Xiao Long Bao, the Star of Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan

Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan

With close to 80 chains in China, there’s no denying the popularity of Yechun.  Yechun has a long history in China. Emperors Shui Yang, Kangxi and Qianlong hosted banquets at Yechun. They made Yechun a must visit during their travels in China.

Yechun has always been a venue for intellectuals to gather, and enjoy poetry and painting. They currently have 2 overseas outlets in Taipei and Singapore. Sipping Chinese tea amidst a very traditionally Chinese thematic restaurant, one can feel a sense of cultural heritage while dining.

xiao long bao yechun xiao jiang nan

Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan as from the Yechun family, is one of  a small handful of restaurants in Singapore that focuses solely on Huai Yang (Yang Zhou) cuisine, one of the top 4 cuisines in China.  Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan, Singapore, serves Authentic Yangzhou Fried Rice (a world famous dish) along with many dishes that are popularly served at Jiang Nan (South of Yangsze River) region.

The Food

I must say that I went in with pretty steep expectations as I was recommended there by a friend. He was raving about how out of the world their Xiao Long Bao was and I’m a sucker for Xiao Long Bao. But first, here’s a couple more dishes that I sampled!

xiao long bao yechun xiao jiang nan shredded tofu

Shredded Tofu, $6.80

It looks like some sort of noodles at first glance but it’s actually shredded tofu! This dish originated from Yang Zhou (of course) and it’s a very famous dish in China. It’s a very light dish and great as an appetizer.

xiao long bao yechun xiao jiang nan pig's ears

Pig’s Ears, $8.80

Some might not like the idea of eating pig’s ears and it was my first time eating it too but I kind of liked it! The cartilage of the ear gave this dish a pretty good crunch. Lightly marinated with salt, this dish is perfect with a good wine or that super strong Baijiu.

xiao long bao yechun xiao jiang nan Steam Soon Hock Fish

Steamed Soon Hock Fish in Soy Sauce, (market price)

This is a pretty standard at most weddings. It’s either the Soon Hock or the Seabass. They are both similar in terms of texture. It’s one of my favorite dishes when I attend weddings. At Yechun, they don’t disappoint either! The fish was fresh, the meat was tender and perfectly cooked that the meat of the fish melts in your mouth!

xiao long bao yechun xiao jiang nan pork belly w/ abalone

Pork Belly With Abalone, $38

That wholesome abalone paired with that juicy pork belly is amazing! Who comes up with these things? It’s a very sinful dish though so if you’re trying to lean up, all that fat is definitely not for you. But, you wouldn’t feel that oily when you eat.


xiao long bao the best dish at yechun

Xiao Long Bao, $4.80 for 4 pieces

Now on to the star of the show, the Xiao Long Bao aka XLBs. I’ve had XLBs at many a place here in Singapore and I’m telling you that the ones serves at Yechun easily tops the cake. What does one look out for in a XLB?

xiao long bao yechun xiao jiang nan the best XLB in singapore

  1. The skin of the XLB

I hate it when the skin is too thin and it breaks with the lightest of touches. Then again, I get really full and JELAT when the skin is too thick. There should be a perfect balance in my opinion and Yechun has found that balance!

  1. Flavor of the broth in the XLB

I usually savage it up and pop the whole thing in my mouth (occasionally burning my tongue if I’m not too careful). The joy of eating a XLB is when you break the skin and let the savory broth explode on your palate. Yechun’s XLB broth had slightly creamy and rich notes that was heavenly to taste.

  1. Meat filling

The generous meat filling for Yechun’s XLB was tender and tasty. I honestly think the broth elevated the flavors of the meat though.

xiao long bao yechun xiao jiang nan private dining room

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

If you ask me, I’m happy just bringing the family there just for Xiao Long Baos. At $4.80 for 4 pieces, it’s just so much value for great tasting food. You don’t expect that kind of prices based off how premium the restaurant looks.


Yechun Xiao Jiang Nan
Marina Square, The Dining Edition #02-181/182
6 Raffles Blvd, Singapore 039594
Tel: 6333 4038


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