s the dish that stole the limelight for the night.

The linguine is beautifully aldente

Crayfish is tender, succulent and juicy and most importantly not overcooked (They give a generous portion too)

The tomato based sauce balanced in gastronomical harmony with the seafood notes of the crayfish and the refreshing crunch of the zucchini is amazing.

I couldn’t get enough of it. I would definitely come back for this dish.

My experience here was a pretty stellar one. Great tasting food, genuine service, decent portions and a real Italian like atmosphere. What’s not to love?

Bring a date, bring your family or even arrange a work lunch or dinner. Acqua e Farina will be the perfect location for any occasion.

Recommended to Order: Linguine con Aragostine

Acqua e Farina
Address: 400 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 678050
Tel: 6462 0926
Opening Hours: 11AM–2:30PM, 5:30–10:15PM
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